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Categories Uncomplicated

Categories Uncomplicated

Developed by Lightenna Ltd

32 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Categorise to make your products easier to find (search for) and discover (stumble across)
  • Publish categories and nested sub-categories for search engines to target your SEO
  • Add a category list (with product count), breadcrumb and sub-category icons to your navigation

STOP PRESS: Icons Uncomplicated is now part of Categories Uncomplicated

You get both products for the $10/month instead of $12.50/month. That means you get a category list, breadcrumb and sub-category icons all for one bargain price, for the lifetime of your store.

Simple categories for Shopify collections

One of the first things shop-owners new to Shopify tell us is that they can't believe there isn't a category system. Now with Categories Uncomplicated you can organise your collections into a structure that at a glance helps your customers understand:

  • What kinds of products you sell

  • How those products are organised

  • How they can narrow their search down to ever more specific subcategories to find the group of products they're shopping for

Demo site

Our Demo site shows all the features of Categories Uncomplicated in a live shop environment. There's also a combined product tour that covers all the bundled products.

Bundled products

Categories Uncomplicated includes:

  • Category list [tour]: a category list for your left-hand sidebar

  • Breadcrumbs [tour]: a full breadcrumb to show on collections or product pages

  • Icons [tour]: sub-category icons to show in each parent collection

Categories Uncomplicated isn't just about helping existing visitors become more valuable customers, it enables you to better present your products to search engines:

Create categories and sub-categories with unique hierarchical URLs that allow search engines to index groups of your products in context

Specialise each category (a collection) with custom header text that explains what it's about

Use the existing Shopify 'Navigation' system to create links, then visualise them in the embedded Categories admin panel

Simply select the top-level category from the menu selector to see a category tree instantaneously

Show product counts in each of your categories so customers can quickly see where your catalogue is fullest

Improve the SEO metadata you're sending to Google
by including dynamically generated JSON-LD to describe the current category

Create great intuitive navigation by embedding our pre-built page elements in your navigation. Easily add:

A category-based breadcrumb:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catbread' %}

A 'Jump to' selectbox:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catselect' %}

A full category-list, with current, parent and peer category tagging:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist' %}

Sub-category icons:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons' %}


The category list needs to be embedded somewhere on your site, which requires a basic HTML/CSS coding knowledge. We strongly recommend choosing a theme with a sidebar. We regret we cannot offer a service to embed this for you in your store or customise your theme to make the category list look different. If it turns out that your theme is lacking or you're not comfortable editing themes, you might like to take a look at our sister apps that require no coding whatsoever:

How to setup categories [from our YouTube channel]

How to set up icons for your categories and sub-categories [11 minute screencast]

How to set up Categories Uncomplicated from scratch [20 minute screencast]

How to set up on an existing site and how to change the way your categories are displayed in Shopify [9 minute screecast]

How to get a full category breadcrumb in Shopify [2 minute screencast]

How to show multiple top-level categories in your Shopify storefront menu [6 minute screencast]

How to show or hide product counts next to each category [3 minute screencast]

How to deploy the Categories Uncomplicated liquid to your theme (using 'Classic' as an example) [6 minute screencast]

How to show full-category breadcrumbs on Shopify product pages [2 minute screencast]

Alternative ways of showing the category-list:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-pathback' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-pathdirect' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-all' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-activedown' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-activedowndirect' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-activeupdown' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-activeupdowndirect' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-peersactiveup' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-peersactivedown' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-peersactivedowndirect' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-down' %}

Optional extras for your category list:

Remove empty categories (those with no products and no sub-categories)

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-pathback show-hide-catpc-zero' %}


Hide product counts that appear after each category, e.g. (42)

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist', show_class:'show-pathback show-nopc' %}

Alternative ways of showing the category icons:

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-4up' %} (This is the default)

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-1up' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-2up' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-3up' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-4up' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-5up' %}

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-8up' %}

Optional extras for your category icons:

Remove empty categories (those with no products)

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-4up show-onlyifpc' %}


Remove categories without custom collection images

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-4up show-onlyifimage' %}


Hide product counts that appear after each category, e.g. (42)

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons', show_class:'show-downdirect show-4up show-nopc' %}

Contact us

If you have questions or requests for new features our dedicated support person would be happy to answer them. Please drop Alex a line using the details in the contact pane.

Categories Uncomplicated reviews

32 reviews
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Uncomplicated App is the best for every site owner that likes organize categories and subcategories.

Alex is great support


Great Futures, Really Use Full, Great Customer Service


I was so frustrated trying to get my sidebar navigation more functional and the breadcrumbs to show more parent and sub collections within my third party theme. Categories Uncomplicated helped me stop pulling my hair out! I searched long and hard before I found this gem.

Alex has created a really powerful tool and helpful videos to customize.


Perfect, the breadcrumbs allow us to show a structure for users and search engines on an otherwise flat architecture! The sub cat icons are great for our category pages and work well for mobile. The only downside is that we've styled our category icons and the CSS gets reset if we refresh the menu structure, so if you could add some custom styling options that would be perfect!


Fantastic app! Yes you'll need to have some basic skills to customize it but the core of the program is absolutely solid. Adam has been such a big help with the whole process. Can't speak highly enough. Thank you so much.


Great app with very helpful support. Plenty of videos to assist in creating menus and categories.


This is really good app. It works well as it should.
Support is helpfull.
In my opinion this app is better than competitors. I've tested a few other apps. This is the best.


Excellent app that does everything it promises. The developer is very responsive and helpful. Easy to use.


Outstanding application. Integration was fast and simple. I have a very large number of SKU's across multiple departments and sub-departments. This application allows my customers to navigate and find my products quickly and with ease. I highly recommend this application. Customer support has been nothing but superior. Alex has always quickly responded with sound advise and when I get stuck he very quickly resolves the issues. If I could give these guys 6 stars I would!


An excellent app and I highly recommend. If you want flawless left hand navigation then you will not be disappointed with this app. It is clean, very responsive and works exactly as you would want it. I also appreciate the added breadcrumbs feature as well as the quick response customer attention. I write CSS / HTML so I understand what goes into great navigation and I have no problem giving this app 5 stars.

$10.00 / month

To celebrate the bundling of Icons Uncomplicated, Categories Uncomplicated is now just $10/month instead of $12.50. If you install the app now, you'll pay that lower price for the lifetime of your store.

10 days

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