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Woopify - From WooCommerce to Shopify

Woopify - From WooCommerce to Shopify

Developed by omniWP

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  • Fully integrated, no messy CSV files. Unlimited migrations and unlimited updates.
  • Migrate every product, every order and every customer with a click, quickly and easily.
  • One-time purchase, no hidden subscriptions, just hassle free migration — the way it should be

Woopify is the most advanced WooCommerce to Shopify migration app available. Our 3 step setup is incredibly simple, once you’re done you can easily migrate all (or, any) your products, orders, customers & reviews with a single click.

Woopify boasts FULL integration with your WooCommerce system so you never have to worry about messy CSV files, missing products, variations or failed migrations.

Shops come in all shapes and sizes, Woopify app is the only solution that gives you full control over ALL product information including image SEO, product description, SKUs, every variation including stock levels, prices and images, we even migrate your categories, tags and reviews and create collections and URL Redirects for you.

Big News! Migrate your WooCommerce shop from your WordPress admin! A Woopify WP Plugin is offered for free for all Permium accounts!

Also New in Woopify! Multi-Location Support! Decide in which inventory location to manage the imported stock.

Woopify permanently solves your shop migration headaches!

How's Woopify different than the rest?

  1. Woopify is a one-time fee, works forever app. No subscription and no import limits, import as many products, customers and orders as you wish for as long as you need.

  2. Woopify includes a feature-rich toolbox for minimizing your after-import work, with batch content editor, smart categories & tags organizer, selective updater and importer and much more!

  3. It is NOT a CSV importer, this allows you much better control, speeds up the migration and enables easy object updates.

  4. Woopify is battle-tested, Woopify's engine has been used to import thousands of shops in the past 4 years with our WooCommerce plugin.

  5. Speaking of our plugin - get it now for free, with a permium Woopify account! Manage all your migrations in-house with our Premium WP plugin

  6. Woopify lives outside of Shopify's admin, which allows it to be more user friendly, and include additional data, such as detailed log files and import history.

  7. Much more (read below)!

How Does Woopify’s Magic Work?

Click the big green GET button on the right, install the app and you’re underway. You’ll be redirected to Woopify where you create your account and the alchemy begins. Once Woopify is connected to your shop all that’s left for you to do is to click "Export", Woopify will do the rest!

FREE TRIAL: We give you 10 free object exports to make sure Woopify fits your needs. Once you are done testing, you can upgrade to Premium Account and export all day everyday!

Woopify’s Powerful Toolbox

All Products, Variations & Reviews

Fully featured integration with WooCommerce - Export all products and their data, including variations & images. Migrate your Product Reviews, with selective Exporting based on Rating.

All Orders & Transactional Data

Immediately integrate new and old orders with Shopify's order management system and its extensive reporting. All transactional data is migrated, including refunds, discounts and taxes.

All Customers (Inc. CSV Exporter)

Migrate all Customers with their data, and auto-create accounts for them, optionally auto-send invitation email to each customer. CSV Exporter included for book keeping and backup.

Smart Categories & Tags Organizer

Woopify will help you organize your products' Categories as well as tag the products according to your preferences, Automatically create to new Collections, and product types.

Unlimited & Selective updates

Added a new listing? updated another? New order? No problem! With Woopify you can migrate and update any of your WooCommerce objects whenever needed, without additional fee.

And Much Much More

Woopify can batch edit your product description, auto-assign or custom assign Vendor, URL Redirects, auto-assign custom stock numbers, add custom tags and notes to Orders and Customers, Send invitation emails and much more!

Secure & Private

Your data is yours, we DO NOT use any of your product data for our own use, period. ALL connections between WooCommerce, Woopify and Shopify are made securely with authorization keys that YOU control and can disabled at any time. None of your product sales or customer data is stored on our server.

Logs & History

Your Woopify account keeps track of your past 100 exports incase anything goes wrong. Each log contains full export details and can be downloaded for your reference and peace of mind.

Every Feature Imaginable

  1. Unique ID settings (SKU)

    • Auto-assign unique SKUs

    • Ability to prefix SKUs to differentiate between WooCommerce and Shopify IDs

  2. Import Product Reviews
  3. Batch edit product content

    • Batch remove content from product descriptions

    • Batch truncate product descriptions after a specific length

    • Batch add content to product descriptions (append or prepend)

  4. Organization Assistant

    • Assign "Featured Products" to specific Shopify Collections

    • Populate "Product Types" based on WooCommerce’s categories

    • Populate "Product Tags" based on categories, or WooCommerce tags

    • Exclude specific tags from export

  5. Set custom product vendors
  6. Collection management

    • Create "Collections" based on WooCommerce’s categories

    • Assign products to "Collections" based on WooCommerce’s categories

  7. Set product visibility based on their "WooCommerce Status" eg. auto-hide all disabled or expired products.
  8. Stock management

    • Fine grain stock management for all products right down to the variation level

    • Batch enable or disable Shopify’s Stock Management or Backorder settings

    • Batch apply custom stock levels to all products

  9. Export products based on filters

    • Status (active, private, pending, draft)

    • Categories

    • Specific IDs

  10. Update previously exported products by overwriting duplicates.
  11. Export Orders and maintain order numbers
  12. Include all order’s transactional, including refunds, discounts and taxes.
  13. Create Customers based on Orders or WooCommerce customers
  14. Send customer’s invitation emails so they can create their own account.
  15. History logs

    • Track the relationships between all previously exported objects

    • Easly hunt down issues, and fix them using detailed logs for each export

    • Remember up to 100 previous exports

Who are we?

Woopify is brought to you by omniWP, developers of the award-winning Etsy to WooCommerce Importer and the Etsy to Shopify app Etsify. Woopify is a result of 4 years of experience with product migrations, and over 3000 shops migrated!

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Unlimited Products, Customers & Orders
Unlimited URL Redirects
Unlimited Product Reviews



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