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Merchants highly recommend this app for its exceptional customer service, user-friendly interface, and effectiveness in boosting conversion rates and sales. Many have reported significant returns on ad spend, with some noting up to 800% to 1000% increases. The app's automation of retargeting ads and its ability to generate product ads based on customer behavior are particularly praised. The team's proactive approach, offering personalized advice and regular updates, is also appreciated. Additionally, many find the app to be cost-effective, noting it's more affordable and efficient than other retargeting options.

August 20, 2016

Be aware of the!. If you do not have 100 visitors to your store, they will still take your money and then charge their 10%. They took my money and then tell me that I did not have a 100 daily visitors to my store. $1.68 was spent on ads and they took $3.50 for themselves. The ad was barley running and when I asked back for the money they took their $3.50 and told me that was to create the ad, which they did not. So I paid $3.50 for $1.68 worth of ad.
Ask questions before you give them your money. Wish I could give them a no star. How can you fund the account and then later tell the customer they do not have enough visitors to your site? Dishonest, they just want their 10% don't care if you don't get any rewards from it. And their response time is just awful!

Hipgearshop Com
United States
9 months using the app
Edited September 4, 2016

This app is terrible and so is its customer service. Instead of compensating it crops your images if they are 2x3, and the control parameters for your ad are more than minimal. Their customer care can help you control most of the things the app won't, but their service is atrocious to say the least. If you value your time, look elsewhere.

Global Design Collective
9 months using the app
June 16, 2017

Terrible app, shows fake results. Want a refund.

Catchy Trends
United States
8 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied March 13, 2019

My name is Alex, I'm with RetargetApp.

I am sorry that you were under impression that the data provided by the app is inaccurate. To eliminate any doubt in the figures we provide on RetargetApp dashboard, we have created a new, improved version of RetargetApp. In it, you have 24/7 access to all the campaign data on Facebook and can be confident that RetargetApp really helps you boost your sales.

If you would like to give it a try, please, let me know - I will gladly help you upgrade.

November 9, 2017

Warning: they continue to charge my credit card after i had uninstalled this app

I uninstalled this app with a small credit amount which i was happy to write off, only to have them charge my account for the next week worth of ads.

Jays Gear
New Zealand
6 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied March 13, 2019


As you may already know, the issue you've described happened due to errors in data exchange between RetargetApp and Shopify. The wrongfully made transaction has been fully refunded to your account. I would like to once again apologize for the situation that took place.

To prevent any cases like this from happening in future, we have significantly improved our app since then. In a new version of RetargetApp you are billed directly by Facebook and Shopify. We have also added a lot of other features and would like to invite you to try a new version of our app. You will have a 14-day Free Trial to see if the app suits your advertising needs.

Alex from RetargetApp

March 13, 2017

Awefull Costumer Service,
They seem not responsive.

6 months using the app
November 6, 2017

This company will take your money and supply fake reports. They also have a problem with their software in which prices show up with commas and not decimals. Wouldn't take accountability for the issue. Don't recommend this app.

Buddhapants 2
United States
5 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied March 13, 2019

Alex here, from RetargetApp.

The currency in all assets created by RetargetApp (product feed, product catalog and RetargetApp-powered ads) was all recorded in the same way as it is presented in your store - with a period, i.e. $89.95.

However, in certain countries the ads are displayed with a comma by default, i.e. $89,95 - these are the regional interface settings we cannot influence in any way.

We want you to be sure that both our campaign settings and the reports we provide are 100% correct and accurate - this is why I would like to offer you to give a try to a new version of RetargetApp where you can access your campaign stats directly in Ads Manager.

We will be happy if you give the new RetargetApp a try and share your thoughts on the app with us at help@retargetapp.com.

July 24, 2017

I have a big problem with the facebook step: when i want to agree retargetapp in the request i have a white page and nothing work

Modern Iste
5 months using the app
March 5, 2018

Horrible These People Report False Sales Check The real progesss in the report app

United States
4 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied March 13, 2019

We appreciate your continued business with RetargetApp and need to note that, when it comes to tracking the results of a Facebook campaign, no other tool can provide more accurate data than the Facebook Ads Manager. RetargetApp is a Facebook Marketing Partner and takes all data directly from Facebook the way as they were recorded.

RetargetApp also values transparency - this is why we made sure that each of our customers can access the detailed campaign stats right on Facebook 24/7.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have - just message me at help@retargetapp.com.

