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Merchants highly recommend this translation app for its accurate multi-language support and SEO optimization, which some credit for improved search engine rankings. Unique features like translating dynamic content, external JavaScript code, and incoming reviews are appreciated. The user-friendly interface, particularly the simple visual editor for direct store editing, is praised. Merchants see it as an effective tool for potentially boosting sales by reaching a wider audience.

January 20, 2018

Unfortunately, it was so disappointing!!!

Leki Store
10 days using the app
October 15, 2018

I am really disappointted, the application Weglot made a big mess in my template !! I remove it but still appear on my website, and the mess is less but still there.

HNA coll
10 days using the app
November 17, 2019

This app doesn't auto open as they promote .waisting money and time .
for over a mount we flip-flop emails with customer service with no help - just link to self help .

United States
9 days using the app
Edited February 19, 2021

We would give it negative stars if we could. Not only did it fail to translate all the words. But each time we went on the website, it would automatically translate words even though we switched it off. Furthermore they automatically switch off your translations without ANY WARNING. No emails, no notifications. This completely BOTCHED OUR LAUNCH. Very unprofessional and I would report them to Shopify if there was such an option. We lost around 100 visitors in few seconds because the website was in another language. Do not use this APP if you want something stable. @Weglot I would strongly recommend that you are more transparent with your users. If you had been we would have stuck around even with the bugs Edit: The response from Weglot is that we didn't contact support. When you are on launch day and the app screws up your translation and you lose 100 visitors because of language issues you don't contact support, you delete the app. Also the response from Weglot is untrue, we received no emails, no notifications and the upgrade page did not show billing plan for monthly.

9 days using the app
Weglot replied February 19, 2021


We are sorry you had such a bad experience with Weglot but as we have mentioned in the email addressed to you:
1. You had 4 messages sent to you warning you you were at the end of your free trial 48 in advance.
2. You mentioned you couldn't pay yearly but if you look at your billing page, the option is there.
3. You were on a free trial. We specify this is for 10 days and after it changes to a free plan. This has nothing to do with the app's functionality.
4. Is there a reason you did not contact support if you had an issue? We are always here to help.
5. We are always transparent and happy to chat with our users if they have any questions.

Happy to send you the screenshots of the emails again.

Lastly, all users can see the monthly/yearly pricing choice if they head over to https://dashboard.weglot.com/billing/upgrade.

Feel free to email us at support@weglot.com with any other questions /concerns.

We wish you the best!

March 19, 2019

Did not translate correctly, had to translate myself. The price is way to hight for the service provided

9 days using the app
Weglot replied March 26, 2019

We attempted to contact you numerous times to help you out with no response. We use the best machine translation available and also offer professional translations if you would like them to be reviewed. We are more than happy to help you out if you wish. Have a great day!

December 1, 2021

Hey! Be careful! I have connected the application. But then I turned it off and deleted it. They keep charging me money every month! I wrote in support but there are no answers !!!

8 days using the app
Weglot replied December 13, 2021

Hi Dentiphoto,

We are sorry to hear about your bad experience but rest assured we do not want to charge you if you are not using the app. We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark. The good news is we went ahead and corrected the error and refunded you the amount. We hope this helps!

Edited May 15, 2022

I still can't feel how good it works, now I have spent a lot of time, but still not set it up well, many settings make me feel confused and difficult, I am already very tired, should I give up? 。。。。
reported ti them 2 days with fews email still can't solve the problem, finally i deleted WELGOT

Hong Kong SAR
7 days using the app
May 23, 2020

This app is full with bugs and horrible customer service, don't get me started about the amount of times I had to translate the same words.

Sweetie Feetie
6 days using the app
Weglot replied May 25, 2020

I am so sorry for the trouble this has caused you but we do not outsource our support. You wrote us 4 messages on a Saturday. We state in the saved reply we are open Mon-Fri.

We actually have faster support than most apps. Also:
-We do not have any active bug
-We do not have horrible customer service
-If you had to translate a word various times, there is usually a reason behind it.

Let me know if you need additional help.

November 10, 2019

Not sure what's this apps for, once you reached 2000 words, the translation automatically turned offline, 2000 words is ridiculous small for a normal website, and is not easy to uninstall the apps. it leave code everywhere, only install this apps if you have couple page and not many word on ur website. if not once it reached the limit on the free plan, u can either pay to make the translation work. if u decided not to pay, all existing translation won't work as well. Waste my time to set up before, now I can't remove it properly, can only turn it to private. AWKFUL

Hong Kong SAR
6 days using the app
Edited December 4, 2019

Bad app. Bad support.
Wanted to translate to Arabic with right to left layout
The app messed up my website layout (for the translated language only)
I contacted support asking them to correct these changes. Karina responded with a silly email telling me they cannot "redo a site" for me.

I chose another app, had the same problem, but they resolved all issues for free!

Weglot is a bad choice!

You should've handled this issue in a more professional manner rather than saying "redo a site for you". I never requested changes for my site. I was requesting your team to correct faults caused by the Right To Left (RTL) view. If you had a little more experience in RTL layout you would've understood what I meant.

The other app understood the issue and worked with me and they resolved everything.

I had the right to review and I posted what I believe.

Weglot is a bad choice.
Good luck to you too :)

I have no interest in fighting you as well. And I am not gearing nothing to hurt no one. I wrote what I think in a direct way.

Again, I am not asking for any changes on my website. If I want to "redo" my website I would hire a developer for that. Not install a language app and ask its customer support team to redo it for me. The response didn't relate to my request and was inappropriate.

I am installing your app to add Arabic. After I did, the layout changed to right-to-left. However, there were drastic mistakes in that change. Some elements changed other elements remained left-to-right. That is why I was very disappointed when you said "we cannot redo a site for you".

I wish you the best of luck.

Layla Collection
6 days using the app
Weglot replied December 4, 2019

Update: Thanks again for your second response but if you wish to settle this matter, We recommend you email us back directly as it seems your responses are geared to hurt Weglot in a non-cordial way. We are here to just help out our wonderful users and have no interest in fighting with you :)

Again, best of luck to you.

We are so sorry to hear you believe our responses were silly but here at Weglot, we do not take any email from our more than 50k+ happy users as a joke. We know Weglot is not for everyone so we are happy you found a provider that works with your needs. We are here to provide all our users with the tools to make their site multilingual but like all apps, we have our limitations in the work we can do in making changes to their site. We like to let our numbers speak for themselves and with more than 600+ 5-stars reviews, Weglot is a great choice in support and multilingual needs :) Best of luck Mahmoud!