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July 19, 2023

Thinkific used to be solid and I stayed around, trusting that they would get better. Joke's on me! Their $99 level that offers subscriptions/memberships? You can't actually SEE who's in your courses or membership, unless you upgrade for another $100/month (so, their $199/mo level). So if being able to, say, email updates to your students is important (even if you're willing to go outside of the app to set up an email, but need to see who's all still enrolled first), you literally can't. Unless, of course, you want to go student account by student account and see if each one happens to be in that course/membership.

Additionally, if you want to downgrade your subscription, it's effective IMMEDIATELY. That means, if you've already paid for the month, you lose access and your money if you click that button. And if you're downgrading to a still-paid plan, you have to pay that on the spot. So you lose your money + access for the existing subscription, AND have to pay for your new subscription. There's no way around this, except to hope that you remember on your billing date (or very close to it), and handle it then.

Support is terrible. They will send you "how to" articles that don't pertain to your situation or offer "solutions" that literally don't work.

I honestly can't say how disappointed I am with this company - I wish I'd left a year ago, but I suppose the end of this month is the next best option.

Mooncat Crystals
United States
About 3 years using the app
July 15, 2023

Customer service? It's nonexistent! I made the mistake of using Thinkific for my primary course. I've been using them for nearly two years now, and suddenly my students aren't being enrolled in the course they paid for. Imagine how bad that looks on a business, when students put out hundreds of dollars for a course and can't access it. You'd think that in the case of a broken flow, I'd be able to manually enroll my students in the course. I can, if I pay $199 a month to have access to manual enrollment! I reached out to Thinkific through Shopify, and their automated system says someone will get back within 24 hours. It's been days! No response. I emailed again, the next day, no response. And when I tried reaching out through the Thinkific platform and going in circles with the help bot, I get met with the notice that support is only available at that low price of $199 a month! Kick rocks, Thinkific. I truly believe that this issue of broken enrollment was purposely done to force me back into the useless paid membership. I'd been paying that membership for over a year and recently downgraded because it served me no purpose. And just a few months after I downgrade, students can't enroll in my course. This is clearly a cash grab. There are way too many TRULY free platforms. Avoid this unethical company.

Nikki Connected Toolkit
United States
12 months using the app
Edited April 2, 2023

OUR ADMIN HAS BEEN LOCKED OUT FOR 3 DAYS. ZERO PLATFORM ACCESS. SLOW AND UNAVAILABLE IS THINKIFIC AND EVEN SLOWER TO RESOLVE AN URGENT ISSUE. Thinkific says login to chat with a live agent if you have a paid account, which you cannot do when you are locked out. We emailed twice during business hours with no response, but received one some 14 hrs later when the help desk was supposed to be closed - then crickets again. I'm wishing we had chosen another LMS platform. Not worth the price and headache so far.

WISH Skin Health
United States
9 months using the app
March 5, 2023

The Thinkific app is average at best. There are lots of missing features for what is supposed to be a premium ($$$) LMS app. Support from the company is non existent, I've been waiting a month for a response to my latest query. Sadly, we will not be staying on this platform after our first year's experience. There are now lots of alternatives available, I would suggest looking at those.

United Kingdom
About 1 year using the app
January 19, 2023

Password sync between Shopify and Thinkific is not consistent. There are many times that this sync fails and people cannot find the content they are subscribed to despite being able to log in to the Shopify website successfully.

Arati Mirji
Over 1 year using the app
March 15, 2020

My income DOUBLED the first month of running courses. True story
Thinkific is the best thing to happen to my business and it has completely changed the way I plan to do business moving forward.
The layout is beautiful. It's so so easy to use...trust me I have very limited computer skills and had no issues. Any speed bumps or questions were quickly answered.
I have SIX full course running through my Shopify site, powered by thinkific. All of the courses are selling well and I'm generating a second income from my single store.
The fact that this is a plug in app...makes me love it even more. One platform, endless possibilities.
The thinkific team is amazing, so helpful and supportive. If you are not sure if you should use it..STOP thinking and start creating. ✨
Well done thinkific...You make Canada proud . Xx

Beauty Inc. Canada
Almost 4 years using the app
Thinkific Labs, Inc. replied April 17, 2020

WOW! Thank you for being a shining example for other Shopify Merchants—your results are truly inspiring. We’re glad Thinkific could play a small part in helping you educate Lash + Brow students and educators, everywhere! With all of the hard work you've put into creating highly engaging and educational content, we have no doubt that your fully accredited training academy is going to takeoff. 🚀

October 29, 2021

Thinkific integrates wonderfully with shopify! really helped us with transitioning from in-person workshops to online courses. So many easy apps and had it up and running in no time! Highly recommended!

Happy Soul Online
Over 2 years using the app
Thinkific Labs, Inc. replied October 29, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your great experience with us! We love to hear how the Thinkific app helped you future-proof your business. :) Keep up the great work, Happy Soul!

June 5, 2020

We love using this app. It connects our Thinkific courses to our Shopify store and rolls out the courses automatically when clients have bought them. You don't have to use a third party like Zapier, that's the beauty of it. When a course is bought in the Shopify store, the Thinkific app sends the clients info to your Thinkific platform and makes a new client account. Then sends out an email to the new customer where he or she can make their own password. The app works instantly with all the great info available. I strongly recommend it!

Sell your stuff online
About 2 years using the app
Thinkific Labs, Inc. replied June 23, 2020

You nailed it! 🤩

This is exactly what we set out to accomplish for Shopify Merchants such as yourself. We're so happy to hear that you're finding value in using our app. Thanks for your review—we hope it inspires others to take the leap into the world of online education as well! 😉

Edited October 26, 2021

I'm from South Africa and I have been using Thinkific for about a year now to host my interactive Maths program, which is aimed at improving the standard of Maths in my country. I have been impressed by the flexibility, ease of use and support provided by Thinkific. What's amazing to me is the assistance that I have received right from the beginning and ALL my concerns and questions have been addressed in detail and very professionally. Furthermore, the Shopify app that links with Thinkific has made my life so easy by enabling me to sell my Thinkific courses and getting paid in my clients' preferred currency. I will certainly continue using Thinkific in the future.

Maths Incubator
South Africa
Almost 2 years using the app
Thinkific Labs, Inc. replied October 26, 2021

Maths Incubator is an incredible course business and we love how you've leveraged Thinkific to teach students more effectively—and help them fall in love with math. :) Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with us!

October 24, 2021

I have been using Thinkific to host my online courses (70+) for several years and was excited when they announced their integration with Shopify through this app. The courses integrate automatically and, although it did take some investigation and work to get it functioning, it now works great! The only Thinkific products that do not integrate automatically are "bundles" and memberships. I used Zapier to get those products integrated. I am thankful for this app so that I would not have the time or expense of using Zapier to do all of the product integrations. Using Shopify for my online store and shopping cart has made it easier for my customers to enroll in multiple products during one checkout, which has massively impacted my repeat purchases. If you're using Thinkific to host your courses and you want a more robust store and checkout experience for your customers, I highly recommend this app.

Transformation Academy
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Thinkific Labs, Inc. replied October 25, 2021

We love to hear it, Transformation Academy! 🤩 70+ online courses is an incredible feat and we are so happy to hear that this integration has saved you valuable time so that you can put it towards growing your business further.

Here's to many more successful years ahead!