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295 reviews
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  • The sharing tool with highest conversion rate
  • Easily customizable, no coding skills needed!
  • Track what products or pages are getting more shares

WhatsApp is one of the social media tools with higher link open rate, why don't you let your customers share your amazing products with it?

WhatShare is the easiest way to include a WhatsApp share button in your storefront, and it is highly customizable through the theme editor, so no coding skills are needed. IT'S FREE!.

Do you want to track what your customers share too? No prob! With WhatShare you get reports of what links and products are being shared.


Visit the WhatShare demo store and check how WhatShare looks (remember to use a mobile device to see the button). You can also modify the button and access the reports in the Shopify Admin:

  1. Login: demo@greapps.com
  2. Password: whatsharedemo


Increase the app power with WhatShare Premium Add-ons (do not forget to open the demos below on mobile):

  1. WhatShare Bar 3.99\month: increase your shares in a 400%!

  2. Blog Sharing 1.99\month: share your blog articles.

WhatShare reviews

295 reviews
  1. 5 stars (249 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (32 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

I can't even open this app, and hence cannot provide any positive
feedback about it.


I looked forward to using this app to promote a store. However, after following the instructions to add the apps code into the theme, you are then prompted to pay $30 for it to actually work? This is false advertising.



The installation procedure is no as straight forward, I have emailed them twice now in 3 days and not heard anything back.

Very bad customer service, I get there generic emails but they dont bother answering my emails.

Sort it out.


Be aware when you download this, since they hide the fact that a merchants customer also must have this download on their phone.
I notice that after wasting some time getting involve with this app I asked them money back since the bar that I paid $20 is not even clickable or function, they told me don't worry we refund you just let us come to your shop and remove the app then after nearly 5 days they still not have done so and this is what they get nice 0 just know all this facts before you even install or you live them with the same result 0


La app tenía muy buena pinta aunque falta alguna opción de personalización, pero bueno, tocando el código se puede retocar. Pero lamentablemente tengo que puntuar negativamente la app porque no nos ha funcionado con ninguno de los modelos de móvil con los que lo hemos probado. Además hemos contactado numerosas veces a sus diferentes emails de soporte, desde diferentes buzones de correo, y NUNCA hemos recibido respuesta (llevamos varios días así), de manera que muy mal servicio :-(


Install WhatShare and enjoy it for FREE forever!

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