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Catalog Maker

Developed by ZINation

69 reviews
Price: Free – $49.99 / month More info
  • Connect with buyers using professional wholesale catalogs, retail product catalogs, pdf flyers and line sheets created automatically from your Shopify Collections
  • Customized invoicing with bulk printing, powerful upselling tactic using our unique magazine invoice concept, product recommendations & Thank You notes
  • Automatic catalog and line sheet generator tool with drag & drop editing - no design skills required, comes with many product catalog templates, FREE photos, or design your own branded layout template and many more

Add unequaled versatility to your marketing arsenal

For a business to stand out amongst others in today’s competitive retail landscape and obtain loyal customers, they have to provide them with an engaging shopping experience. Wholesale Product Catalog and Invoice Automation allow you to make the most out of each step in the purchase cycle and leverage these touch points as sales opportunities.

Design Your Branded Custom Template

The first Catalog Maker app where you can design your own branded layout template and use it to automatically generate your product catalog, line sheet or product documentation. If you can't design it, let us do it for you.

Create Your Interactive Digital Catalog

If you have a complete design catalog, upload as a PDF file and add shoppable elements to drive viewers into buyers.

Otherwise, design your entire product catalog automatically using our online software called ZINation Studio.

Considered amongst the 17 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Instantly in 2018!

Read more from Sharon Review.

We'll let our customer speak:


"Hands down!!! The best service and assistance I have EVER EXPERIENCED!!! My wife and I are very grateful for the assistance received by Zination. This one gentleman, David came through by giving me a call, as requested, when ever he had a moment to do so. I was reading the FAQ's at 10pm praying some way I will use the Catalog Builder, with perfection, within two business days. I called Zination earlier this afternoon left a message for anyone to get back to me at whatever time they could. Dave called and remained on the phone with my wife and I, about an hour or more, until we understood, completely, how to use this app! I promise whoever is reading this review once David and I were off the phone I feel completely educated and ready to present our catalog on time! The app is an entrepreneur's dream and wish come true minus the financial burden it would have caused us to have a professional catalog company to create our catalog. I will NEVER use any other catalog builder if it isn't by Zination! Zination, David, you ROCK! Thank you very very much. I went from having no skills to create a catalog to a well enough skilled catalog maker within an hour. So cool!!!"

- State Shops California

Catalog and Invoice Automation covers the entire purchase cycle:

• Pre Purchase: Presenting products through personalized sales collateral (pdf catalogs, flyers, linesheets).

• Purchase: Building brand awareness by sending customized Invoices & Receipts.

• Post Purchase: Creating returning customers through Thank You notes, Product Recommendations, Custom Pricing Catalog, Coupon Codes and more.

ZINation empowers you to send customized invoices with unique designs, as well as product images, cross-selling product recommendations, Thank You notes and more. PDF invoices and receipts are automatically sent with your Shopify Notification emails. Shopify Notification emails are the most opened and provide a perfect opportunity to engage with your customers and increase loyalty.
You can also leverage the classic catalog use case we offer, with Custom Layouts & Bulk Discount. Create your own customized catalog layouts, apply them to your entire catalog and save them for future use. All these features are integrated seamlessly on one dashboard. Stay tuned for more to come.

Perfect for Wholesalers

Use ZINation to reduce the time & costs associated with creating digital product catalogs or line sheets to showcase your product offering with our new Custom Layouts & Bulk Discount features. We also support Bulk Invoice Printing to save you a ton of time.

Our Features:


With FREE photos and text designs that you can drag & drop into your catalog, you are no longer restricted to only your product images. With Elements, you can add more text and images at will, no more limitation on your catalog design.


Send and bulk print customized invoices and receipts to effectively follow up with your customers for a unique invoice experience. Customize your Shopify Notification Emails to include PDF invoice or receipt.

• Provide customers with PDF version of invoice or receipt - great for B2B customers who need to print for tax purposes

• Customize design, language, currency, color and font to create your own invoice Templates

• Create multiple Templates to use for different use cases and customer groups

• Include product images on invoices and receipts

• Add products to invoices and receipts that aren't in original order or even listed in your store

• Know your customers and recommend products within their invoice to unlock your next sales opportunity

• Show your gratitude and retain customers by inserting a Thank You note and information for following up

• Print off bulk invoices for shipping at the end of your busy day to save time

Wholesale Line Sheet and Catalog

Create professional wholesale digital or pdf product catalogs, flyers, and line sheets right from your Shopify Collections. All products in your product catalogs can be shoppable, linking your customers right back to your Shopify store. This app is your perfect digital catalog maker.

• Share your sales collateral digitally, download the high resolution PDF for print, or embed into your online store

• Unique URL for each page allowing for private sharing & analytics

• Bulk discount and customized product offering via Product Information Management

• Zero coding or design skills required with over 25 templates

• Drag & Drop editing to create own Custom Templates and save for future use

• It's your automatic line sheet generator.


