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36 reviews
Price: Free – $9.00 / month More info
  • Quickly hide out-of-stock products from your online store (not for POS)
  • Un-Hide back-in-stock products to your online store (not for POS)
  • Reverse option to undo Hide or Un-Hide results within 24 hours

FREE! Hide sold-out products for free.
FREE! Un-Hide when products are back in stock.

Pay to perform Hide, Un-Hide "Automatically" every day OR if your store has more than 3000 products


This app is not suitable for POS-linked online stores

  • Shopify does not allow apps the ability to distinguish between POS-only and online-only products.So if you've hidden POS-only products from your online store and run the app's Un-Hide option it will publish in-stock POS products to your online store unless you've added those POS-only products to the app's exclusion list


Click here to find answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS like : Can this app hide sold-out variants? Answer: No


FREE use of app is allowed only to stores with less than 3000 products to ensure high service quality for everyone. Please upgrade to paid plan if your store exceeds the 3000-product limit


Easily get rid of out-of-stock inventory!

Un-Hide when products are back in stock

If you want to exclude some products from being hidden even if they have zero stock, add them to the exclusion list. If you have a lot to exclude, don't worry you can upload a text file.

Perfect for fast-moving inventory and large stores

Showing "Sold Out" for old stock to customers looks bad

Wipeout quickly hides your out-of-stock products with 0 inventory and saves you time. We know you have better things to do than periodically going through your store and removing old inventory one-by-one by hand.

No matter how big your store this nifty app removes out of stock products and sends you an email report when it is done.


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Wipeout reviews

36 reviews
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Great app. Really useful


Great app. Really useful for hiding out of stock items. Thank god its free. A suggestion though how about putting the out of stock items wayyyy at the bottom instead. Thanks for the free app team.


Great app. Works perfect every time.


Really useful :)

I have use it for like a year and free and help me a lot.


Excellent app. Cannot imagine how we lived before. Ensures we never show products that are unavailable. Without it we could have large quantities of our inventory showing but customer cannot buy. An absolute must have app!


Love this app. Helps me a lot!


Love this app. Easy to use and works quickly and efficiently.


Great app, very useful ! Saves me a lot of time.


great support! They reply in few minutes!


Great App and Customer Service

Free – $9.00 / month

FREE up to 3000 products: manual option only
$9/month if store has more than 3000 products

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(662) 736-8877
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