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Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Developed by SpurIT

90 reviews
Price: Free – $24.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE upsell pop-ups based on cart content – Offer Products, Free Gifts, Buy X Get Y, Discounted Offers, Anything! Imagination is the only limit!
  • EASY TO START - NO coding is required, install in ONE click! Friendly technical support will answer ANY questions within 24 hours (on weekdays)!
  • MAX USABILITY – 100% Mobile Friendly, Pop-Up design adjustment.

What do you think of increasing your daily sales by 29%? We know how to do it just in 1 day! All you need is Unlimited Upsell for Products.

Unlimited Upsell for Products is the best app among all upsell-based on cart content apps and here's why:

6700+ installs;

5+ rating based on 90 Shopify users;

The lowest price among similar apps without any limitations on the number of products or popups;

100% Mobile Friendly with any Shopify theme;

Free Support within 24 hours (on weekdays);

✓ much more.

Have a look at it yourself within the 7-day FREE trial! Start making more money right now!


Every day Unlimited Upsell for Products helps web store owners to promote and up-sell their products. Unlike other different ways to interest a customer in additional purchases, such as placement of "Relevant Products" or "Who Purchased This Also Bought" blocks on the product page or on the cart page, this app makes it much more efficiently. The customer often doesn't pay attention to the mentioned blocks containing information about additional products. However, with the help of Unlimited Upsell for Products app your customer's attention will be always attracted to such additional products in 100% of cases!


  • You indicate what products and at which price should be offered in the pop-up if a customer buys certain products;

  • Customer clicks the "Checkout";

  • Pop-up window appears which offers the last possibility to add the indicated products in One Click.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Live demo of the App on Shopify Store ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

☛ See a video tutorial on Upsell for Products App!

Create hundreds of different offers that will dramatically increase your income! E.g.

▶ You might also like Product X

Offer related products that customers might need. You can also offer it to them with a discounted price!

☛ See the live demo on how it works

☛ See the video tutorial on how to make it

▶ Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)

If buying one or several products, you can offer one or several for free.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

☛ See the video tutorial on how to make it

▶ Buy 3 Get 1 with 50% Off

Offer product with discount if customer will buy several products.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

☛ See the video tutorial on how to make it

▶ Get extended warranty just for $X

Offer extended warranty or insurance to an order. You can offer it also to the discounted price.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

It's only a few examples and the list is limited only by your needs and imagination!


  • Works with ANY theme, NO developers needed!

The app doesn't require any manual modifications during installation. NO coding is required, install in ONE click!

☛ See a video tutorial on Upsell for Products App!

  • Absolutely Free and Fast Support!

Our helpful technical support specialists within 24 hours (on weekdays) and will help to solve any problems! We speak English and Russian!

  • 100% Mobile Friendly App

Customers who shop using their phones will see a mobile or tablet optimized messages for Android or iOS.

  • Pop-Ups with a Fully Customizable Design

The message look can be adjusted to match any theme with the help of an excellent insightful editor with an online preview feature. You can customize any element of a pop-up: change the color, size of the background/link/text/button. WITHOUT any knowledge of CSS!

  • Track statistics, increase your sales!

Experiment with various versions of upsell campaigns and determine which ones work better and thus increase your sales!

  • Support of different languages

The "Offer pop-up window" can be in any language.

Want to get more for your Shopify Store?

Enhance "Upsell for Products" effect with Upsell Motivator and Upsell on Exit & Visit apps. In a combination with these apps, you will be able to execute the following campaigns:

▶ Spend $X, Get Free Gift

Motivate to buy more together with Upsell Motivator! Upsell Motivator will show how much is left to be purchased to get a Free Gift, while Upsell for Products will allow to add this Free Gift to the cart.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

☛ See the video tutorial on how to make it

▶ Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Upsell Motivator will inform users that with the purchase of several products – they will get 1 for free. If the user takes advantage of the promotion, Upsell for Products will congratulate the user and will allow them to add the free product to the cart.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

☛ See the video tutorial on how to make it

▶ Spend $X, Get Free $Y Gift Card

Upsell On Exit/Visit will inform users who just entered your store that a free Gift Card is waiting for them if their cart total reaches a certain limit. Upsell Motivator will show how much is left to get the free gift, and Upsell for Products will allow to add the free Gift Card to the cart.

☛ See the live demo on how it works

Most users who have configured the app correctly receive additional sales within just 1 day! All our apps have a free 7-day trial period! Install the app right now!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Live demo of the App ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Holiday Sales

To Bundle Or Not To Bundle?

What to Offer Shoppers During Holidays

Why is our app better than competitors' apps?

Other apps:

✗ Number of offers available LIMITED on tariff

✗ Count of popup views per month LIMITED on tariff

✗ Cost for unlimited options – 39$-60$/month

Upsell for Products App:

✓ Max number of offers available: UNLIMITED

✓ Count of popup views per month: UNLIMITED

✓ FIX and SMALLEST price for all UNLIMITED option - just 24,95$/month

While you're thinking – Your competitors are selling more with the help of Upsell for Products. Why are you delaying? Install the app right now!




Pre-Order Manager : Let customers pre order out of stock products.

Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing : Setup an automatic tiered pricing sale.

Discount & Sales Scheduler : Select products in bulk and schedule a sale for them.

Upsell Bundles : Show customers relevant bundled products with a discount.

Upsell Motivator Bar : Display information in a bar based on cart content.

Smart Pricing Optimization (FREE) : Automatically setup up the most optimal product price.

Products A/B Test - Your Sales Booster (FREE) : A/B split test to generate more revenue.

Abandoned Cart Reminder (FREE) : Increase your revenue by adding urgency to your cart.

Upsell by Email (FREE) : After the purchase, email customers relevant products.

Discount Reminder (FREE) : Email customers when some product prices are reduced.


Countdown Timer : Place a flipping Timer showing the approaching sale end.

Crowdfunding Manager allows you to raise Funding and Donations.

Back In Stock Alerts : Your customers will receive a back in stock email alert.


Upsell on Exit / Visit Popup (FREE) : Show Deals to those leaving your store or 1st time visitors.


Tweet Auto Posting : Automate your twitter activities and increase social presence.


Bulk Products Editor & Scheduler (FREE) : Plan and schedule products to appear at your store.


Enjoy the app! And email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y reviews

90 reviews
  1. 5 stars (77 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (10 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Great App, lets me choose what item I offer as add-ons or recommended options for different products.


so great! its very useful. this is the first time, i have traffic a lots of oder.


Great app that was relatively easy to set up. Prompt and exceptional customer service, they went above and beyond what I expected when I got stuck. Absolutely wonderful, can't wait to use this!


Nice app, good support. We have used this as an incentive for increasing order size and it has worked well. Easy to use.


Easy to use! I had three promotions up for President's Day sales in under an hour! Now we'll see how they work but really happy about the set-up!


This app is easy to use and intuitive, the demos grammar is a bit hard to understand though.. it takes a bit of interpretation


this app works great, with easy integration.


This truly is my favorite app! I have been using it for many months now and it consistently brings in $500+ every single month in add-ons. These are items that would NOT have been added to carts without it.


This app is extremely easy to use, I had a small problem removing my discounted items from my stores search results but one email to customer support and they got it all working for me. Great Customer service!!


Brilliant - really pleased :))

Free – $24.95 / month
7 days

Support & Sales

+375 (17) 2271526
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