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AMP by Shop Sheriff

AMP by Shop Sheriff

Developed by Shop Sheriff

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  • AMP integration with just 1 click
  • Instant mobile page load with AMP
  • Higher search engine rankings and SEO

Accelerate your mobile website with 1-click AMP integration!

Your AMP solution is here. Convert your store to AMP and turn more visitors into customers with a lightning-fast mobile experience.

Bring more mobile traffic with AMP

AMP pages are more likely to be shown first in Google search results, meaning you receive better SEO and more visitors get their eyes on your products with AMP enabled.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are pages that have been built with a special set of HTML and Javascript that enabled them to load extremely fast while still retaining great functionality for users. AMP was invented by Google as a way to make the mobile web faster, and Google released the specification of how AMP pages must be built. AMP pages receive preferential treatment in search results, and receive a lightning bolt icon next to the page when users search on a mobile phone.

How does Shop Sheriff work with AMP?

Shop Sheriff converts your most important pages into AMP and immediately begins the process of indexing them with Google, caching them in servers all over the world. These AMP pages are separate from your regular pages, so we never touch your original store. Google then indexes these AMP pages and shows them in Google search results so that mobile visitors can load your site in under 1 second.

Increased customer conversion

Data shows that AMP pages perform better at converting visitors into customers through a quick and seamless shopping experience.

Customize your AMP pages to match your brand

Adjust the look and feel of your AMP pages, and then preview them using our live editor. Your AMP pages will have a simple URL hosted on your own domain, giving you the maximum search engine optimization and an awesome user experience.

The #1 AMP solution for your Shopify store

  • Products, Collections, and Blogs - convert each page into AMP format, with a beautiful header, footer, and styles.

  • Product Reviews - your AMP pages integrate directly with Shopify Product Reviews, Yotpo Social Reviews, and Loox Reviews!

  • SEO-friendly URLs - do NOT get stuck putting your AMP pages on a subdomain. Subdomains are terrible for SEO. Shop Sheriff puts your AMP

    s on your PRIMARY domain in a simple, non-branded URL.

  • Zero branding - no "powered by" nonsense. Your AMP pages are yours.

  • Image, video, and iframe support - you may use images, embedded youtube videos, and iframes in your pages. We correctly parse these into AMP.

  • Customizable menu links - edit all your AMP sidebar links as you would your normal site.

  • Customizable footer links - add relevant links like contact and privacy policy to comply with GDPR.

  • 99% AMP Page Speed! - all products, collections, and blog articles score between 80-99% on Google PageSpeed Insights. Don't install an AMP plugin that gives poor speed!

  • Sticky cart button - keep a more app-like mobile experience and drive more sales with a sticky "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Third party analytics - integrate with your existing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel account for maximum insights into your AMP traffic.

  • Link to your full site - add a supplemental link to your non-AMP pages.

  • Keep your favicon - keep the same favicon across all your AMP and non-AMP pages, automatically.
  • What can AMP do for my store?

    Google invented AMP as a way to make the mobile web faster. Having AMP enabled automatically ranks your pages higher in Google search results and gives mobile users a lightning fast user experience. Users are more likely to buy products when they have a snappy, quick shopping experience. Our AMP pages load in under 1 second.

    Why Shop Sheriff and AMP?

    Shop Sheriff is the most customizable AMP solution, with outstanding support and forever-free pricing. Alter the look and feel of your AMP pages to match your brand, and let us do all the work of indexing them with Google.

    See results, fast

    We notify Google of your AMP pages and work immediately on getting you ranked higher in Google. Users will see a lightning-bolt icon next to your AMP pages, letting them know that your pages are fast and trusted.

    Our AMP integration provides

    • Less than 1 second page-load on all your products

    • Higher search indexing in Google search results

    • Structured data for every AMP product

    • Increased customer conversion

    Preview your amp pages using our FREE live editor.

    Want to learn more about AMP?

    Check out the website to learn more details about the benefits of AMP and how AMP will be useful for you. Visit the ShopSheriff explainer page here or check out the awesome resources at our blog

    AMP by Shop Sheriff reviews

    39 reviews
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    Great, fast, free and easy to use app. Really amazing that there are people out there that do this kind of apps.


    First class app, Stephen's near instant support is arguably fastest and most responsive in the shopify ecosystem. Highly recommended!!


    Brilliant app, very easy to set up. This app is completely free - Thank you Developers!
    Support is outstanding. Every store must have it ! Highly recommending A+++


    Great online support and support materials. Very easy to set up. We were able to get the AMP pages to look similar to our pages. Excellent!!


    Fantastic Service. I highly recommend! Keep Up the great work. I look forward to seeing your updates on your data log.


    This is not just the BEST App we've downloaded, it also has the BEST customer service. This is a slick solution with a beyond-user-friendly interface that can only improve your Shopify store by bringing it up to speed with all AMP requirements. If there are any app of the year awards, AMP by Shop Sheriff needs to win. Thank you for putting such a great solution together and how generous to let it be free. Highly recommended +++++


    User friendly, customizable, free & fast customer service. What else is there to say?


    Installation was easy. We will post traffic changes soon.


    This app is amazing and its FREE! Functionality wise it is by far the best AMP app on the shopify store to date. It's easy to customize your pages and get them to look like your main site (this is important) - it's only been a few days and i already have a lot of pages indexed with google and no errors! This should give a great boost to search rankings as google rates AMP pages highly at the moment and the bounce rate from AMP pages is significantly lower too. Support is very swift to respond and fix any issues - the app is always being updated too. I cannot think of a single reason why you wouldn't install this app right now!


    Their support team was very quick to help me through the small issue I had. I would highly recommend this app to anyone that hasn't already added AMP to their Shopify store. With the support I was given from Stephen, I wouldn't have any problem paying for this app! Keep up the great work!


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