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I'm on the fence. Great print quality, bad print/ship time & customer service.

Shipping times increased for can coolers - 2-3 days to 15 days+ without explanation. Communication with TU (no last name or job title in their unprofessional emails) was incoherent - leads me to believe that these can coolers are not printed in the USA anymore. Their website also lacks data and information my customers need to stay informed.

TU's use of creative math to make the new 10-12 days print/ship time and the practice of printing shipping labels 10 days before the item ships is unacceptable to my customers.

I will look for a new vendor once all current orders are fulfilled.

Grey Lives Matter Shop

AVOID THIS APP!! Order (for a MUG!) Dec16th 2018, STILL NOT SHIPPED Jan24 2019 with NO ETA to ship!!

Iconic Iconz


Im very happy with the product, the delivery, and the merchandise Viralstyle carry. The merchandise is easy to customize. I recommend Viralstyle to everybody who want to start a print on demand store.

Mbio Apparel, LLC

Updated 12/18/18:
Ok I'm bumping them up to 3-star (original review below) entirely based on their customer support. Now I had all the printing issues listed below, but Chris on their team has been super helpful to get reprints when needed and to keep me in the loop on delays for some of the types of shirts I wanted. So I do want to be fair here....Chris gets 5-stars, the app gets 4-stars (its a lot easier that some of the others), but their time to ship (at least for the dri-fits I was doing) is still a 1-star. They are making changes to their process so we'll see if that improves or not, but just be aware if dri-fit is what you are after expect long ship times. I can't speak to they're cotton products since I don't use those

Original (1-Star) Review Below:
I hate to write this, but it must be said. I use two different POD vendors, one for cotton shirts and Viralsyle for their dry fit options. I've stuck with them for six months since they were the only ones I could find that would do Dry Fit.

But off my last 16 orders, 2 shipped the wrong product (cotton instead of dry fit) and then on the re-print for one of them they shipped cotton again!

They are crazy slow (20-30 calendar days to ship). I send about 3 times as many orders to my cotton supplier and they usually ship within 3 days...and charge less for shipping.

So looks like I'm going to have to stop carrying dry fit until I can find another supplier. Viralstyle is making my customers angry with their slow ship times and wrong products, plus hurting my bottom line with higher shipping costs.

It is a shame because their app is better than most and I LOVE that they have Dry Fit shirts, but this is hurting us too much


I rarely leave a bad reviews but I think is necessarily. Using Viralstyle can bring only late orders and angry customers. When you ask what is going on they tell you that production time is 10 business days that is unacceptable for POD in 2018, however they don't even fulfill the items even in this time frame.

Psychodelic Zoo

Terrible! I ordered a pair of flip flops on July 29. 10 days later I messaged them asking why it said my order was still printing. They said it would take 12-15 business days before it shipped, sometimes sooner. I waited. August 20th I followed up asking why it still says printing. They said they would get with the production team and find out. 3 days later still no answer. Poor customer service. Poor communication. Awful timing. I've had sublimated products before and they NEVER took this long. Don't waste your time


poor user experience, app does not work inside Shopify, no onion to order samples, they just want you to start selling and trust that their product are worthy of our customers. thumbs down

4 Distractions

I only use these guys and one other POD. Viralstyle has a decent quality/price ratio, some others maybe cheaper, but they don't have the quality. Some have the quality, but are more expensive.

Samples I've ordered are top notch. Customer orders arrive to my customer in under a week, no complaints yet.

The app is easy and fun to use, and if you have a campaign running and converting, yes you can make money while you're at the beach, put it on auto-pilot when you set it up.

I do recommend using this company for print on demand.

Pacific Coast Outlet

Great products and great prices as well

Laura Sonia

Simply amazing and easy to use app for POD. The prices for both shipping and unit cost are very good. CUSTOMER SERVICE is outstanding! For that alone I would give them another 5 stars. Amazing app and great team!

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