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Hide Sold-Out products or Publish In-Stock Automatically

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Automatic daily hide/publish

Automatically hide sold-out products from your store. And automatically publish hidden products when they are in stock.

Smooth Customer Experience

Don't let sold-out products clutter your store. Show your customers only products that are in stock.

Save Time

No need to periodically go through your store to remove sold-out products or publish in-stock products one-by-one by hand

About Wipeout

Wipeout quickly hides your sold-out products and saves you time.

  • Easily hide out-of-stock products!
  • Make hidden products visible when they are in stock.
  • Receive an email report with the results

How does Wipeout work?

  • If all variants of a product are out-of-stock then the app considers the product as sold-out and hides the product. Note: The app does not hide individual out-of-stock variants.
  • If even a single variant of a hidden product is in-stock then the app considers the product as in-stock and publishes the product. We call this un-hiding.
  • The app has two options: Automatic & Manual "one-click"

How does the Automatic option work?

  • Choose when the app should "Automatically" perform the hide/un-hide daily: either early morning or late evening based on your inventory re-stocking schedule.
  • You need to upgrade to the Paid Plan to perform hide, un-hide "Automatically" once a day OR if your store has more than 3000 products

How does the Manual "one-click" option work?

  • Just click the hide or un-hide buttons any time of the day whenever you want.
  • If your store has less than 3000 products you can use the manual option for Free

What other features does Wipeout have?

  • Don't like the results and want to undo the changes? No problem! You can Reverse Hide or Un-Hide results within 24 hours by pressing the Reverse button.
  • Not ready to hide or publish certain products yet? Simply add them to the Exclusion List to tell the app to skip over them.
  • Don't want to publish a new in-stock product listing without a photo? The app by default does not publish products without photos although you can turn off the setting.

Does this app change my store's theme in any way?

NO! Wipeout does not touch your store's theme at all. It directly gets inventory information from Shopify and changes the visibility of your products as needed. No different from you changing the visibility of a product from your Product Admin page.


  1. Can this app hide sold-out variants? Answer: NO. Refer Shopify's help docs for an alternative solution: Using Shopify > Products > Managing inventory > Hiding out of stock products
  2. Does this app support sales channels other than the online store like POS, Facebook, Buy button etc? Answer: NO. the app only works on the online store. So if you've hidden POS-only products from your online store and run the app's Un-Hide option it will publish in-stock POS products to your online store unless you've added those POS-only products to the app's exclusion list

About us

  • We've been helping Shopify stores manage inventory for the past 5 years under the StoreBuilder brand
  • We offer amazing customer support and regularly add features based on customer feedback

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  • FREE manual option if store has less than 3000 products

  • Manually press "Hide" or "Unhide" buttons whenever needed

  • Exclude

  • Reverse



  • Automatically hide & unhide once a day.

  • Exclusion List to exclude products you want the app to ignore

  • Reverse within 24 hours

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 47 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I've used this app (free version) for a year and find it to be easy to use and does the job beautifully.


This app was a snap to install and worked exactly as advertised. Within a minute, all of my 'sold out' products were hidden from my site, immediately improving customer experience. This was a saving grace after the Shopify solution not working. Bravo.


A very useful app to quickly hide out of stock items. It allows you to add items to a list that you always want to show on your site and you can easily reverse the 'wipeout' if you're not happy with it. Saves a lot of time.