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Walmart Marketplace - Integration

Walmart Marketplace - Integration

Developed by CedCommerce

3 reviews
Price: $25.00 – $27.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Uploads products in bulk quickly. Yes, It’s fast!
  • Imports the orders from Walmart, auto acknowledges them and fulfillment is done in the single step!
  • Synchronizes the inventory in the real time.

Riding high on the success of its JET INTEGRATION app, Cedcommerce offers seamless integration with the second largest marketplace of USA,Walmart.

And Jet Integration App users can expect even better experience!

With Walmart Integration vendors can MANAGE INVENTORY, IMPORT ORDERS from their stores and more! Yes, it's designed to ease.

Like its predecessor Jet Integration, Walmart Marketplace Integration extension’s pricing is extremely competitive and other virtues – efficiency, effectiveness, and easiness – same.



1.Synchronizes and updates products and inventory status

The app seamlessly connects Stores with Walmart for synchronizing products and inventory status between Walmart and Shopify. Any changes in inventory status or products are reflected immediately on the store.

2.Connects with Walmart Shipping

The app enables merchants to customize the shipping to be connected with walmart marketplace. Once an order is received, vendors can quickly notify Walmart logistics for the fulfillment of order.

Auto fulfillment with

  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

  • Shipstation

  • Shipwork

3.Synchronizes Store’s product listings with Walmart

Once the app enables synchronization, any changes made by vendors – updates in existing products or creating new one – are reflected in the real time on Walmart. No wasting of time!

4.Bulk Products Upload

With Walmart app customize product details as per Walmart directives and upload bulk products on Walmart by avoiding custom CSV creation. Saves time and efforts. Smart Work!

5.Publish or Unpublish the products

For any reason, if vendors do not want to sell some particular product, they can Un-publish the products and they will now be unavailable for sale on Walmart and vice-versa.

6.Products Custom Pricing

To compensate for the commission charged by Walmart, vendors can freely moderate prices (different pricing from Shopify store) on Walmart.

7.Recurring updates

Periodic updates ensure flawless operations and let merchants ever-competive and offers best value for services.

8.Get notified easily

For every change that occurs on the store – be it change in prices, quantity, product title or product description – get instant notifications and for every order placed, e-mail is sent.


We compete on pricing. We compete on support. Our claim is not an overnight success but the promise of sustainable growth and for that, we do all that is to be done.

Already tried and verified, our JET INTEGRATION - has proved to be one the most popular Jet integration solutions and resonated with vendors aspiration. We are offering the same strategy – offering products at par with best industry practices and standards at EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE PRICING and PAINSTAKING SUPPORT.



Accompany during integration process:

Ours is a comprehensive support. A personal account manager cum developer is aligned with you since the time of installing the app. And he ensures:

  • that you’re familiar with Walmart operations and processes;

  • helps you enabling and getting Walmart API details;

  • you are adequately assisted during configuration setting , product critical data , product upload process.

And After...

  • Shoot us with any query any time. Support team is just a mail away.

    Contact us: shopify@cedcommerce.com

  • Or start instant chatting and catch us anytime by adding our

    skype id live:cedcommerce


Walmart Marketplace - Integration reviews (3)


My experience using this app is just OK if you need to get your products listed quickly in Walmart. I found this program did not have enough features to control the work flow such as selecting individual products; I wish it would not only bulk upload my entire catalog but allow me to select what products will be uploaded. Also the available documentation is limited. They have instead an app to contact support to ask questions for help. Their price is however very good. I did not continue using this app and found a better application for my needs as I did not see enough selective control listing products into Walmart with their program. Tip: If you use this app make sure you first have all your products set the way you want in Shopify first before you try to use this program because it is not so easy to change later.


I am super impressed with this app. Within 72 hours we had over 500 of our products listed on Walmart.com . There are some little bugs or issues but overall we are very satisfied. Their support is also pretty responsive and helpful, even if english is their second language.


STAY AWAY , i was with them on jet and its the same BS
the company i am using increased my Walmart skues from 4900 skues to 11000 in 2-3 days

this is the 3 rd time i leave 1 start review since i was force to remove or they will not service the account, this time it be left for good
what i wrote earlier was nothing to what happened to me later, they failed acknowledging few of my orders on time, jet emailed me several times and than on November 14 they took me off jet , i was not aware of that till 11/25, cedcoomerce, never took responsibility and blame it on me, while the manager at at jet told me that , this was the result , and when they found the reason they put my account back up, while my product stayed on cedcommerce as archived , i had to beg them to fix it, i lost over 5K for this period with jet sales
i take all the blame on me since i should have left from day one, EVERYTHING they stated was a lie, nothing was true, (see below) most customers that using them is because of the "CHEAP PRICE" what a price i paid to save moeny, i could have been with channel advisor for 6 months
i am not here to promote another app, however there is an app that i moved to and from 2300 that i was listed with this company , they managed to increase it in a matter of 3 days to 4000 skues and with walmart from 4900 to 11,000 skue live , do not go near them unless you selling 2-3 item a month


original i gave 2 start , than when things start going worse and change it to 1
at this point they start answering my replies right away , the whole time they was pressuring me to change my review , saying if i don't , thire people will not be motivated to help , i changed it 4, since i saw they are really tring to fix the problem, after i changed my review , the problem got worse , they promised inventory sync to every 15 min , i found out it was not true, they said yes they had to change it to once every hour since it was too much load on thire server, after that i found out that its being synced twice day ????? many of my products still not listed on jet and walmart , they keep saying i ahve problem with my variant, or i have issues with no UPC, and its all worng i changed prices on uggs that i had i on sale 2 months ago , till now they keep being sold at the old price , losing over few hundred dollar , great cheap app if you selling 1-2 products a week, keep in mind ist not 24/7 support the way they claim its more like wait till we feel like answering you, they have an attitude as well , if you dare being upset, if i could put 0 i would

$25.00 – $27.00 / month

$25/mo (Billed Annually)
$27/mo (Billed Half Yearly)

7 days


Walmart Seller Accountfree

Support & Sales

888-882-0953 (FOR USA)
Get Support


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