Within our Studio, you will leverage drag & drop editing to make Custom Templates for product catalogs and invoices. We provide you with plenty of default templates that you can easily customize for unique branding. All your designs are stored in the cloud and ready for future use.

How it Works

As a Shopify store owner you can design for free. This gives you the ZINation creation experience without any restrictions. Once you are happy with the end product, you will have the option of subscribing to ZINation to publish your sales collateral or share send your invoices.

How to make a product catalog in 7 Easy Steps?

1 - Install the app.

2 - Click on Create a "Catalog Automatically."

3 - Select collections that you want in the catalog.

4 - Fill in the catalog name and the design you wanted

5 - Click "Submit" and voila, your product catalog is created.

6 - Click on "Publish" to download or share your product pdf catalog to your customers or leads.

7 - If you want to customize it further? Go ahead, drag and drop,
put your own background, etc.

Frequently Asked Question for Catalog

Learn more HERE.

Frequently Asked Question for Invoicing

Learn more HERE.

ZINation Service Lab

Learn more HERE.

Coming Soon

-Create your own catalog template based on the unique product layouts.

-Create your wholesale catalog with your personalized format and branding.

-Go beyond the e-catalog into the kiosk mode with ZINation Smart Endless Shelf mode.

Learn more about smart endless aisle from HERE.

Catalog Maker reviews

69 reviews
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  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

(2018 update) It justs keep getting better, 2018 and back to say OMG, when they create an index maker thats simple and easy to use, it will pretty much be the best product catalog maker on the market, IF you don't try this your making a mistake,
(2016)jml-wholesale.myshopify.com WOW what an improvement. JML started with them almost 2 years ago to build our first catalog, it was a small catalog and it worked though a little cumbersome for lazy ole me. TODAYS VERSION HOWEVER, IS WORTH EVERY DIME. We spent over $20,000 plus annual support for a program that was a pain. This Zine version, from internet to paper is so easy, with a little bit of effort you have gone from download to catalog in hours. You drag and drop to adjust layout within their site once you've downloaded, and if you need help.......well support is stellar. Love them. One thing....think about your site layout as you go to build catalog, and it will save you time.


This App is fantastic. Catalogs are easy to build using the Shopify integration and also easy to update. Support has been amazing with Dave always available to walk me through the technical details and make things better.
Looking forward to the Zelina feature that they tell me is only weeks away from full Facebook integration. Keep up the good work guys !


Cannot say enough about this app! After years spent hesitating to build a professional catalog this team delivers HANDS-ON assistance in building exactly what my business needs. I am confident this team will get us to exactly where we need to be!


SO happy with this app! It took us a long time to find a catalog-app that allows us to make plenty of changes without being stuck to one design. This app has it!

Furthermore, the team behind the app is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I read in some older reviews that the customer support was quite good and gave it a try when I got stuck in the process of creating my catalogs. I spoke with Dave and he instantly set-up a screen sharing call with me during which he took over 1 hour (!) to explain every little step to me and show me all the options in detail.

I realized I needed a different kind of product template and then Dave got his men to work some magic and create a whole new template for us! It has been a blast working with them and I would recommend this app to everybody who is looking to create an easy - yet customizable - catalog!


Intuitive enough but the images come out super pixelated so it's basically pointless to use as a wholesale catalog or look-book builder.


This app is awesome! Very powerful for the money, or any money for that matter. I have been looking for an affordable option to get a catalog out to my customers and believe me this is it!! The support from Dave is off the charts. I have only scratched the surface on its capabilities. Can't wait to keep building on what I have started!


If you are a small business owner, you know that there is NOTHING small about it! Finding the right tools that compliment your overall business strategy could be a job in and of itself. Choosing the wrong tools increase your changes of incurring reputational damage..not good since you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

I've used the Zin Catalog Maker to create line sheets that not only look professional but they also make me look innovative and technologically savvy since I have ability to publish my sheets for online viewing.

And, the support was AMAZING!

Whenever I needed help, Dave, the app owner, personally called and walked me through some of my issues..he was literally a 'click' away!

Thanks, Dave!

I would definitely recommend this product!


users beware! you get tricked into using this service for free - but if you have a couple of products, soon you will have to pay - the basic plan is no use as only allows for a max of 50 pages - bottom line it is expensive and charges are not clear upfront


I tested this app 6 months ago to see if it is what I wanted as part of my marketplace. I deleted it after the testing as I was not ready to use it until my new site was designed and tested. 6 month later I am now ready to use it to promote my online marketplace.

After reloading the app all my junk and rubbish from my past testing was still there making a mess of my new setup. I contacted support and they called me back and discussed with what i wanted removed. within a fews i had a clean zination app to start my campaign with.

This is 5 out of 5 for prompt support.


Excellent app and support. Screen share and voice support for free 1-1 training when I had a query.

Free – $49.99 / month

FREE to create and download your PDF catalogs.

The BEST catalog maker app to increase sales in 2018!

Check out our pricing page for more details.

Check out the FAQ for more helps on how to make a product catalog and other related questions.

Check out the main page about Catalog Maker App for more details about what the app can do for you.


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