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20 reviews
Price: $19.95 – $39.95 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • The Only App That Supports Multiple FB Pixels For Your Store
  • The Only App With Expert-Leveraged Event Data
  • The Only App With TrackSync™ Catalog Feed

Trackify is the app that supports and enhances the Leverage Features of Facebook Pixels for your Shopify store. It lets even Marketing Beginners build leveraged pixel data that until now only sophisticated marketing experts could harness.

Trackify supports:

  1. Main FB Pixel with ViewCategory, ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase events
  2. "Backup" (or secondary) FB Pixel from a different account that receives all the same event data as the primary pixel
  3. Advanced Transaction Matching for the Purchase events
  4. Niche specific data tags for all event types
  5. Product specific data for all event types
  6. Conversion Pixels (old) per event and niche
  7. Catalog feed builder with event-coordinated data structure and pre-tagged utm values for each product link. Use them to build your own top-performing Digital Product Ads for retargeting with ease.
  8. Multiple FB Account Pixels for niche separation (Platinum only)
  9. Very Active, Private Facebook Group
  10. Top Notch Support and Training (please check out the reviews!)

Are you looking for a way to track Shopify traffic, conversions, sales and revenue directly in your Facebook Ads Reports?

Are you selling products to more than one niche audience?

Are you looking for a simple way to run your own DPA ads for retargeting?

Would you like to easily and quickly create Facebook audiences and campaign optimizations for each of your niches based on different funnel events in your Shopify store?

Then Trackify is your only turn-key, all-in-one solution. Use it to simply and conveniently manage as many niche specific Facebook Pixels as you need. Track and optimize for Key Page Views on your Product Pages, Add-To-Cart, and Checkout events, AND even add a store-wide Facebook Sales Conversion Pixel.

Trackify puts you in full control: Niche FB Pixels and Custom Conversions are fired for each product in the cart and thank-you pages. Manage them all with simple tags that are added to each product. Use niche specific Facebook Pixels and Custom Conversions so you can optimize Facebook campaigns and create powerful Lookalike Audiences for even better targeting.

Trackify takes care of ALL your Facebook tracking pixels in Shopify, even multiple instances of the new "Facebook Pixel" with catalog event data. Pick and choose the best of both worlds and let Trackify conveniently handle your integration.

Trackify reviews

20 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

:) Thanks, everything work well ! It's ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All "positive" reviews definitely have to be fake.

Being as objective as possible:

-It only tracks 90% of "View Content" (it misses around 10%).
-It does not track "Add to Cart" events 0%.
-It does not track "Sales" events 0%.
-Customer support is nonexistent, only answered me once. Their answer was a link to watch their training videos. (Not even troubleshooting videos, only set up training videos). I have sent them minimum 5 emails asking for solution but no answer at all.

It is not a cheap app. For $20 dollars the developer should at least have respect for their customers and answer to them with a simply "I do not know how to solve the "X" technical issue, here is your money back".



Without Trackify I have to admit I would be totally lost, Thomas is a genius and has the best pixel app on the market, hands down. Yes, it's not simple for noobs to understand but neither is Facebook advertising. Once you absorb yourself in the Trackify videos and understand how it works together with Shopify and FB, you will NOT use any other pixel management app. And to those that say they experience poor customer service, have no idea what the heck you're on about as I always get the support I need, and pronto. Highly recommend ths app to all Shopify store owners.


Amazing customer support, amazing tool that allows us to run a much more efficient business, thank you Thomas!


Amazing app, worth every dollar - amazing customer support from Thomas - Thank you!!


Every store using Facebook Ads needs Trackify. Even if you are just starting. It is a very versatile tool and collects a ton of useful data to help expand and scale sales for your site in ways that can't be done without this app. It will save you a lot of time and benefit your tracking abilities. The support is awesome, and I have also learned a lot more through their videos and webinars.


Support is terrible. They just tell you to watch their videos no actual one on one help. It appears that their phone number is not even their's as VM mentions Christmas orders.


Amazing, worth every penny, I got the top plan, and I'm extremely happy with it.

I had both the $5 pixel app, and pixel perfect, none of them compare to this - there's a reason this is more expensive, and it's worth it 100%.

Customer service has been by FAR the best out of any app, simply WOW. Thank's Tom! He responded within seconds, and was there to help along the way to resolve all my concerns and answer any questions I had. A+++
Anyone with a decent amount of sales should have this app.


Trackify doesn't do anything you cannot do manually, but yeez it saves you ton of time and is VERY fairly priced. If you want to start with your FB campaign, give it a try, you have nothing to loose. The best part of it is the Facebook community where people shares success stories, strategies and ideas on how to further improve your campaigns.



Excellent app and even better customer support. Can't go wrong with this app. If your using Facebook as your main advertising platform then Trackify is a must have. Not only does it simply Facebook business admin processes you also have the Trackify users group on Facebook that eliminates the learning curve on how to advertise on Facebook because it takes you straight to simply getting results. And the customer support is above and beyond. Grab the app!


$19.95 – $39.95 / month

All features are included in the Gold version for $19.95/mo, with one exception: Trackify Platinum for $39.95 lets you manage multiple Facebook Account Pixels for the same store. With this feature you can use different Facebook Accounts to promote different selections of products in your store.

10 days

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