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Add to cart button | Sales BOOSTER

Add to cart button | Sales BOOSTER

Developed by GoldenDev

14 reviews
Price: Free – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Adds a quick Add To Cart button to every product
  • Makes it easier for your customers to add an item to their cart
  • Sell more products for more money! $$$

Great app! love how simple and efficient it is! ★★★★★

This application will improve your store by adding an Add to cart button on every product in your store! It will make it easier for your customers to add more items in their cart. Your customers will now buy more items and spend more money in your store!

There is absolutely zero coding required and the Add to cart buttons will start displaying in your store in less than 30 seconds!

Why do you need it?

  1. It will improve your customer's experience - By making it simpler for your customers to add items to the cart, you will greatly improve your user's shopping experience.

  2. Customers will easily spend more money - Because they will add items to their cart on the fly (just like in a supermarket), they will be able to buy more items and spend more.

  3. It will make your store stand out from the crowd - Shopify doesn't have any kind of similar functionality, so your store will surely stand out!

  4. Mobile friendly! - The add to cart button is mobile friendly and works on any device!

  5. Be better than your competition - Your competition probably doesn't have this kind of unique functionality, so you will beat them here!

Can you customize it?

  • Change the button's color - You can change the button's color in the application settings to match your store perfectly.

  • Pick a different button style - You can choose between a circle, square, square under product and the default tear-drop style.

  • Change the position of the button - Pick an item's corner where the button won't overlap with other add-ons.

  • Pick a different font for the Added to cart message - This message is displayed on top of the items which were added to cart

  • Change the default Added to cart message - You can easily change the message which explains the customers that their item was added to cart

  • Show product variants - You can decide to show or hide your product's variants when a customer clicks on the button!

  • Hide on out of stock products - You can decide to hide the button on products which are out of stock!

  • Hide on products with specific tag - You can hide the button on products with a specific tag.

  • Hide button on specific pages - You can easily prevent the button from appearing on specific pages in your store!


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Add to cart button | Sales BOOSTER reviews

14 reviews
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App works perfectly! The customer service is fast and extremely helpful.


This app is worth your time and seriously worth checking out! It has a modern look and has great customization options. The settings for it are pretty simply and pretty easy for a noob to figure out. This app WORKED! right away with no messing with liquid. Also there's SOLID customer support. We had a very minor glitch with it on our site and they literally fixed the app in one day just based on my complaint. We will continue to use this one for the foreseeable future.

TLDR: It works good and looks good.


Excellent app. Functionality which my customers REALLY appreciate.


Beautiful animation feature and nice customizations. This app gave me the functionality I needed without sacrificing the high-end feel. Plus I needed a slight tweak to have it work better with my theme and the developer made the change right away. Could not be happier!


Awesome app! Makes ordering fast and easy and increased conversion for sure!


Beautiful app, gives the page an advanced and professional touch. AMAZING support with quick and effective responses. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Amazing app! Exactly what I needed for my homepage. The developer is also very responsive and helped me fix an issue I was having within hours of emailing him. Highly recommended!


I'm sooo happy !!! I wanted a add to cart button like this but didn't know how to create one. I'm so blessed for shopify apps!! Thanks to the creators of the add to cart button app!


I wanted to make shopping easier for my customers. Less clicks to add an item to the cart. Found this in the app store. Perfection! Great customization. I needed support and all was taken care of, seamlessly,quickly in less than a day. Glad I bought it. I highly recommend this app for those who don't want their customers to endure multiple clicks just to add something to their cart.


I've been looking for the perfect Add to Cart Button for quite a while and man did I find it! Fully customizable, font, color, corners, you can even customize what the button says.Customer support is top notch too! You can see it in action on my website www.PearlsAndRocks.com

Free – $9.99 / month

You get the first 5 days for FREE so you can test the application and see the benefits for yourself. If you aren't satisfied, just uninstall the app before the 5 day trial ends and you won't be charged a single cent!

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