Alex from RetargetApp

December 1, 2020

Don't waste your time with this app. Their lack of knowledge is insulting. They lock down any useful features making them inaccessible on their platform. You cannot, for example, set any sort of auction limits or target CPA. You're just throwing money down a black hole and hoping some of it does an about-turn and comes back to you in the form of a sale.
"learning phase, learning phase". That's what you'll here. Yes I fully understand that but you can't ignore warning signals that money is disappearing at sometimes a rate of £7 per interaction. Having had to learn myself how to run retargeting in facebook I thought these guys would know how to do it given the whole premise of their business is retargeting.
Yes they have built some form of platform, though all it does is sync with facebook business manager. There's literally no value in using this app.
They not only understand next to nothing about retargeting but they know just as much about e-commerce. I kept getting told "customers aren't interested in your products as you have a high bounce rate of 70% or so. The whole point of this is to retarget users that haven't registered enough interest.
Fellow shopify merchants, do yourself a favour and make sure you don't go into these types of apps blind as you'll get taken for a ride. I was fortunate to cut my losses early doors. You can use the facebook selling channel and setup retargeting yourself. If you need help setting up a proper ad account in business manager then facebook support are there to help! Cue dev response on that "I didn't give it enough time, customers weren't interested"

United Kingdom
4 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied December 4, 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

I have reviewed your appeal and can confirm that the employees of my team provided absolutely correct information. We do not create magic, we help stores with sufficient and high-quality traffic to promote their products and increase sales. The store can attract high-quality traffic using the Prospecting campaign or Google smart campaign.
Hundreds of our clients are satisfied with the result they get with our application.

In any case, we are doing our best to improve our product and your feedback will definitely help us. If you decide to use our application, please contact us at any time!

Customer Service Team Lead

Edited November 16, 2020

THE PEOPLE MANAGING THIS APP REACTIVATED MY AD CAMPAIGN AFTER 2 MONTHS WITH NO PERMISSION FROM ME BECAUSE THEY CLAIMED THEY SENT AN EMAIL THAT I DIDNT RESPOND TO AND 2 MONTHS LATER DECIDED TO ACTIVATE MY FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN WIHOUT MY PERMISSION. I originally was dissatisfied with Retarget App but didn't leave a review because they do not tell you that you need at least 50 adds to the cart (Facebook's requirement they say) to pass the learning phase. If you're extremely small and don't reach these numbers, they will absolutely start you on the trial and spend that ad money (which I specifically asked before starting and they said my traffic numbers were fine to try - no mention of other metrics needed to be successful). Finally, after 19 back and forth emails, they told me to work on my traffic and quality of my website (? mine looks fairly good - it's a template. Not something I made myself) and then THEY manually stopped my ad from running. I sent an email specifically asking what I need to do on my end and to make sure I didn't get charged but I wanted to save my pixel in case I could use them down the road. NO RESPONSE. Ok fine, I'm not using them anymore, they were probably annoyed but they stopped the ad campaign so I thought everything was fine. I'll come back to them when I'm bigger. That was in September. Now, November 15, I checked my Shopify billing account to see my shipping charges and noticed their app charged me $49. I thought that was in error so I sent a message to all the emails I interacted with and one removed the others from the email and then I responded letting them know they sent me a blank email and he responded saying he was looking into it and will get back with me. The person sent me an email copy/pasting a supposed email they sent me asking: "Hello, Connie! I noticed that you tried to pause your RetargetApp-powered campaign through Ads Manager. Did anything go wrong? Our application automatically resumes all campaigns which were stopped not through the in-app dashboard. It works this way to avoid Facebook mistakenly deactivating your campaign. If you want to pause your RetargetApp-powered ad campaign, you should go to your dashboard and hit the "Pause" button. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes," PROBLEM IS - I NEVER INACTIVATED IT. THEY DID! BASED ON OUR EMAILS. I never touched the ad account because it specifically says do not edit and I didn't want to mess up the information. I checked my entire email which has a search feature and nothing with those sentences ever shows up in my email. This email was never sent. We had a 19 email thread that never got separated - do you think if this email was ever sent that I would be crazy enough not to respond when the email before is me specifically asking what do I need to do in order to not proceed? They simply turned off the ad account, never responded and I went about my life for 2 months not checking that ad account because why would I if it has been off the entire time? I NEED A RESPONSE FROM SOMEONE TELLING ME HOW THEY ARE GOING TO FIX THIS. Now I'm out $300 that I do not have. If I don't pay this, Facebook will suspend my ad account. They only say the assumed after two months of inactivity that they themselves inactivated at my request that I magically was okay with spending money again and did so WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Copy pasting an email that maybe you meant to send but never did does not cut it. I understand fully that I have been screwed over and will have to find a way to pay the $300+ Facebook account, but at the very least the mistake should be owned and I should be refunded $49. I don't come into your bank account and swipe money from it and tell you that I just assumed you wanted me to buy you a coffee after our last communication was you explicity saying you don't want coffee. Same thing.

United States
3 months using the app
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) replied November 27, 2020

We are very sorry to hear about your negative experience using our application. We always work hard to make our product better.

We have investigated your case internally and provided detailed explanations regarding each point for you.

If you have any questions remaining, please contact us at any time. We are always happy to assist you and provide professional support.

Best regards,

Maksim Sokolenko
Customer Service Team Lead