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  • The sharing tool with highest conversion rate
  • Easily customizable, no coding skills needed!
  • Track what products or pages are getting more shares

WhatsApp is one of the social media tools with higher link open rate, why don't you let your customers share your amazing products with it?

WhatShare is the easiest way to include a WhatsApp share button in your storefront, and it is highly customizable through the theme editor, so no coding skills are needed. IT'S FREE!.

Do you want to track what your customers share too? No prob! With WhatShare you get reports of what links and products are being shared.


Visit the WhatShare demo store and check how WhatShare looks (remember to use a mobile device to see the button). You can also modify the button and access the reports in the Shopify Admin:

  1. Login: demo@greapps.com
  2. Password: whatsharedemo


Increase the app power with WhatShare Add-ons:

  1. WhatShare Bar: increase your shares in a 400%!

  2. Blog Sharing: share your blog articles.

WhatShare reviews

199 reviews
  1. 5 stars (167 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (24 reviews)
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  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

This works well on my site LuxuryResold.com because customers share items they really like with their friends. And then their friends come to shop.


2/23/17- Update
I cannot stress enough How much WhatsApp support Has out done their Selves In Helping Me Place the app so It Can Fit With My Site. Not only Do I Like this App as an Added benefit in Social Marketing They Now have new Features I can't wait to upgrade to. I Know a lot of ppl who use whats App Because of My Husband. He is From South America and Most Ppl That have family From there Use That App To Communicate Cause its Better Than Calling Cards and Adding Certain Countries On Your existing Phone Carrier- Thanks So Much Guys :)

Support is Awesome! Help me out a great deal during my initial install.


Great App! Does what it should do! Presentation in WhatsApp is very attractive. A must in Asia as WhatsApp is widely used with group communication. Thank you for developing this tool. Macmecolourful.


Great Apps. Definitely will help in driving traffic.


Works great. Seeing that green button on our mobile site is just way too fancy for the regular eyeballs. Make sure you can cope with the awesomeness. Thanks for the app!! ;)


Love this app! Best social share option!


Not so easy to install for 3rd party themes, but the WhatShare team replied my email with further instructions pretty quickly. Not sure how well the app is performing though as we're not subscribed to the reports, but it is easy for customers to use once installed.


The installation procedure is no as straight forward, I have emailed them twice now in 3 days and not heard anything back.

Very bad customer service, I get there generic emails but they dont bother answering my emails.

Sort it out.


I really wanted this app to work for me because majority of my customers use Whatsapp, however setting it up just didn't work out. It could've been my theme but after installing it the buttons would not match up to where I was told they would show up. And somehow the color was missing from the button and ended up being directly on top of my add to cart button. Very glitchy.


Great App !! Awesome Support !! - Thanks Team for the support.


Install WhatShare and enjoy it for FREE forever!

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