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Product Catalog Builder

Product Catalog Builder

Developed by ZINation

32 reviews
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  • Create shopppable catalogs and flyers ready to print and share digitally
  • Customized pricing and product offering via Product Information Management (perfect for Wholesale)
  • Zero coding or design skills required with over 25 templates + drag & drop technology

Bringing you to the same level as the big brands with an all-in-one merchandising tool.

Increase Open Rates and Decrease Your Printing Costs

Flyers are critical to your business – every week your customers turn to them to learn about new products and promotions. Yet the costs associated with printing and distributing them are very high. Using ZINation, you can switch to easily generated e-flyers and e-catalogs at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, e-flyers have a proven higher and measurable open rate than their paper counterparts, and they’re environmentally friendly, which is positive for your brand.

Perfect for Wholesalers

As a wholesaler, you spend significant effort to produce catalogs for your resellers to discover your product offerings. Use ZINation to reduce the time & costs associated with creating catalogs for your clients and to increase the sell-through of your products. Not only does ZINation automatically create shoppable e-Catalogs from your online store, it can dynamically on-the-fly create customized catalogs featuring the products your resellers purchased, so they will be well equipped with professional marketing materials. And at any time, you can easily print physical copies.

How it Works

As a Shopify store owner you can try ZINation for free. This gives you the full ZINation experience without any restrictions. Once you are happy with the end product, you will have the option of subscribing to ZINation in order to publish your catalog.

1. Design

Designing your sales collateral is simple, automatic and can be done in an instant. Within your ZINation account you will have a Product Information Management System that consists of all your products, product images and product information – your single source of truth in e-commerce. To create sales collateral you simply choose the products you want to feature (you can even choose by Collection), then choose one of our 25+ Layouts and your design is created for you in an instant. You can customize your design further using our powerful Drag & Drop technology.

2. Publish

Publish and share your completed designs across multiple sales channels. Embed them directly into your online store or website, create a PDF that you can distribute electronically or through print, share on your social networks or share the unique URL of your design with your customers. You can also share your sales collateral with specific buyers privately and securely, offering them personalized product offering and pricing.

3. Profit

Your catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets act as a sales channel to generate leads, present your product offering and increase your profits. When shared digitally, your customers are able to shop right from your sales collateral as each product is linked to your e-commerce store. Because each of your catalog pages contains its own unique URL, powerful analytics will guide your marketing decisions to increase your sales even further.

Frequently Asked Question

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If you only want to create wholesale PDF catalogs or line sheets,
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Product Catalog Builder reviews

32 reviews
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  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

The Customer Service team has been incredible -- this was my first time creating a catalog, and it was great to have the Live Chat feature so they could help me with my questions. And the few technical glitches I had (because of unique color names), were taken care of quickly so I could finish up the project. Many thanks!


I showed this to my client and she immediately wanted the product in her store. The support from David and his team is great! That are extremely patient and took me step-by-step through the process to make the catalogue a great feature of the online store. They also pro-actively arranged another session to train me on other products in the portfolio.

Well done David and team. Wish all the other suppliers are so helpful, because not all users are not IT trained people.

West Coast Weddingshed



Thanx for the great SUPPORT!!!


Hello, I use the 50 page plan, I'm trying to create a catalog for days and I can not - I'm laughing with 47 pages, it's processing normal until page 46 when I go to page 47 It does not finish the catalog, I need to solve this problem, what to do?


Need a catalog? Want outstanding support? Get this App.

I installed it this weekend. I created 2 * 15 pages catalog. I have no programming knowledge. This app is like kids play. Easy to Edit, Easy to Create, Easy to Download in PDF.

Then, you see the power behind this catalog. Clients clicks that beautiful product and WHAM, redirected to your site product!

All happy, I get an email next day. David from Zination, can I call you on Monday. Sure I thought. Nice courtesy call.

He spent an hour on phone with me. Threw zoom, showed me on my computer how to use the entire thing. Answered my question. Nothing like I've seen before. Outstanding customer support.

Thanks David and your entire team. You guy's are devoted to your amazing product and go beyond standards to support your wonderful app.

Get yours now I say!
Stephan T.


Finally upgraded but when downloading as PDF it only downloads the first page of the catalog! and now it says i've got more pages to add but it won't let me add anymore pages.

Serious bugs with this app. Waste of time.


UPDATE 02/04/2017

After speaking with customer service on multiple occasions, they went above and beyond to get our situation resolved. Overall, it did cause us to lose a few days for print production, but it is fixed now and that is what matters.

For anyone looking for the most versatile product catalog app, this is by far it. Out of a sea of "plug and play" apps, this is the best bet. Trust us on this one and just download this app if you're really trying to avoid a more comprehensive set of tools like Adobe offers. For us, we needed something quick and for the most part ZINation's tools provide that. The new interface (with some additional features) seems promising and we will stick around to see if they follow through with some of those necessary additional features.

Overall a good app with the potential to be great and customer service that does care about their customers.

Thanks ZINation


Extremely upset with this app and company. We spent approximately 120 man hours building two separate catalogs, exported them via PDF, and sent them to our print press company for hard copy proofs. Once the proofs arrived, they required a few edits, so we went back into ZINation to make our changes. To our absolute shock, the entire website interface changed and all our HTML and custom CSS changes are gone. In fact, their is no way to globally edit CSS or HTML anymore.

The new interface may very well work for some users, but why on earth weren't existing users notified of these massive changes that were rolled out? There is no way to recover all our work from the previous version/interface? So, not only are we out the subscription fee that we paid (the lesser cost here), we are out the enormous amount of hours we invested in learning to use their tool and hours of heavy editing of the HTML and CSS templates.

Absolutely the worst experience we have had with any app in Shopify thus far and truly a shame that a good thing could go so bad.

Our advice, invest your time and money in another technology like Adobe and build it yourself. Don't leave the fate of your hard work in someone else's hands, especially ZINation :(


I had a laundry list of complaints and mind you this is mostly because I am a power user, but they contacted me immediately to find a solution. So now rather than having 7 issues there sre only 3, if you are a power user looking for a catalog that appears high-end....but it's free! Other services are $100 a month or I pay for Sketchup and take weeks to hand build it muyself. Great app for the price!
1) You can not remove items from a collection. I now have a discontinued product on the page I can not remove without going in and making a custom collection specifically for the catalog.
2) Choosing to show the product title means nothing. It shows two words....who has two word titles for a product?! I again would have to go in and make a custom collection somehow describing all of my products with two words....not happy.
3) Page numbers are offset and sit in the center of a white break which theoretically should be the space between where the page number and the break to the description of the page :/ awkward.

update: 1/17
The app was deleted and I have no idea why. I was told I would get the service for free since I spent a lot of time assisting with their issues and also since they began charging for the service so I just lost my catalogs and had to completely rebuild.


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


Great support and superior product!

From $0.00 / month

FREE to design. Pay to publish.

Check out our pricing page for more details.

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