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Catalog Maker

Catalog Maker

Developed by ZINation

39 reviews
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  • Professional wholesale catalogs, flyers and wholesale linesheets created instantly from your Shopify Collections
  • Customized invoicing with bulk printing, powerful upselling tactic using our unique magazine invoice concept, product recommendations & Thank You notes
  • Powerful automation with drag & drop editing - no design skills required

ZINation Catalog Maker is the all-in-one customer engagement dashboard for your wholesale business.

For a business to stand out amongst others in today’s competitive retail landscape and obtain loyal customers, they have to provide them with an engaging shopping experience. Wholesale Catalog and Invoice Automation allows you to make the most out of each step in the purchase cycle and leverage these touch points as sales opportunities.

Catalog and Invoice Automation covers the entire purchase cycle:

• Pre Purchase: Presenting products through personalized sales collateral (catalogs, flyers, linesheets).

• Purchase: Building brand awareness by sending customized Invoices & Receipts.

• Post Purchase: Creating returning customers through Thank You notes, Product Recommendations, Coupon Codes and more.

ZINation empowers you to send customized invoices with unique designs, as well as product images, cross selling product recommendations, Thank You notes and more. PDF invoices and receipts are automatically sent with your Shopify Notification emails. Shopify Notification emails are the most opened and provide a perfect opportunity to engage with your customers and increase loyalty.
You can also leverage the classic catalog use case we offer, with Custom Layouts & Bulk Discount. Create your own customized catalog layouts, apply them to your entire catalog and save them for future use. All these features are integrated seamlessly on one dashboard. Stay tuned for more to come.

Perfect for Wholesalers

Use ZINation to reduce the time & costs associated with creating catalogs to showcase your product offering with our new Custom Layouts & Bulk Discount features. We also support Bulk Invoice Printing to save you a ton of time.

Our Features:


Send and bulk print customized invoices and receipts to effectively follow up with your customers for a unique invoice experience. Customize your Shopify Notification Emails to include PDF invoice or receipt.

• Provide customers with PDF version of invoice or receipt - great for B2B customers who need to print for tax purposes

• Customize design, language, currency, color and font to create your own invoice Templates

• Create multiple Templates to use for different use cases and customer groups

• Include product images on invoices and receipts

• Add products to invoices and receipts that aren't in original order or even listed in your store

• Know your customers and recommend products within their invoice to unlock your next sales opportunity

• Show your gratitude and retain customers by inserting a Thank You note and information for following up

• Print off bulk invoices for shipping at the end of your busy day to save time

Wholesale Catalog

Create professional wholesale catalogs, flyers and linesheets right from your Shopify Collections. All products in your catalogs can be shoppable, linking your customers right back to your Shopify store.

• Share your sales collateral digitally, download the high resolution PDF for print, or embed into your online store

• Unique URL for each page allowing for private sharing & analytics

• Bulk discount and customized product offering via Product Information Management

• Zero coding or design skills required with over 25 templates

• Drag & Drop editing to create own Custom Templates and save for future use


Within our Studio, you will leverage drag & drop editing to make Custom Templates for catalogs and invoices. We provide you with plenty of default templates that you can easily customize for unique branding. All your designs are stored in the cloud and ready for future use.

How it Works

As a Shopify store owner you can design for free. This gives you the ZINation creation experience without any restrictions. Once you are happy with the end product, you will have the option of subscribing to ZINation to publish your sales collateral or share send your invoices.

Frequently Asked Question for Catalog

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Frequently Asked Question for Invoicing

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Catalog Maker reviews

39 reviews
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  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

Amazing app and prompt customer service + fair plans price. I recommend it.


Just getting started but early returns are good. Great support over chat and good follow up communication. Building a catalog from collections in our store has been pretty easy.


Great Customer Support From Dave.

The Catalogs are Really beautiful and easy to create.
Before I create a Catalog here I download a bunch of other app from the Store, and Honestly this is the easiest and more professional looking Catalog Apps I could check in the Store.


jml-wholesale.myshopify.com WOW what an improvement. JML started with them almost 2 years ago to build our first catalog, it was a small catalog and it worked though a little cumbersome for lazy ole me. TODAYS VERSION HOWEVER, IS WORTH EVERY DIME. We spent over $20,000 plus annual support for a program that was a pain. This Zine version, from internet to paper is so easy, with a little bit of effort you have gone from download to catalog in hours. You drag and drop to adjust layout within their site once you've downloaded, and if you need help.......well support is stellar. Love them. One thing....think about your site layout as you go to build catalog, and it will save you time.



This app changed my life and saves me months of work.

Absolutely wonderful support!



Are you kidding? I spent one hour to create a 4-pages catalog, because the app is so slow that it's hardly moving when you scroll (so collect all your patience for that)...And after all I can't even download the PDF, at least you could make one free trial to see if it's worth paying for. More than that, when I got back to the catalog from the subscribing page, all the changes I've made were not saved! Such a waste of time


Thank you so much for the free tried. It looks amazing.


Easy to use customized invoicing and it is free. Thumbs up


The Customer Service team has been incredible -- this was my first time creating a catalog, and it was great to have the Live Chat feature so they could help me with my questions. And the few technical glitches I had (because of unique color names), were taken care of quickly so I could finish up the project. Many thanks!


I showed this to my client and she immediately wanted the product in her store. The support from David and his team is great! That are extremely patient and took me step-by-step through the process to make the catalogue a great feature of the online store. They also pro-actively arranged another session to train me on other products in the portfolio.

Well done David and team. Wish all the other suppliers are so helpful, because not all users are not IT trained people.

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