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Merchants appreciate this app for its wide range of quality products and customization options, including private labels, embroidery, and custom designs. Its seamless integration with Shopify and user-friendly interface are praised, as is the professional and prompt customer support. Merchants also value the quick order turnaround times and competitive pricing, especially for bulk orders. The app's educational resources and tutorials are also appreciated for helping merchants maximize its features.

November 30, 2023

Fantastic range of products and branding/labelling options set apliiq apart from other POD services. No other companies offer anywhere near the level of customization to make your brand feel legit. They are always adding new options too.

Customer service is also great, in my experience they've been super helpful and quick to get in touch if not immediately available on the chat feature.

Not 5 stars because print quality is not as good as some other POD services. its not quite as bold and vibrant as it could be.

Pacific Playground
New Zealand
12 months using the app
Apliiq Inc replied December 4, 2023

Thank you so much for leaving a review, please be sure to checkout the transfer printing option to create the most vibrant prints possible!

July 29, 2023

Great products, comfy threads, helpful support team. They can pretty much do anything you need, you just need to reach out and connect directly with them and they'll be responsive. Good place for POD with nice products, but make sure you stay in touch in case they have alterations or adjustments to your orders.

United States
Over 2 years using the app
Apliiq Inc replied November 24, 2023

Thank you for leaving a review!

Edited April 6, 2023

Too long, won't read version of review: Amazing customer service, great products (quality superior to other POD services), shipping/production is so far questionable, and a very bad product editor.

Their quality beats the other POD clothing options, period. The clothing Apliiq sends is simply better than others. The selection is robust and, in general, in great condition. Embroidery is clean and professional, and the prints look great. That being said, there's a couple caveats that let my rating fall to 4-Stars:

- The clothing can take a bit longer than advertised to ship. I haven't opened shop yet, but the 2 sample orders I've purchased with a total of about 15 items were both delayed without an attempt to contact me. Both times the sample orders hadn't even entered production after a couple of weeks. I realize this isn't inherently indicative of the regular customer experience, and that they have more than my order to worry about, but I can't ignore it.

- The MUCH bigger problem is the product editor. It is remarkably far behind the other 4 POD services I've product tested with. You can't type what dimensions you want your art to be, you can't zoom the product being designed for a more precise placement, and possibly the worst part is that (due in part to the lack of sizing function beyond drag/drop) if you drag-size your artwork to the min/max the space will allow, it will subsequently change the resizing values. It's like this:
* I'm setting some art I want to be 10.5 inches. If I drag all the way to either small or large, the next time I try to set it to 10.5in, the max will be 10.4, or 10.3, or some number like that. The problem is also progressive; It gets worst the more times you hit the limits. The last item I was working on lost .3in of available size, so now the variants of the product each have slightly different size artwork on the same product. It would be such a simple solution to be able to input your desired size (which is the industry norm) and the drag-sizing just feels archaic and inefficient. (You can specify what you want the true size to be with the artists, but this just seems like it's adding a step for fun).

Sorry for the paragraphs, but hopefully I communicated my stance well enough.

Sleeper Cell Computers
United States
4 months using the app
Apliiq Inc replied April 7, 2023

Thank you for leaving this review, don't worry the Apliiq team reads the entire review. 🤣

Fair point on the product customizer, but frankly, no mockup will capture the products Apliiq creates for our brand partners. It's why most fashion brands that take eCommerce seriously use real product photos. We definitely recommend using the samples to take a few real photos. The customizer gives you the ability to leave a note, so it should be simple to state the exact size you want your artwork printed or embroidered, don't worry about the estimates.

Order turn times are 3 days in LA & 4 days in PHL, as of writing. The sample orders you placed are not representative of an eCommerce order your customer will place for a few reasons:

* the first time Apliiq makes a product a real human will review your artwork to ensure it will get a good result. it adds time, but improves quality for first time purchases. there is no delay on subsequent orders, once artwork is approved.
* the more number of custom items within an order the longer it will take to make an order. Most ecommerce orders from your customers will be 1.2 items on average. Orders of this size, on average will ship faster than orders with 6-7 products, especially if all the products are new.

We will look into mock up and photography possibilities, to see what improvements can be made. 🎖

-the Apliiq team

November 15, 2019

So far I’ve had a great experience...the quality of my products are awesome; I just wish that the shipping time was faster. I don’t want to lose current or future customers due to the slow shipping process. Otherwise, I think does a great job!

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Edited February 10, 2021

I trusted Apliiq to dropship my print on demand products for my apparel company, Eli Nelly, and I'm so happy I trusted them to manufacture my products. Initially, when I signed up in July, like other manufacturers across the world, they were experiencing delays due to COVID-19, but they are currently delivering my products within a two week window, which is expected to get even quicker soon. Before the pandemic, Apliiq boasted a one week order to delivery timeline. This app allows me to add products on their website, apliiq.com, then have those custom products put onto my Shopify website. When an order is placed, they send me an email. They also send an email once the order has shipped and once they have been notified the order is delivered. Whenever I need assistance, Apliiq's team provides wonderful, quick customer service via the chat function on their website. I am very happy with my choice of Apliiq. Previously I had used Printful and Printify, but I didn't like the inability to customize at an affordable price using those products. With Apliiq, I have white labeled my brand at an affordable price, and the ability to dropship saves me time and effort I can put back into the business. In the future I look forward to them continuing to improve their dropshipping abilities. I would love for them to add package add-ons such as stickers or thank you notes. They are always adding more products (most recently flannels) to their arsenal, and little extra touches to improve the customer experience would be worth it for all parties involved. As a startup clothing brand, they are currently meeting all my needs. I definitely look forward to growing my relationship with this company. Jazman Eli Nelly Apparel

Eli Nelly
United States
Over 2 years using the app
April 20, 2021

Great Company, I have used them for 2 months and they are very good with quality and reprinting any mistakes made as well as fixing issues that arise. The only issue is their customer service response time. No phone number to call, and their online service can take up to a week to hear back.

Strong Pods Canada
Almost 2 years using the app
Apliiq Inc replied October 22, 2021

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We've made it so much easier to get in touch with us. You can book a call with us anytime to review an order, plan a collection, or just to chat. https://www.apliiq.com/site/book-a-call

January 14, 2022

Customer service (Peter) was great and able to handle my situation !!! Would be 5 stars if they could spend processing up faster !!! .. Will update soon as my situation is complete !!!

Oddity Apparel
United States
Over 1 year using the app
April 20, 2021

The customer service is great and the items they have are of great quality out of all services this place has the best DTG quality. The selection of items may not be as much as other places but it deffinetly makes up for that with the quality of the items.

United States
8 months using the app
Apliiq Inc replied October 22, 2021

Thanks for writing a review. We are proud to make top quality apparel products for brands that care!

Edited November 12, 2020

I understand they're having turnover time ratio issues but nonetheless they have very good quality worth the wait. How do I know? I'm glad you thought of asking. I'm not just a business owner using Apliiq I'm a customer of clothing apparel in general, but I get the one thing Apliiq offers at the table. It is magnificent to me personally as well as what I seek my brand to be and thats quality. From the stitching process, to the DTG (direct to garment) quality, the services offered to make the brand actually yours and standouts, and most of all its always made to order. If you know about exotic cars you know if you buy one brand new they're usually made to order for guaranteed quality control. I ordered some of my own products from them to test the entire system and process before my customers to try and better the system to allow for smooth integration for everyone who visits and orders from us. Its business in the making and on a ride I plan on being with for as long as my business will allow me to do so. Again I will admit the receiving of shipment time is not up to my liking but I do understand the process as well and the fact its a growing business like majority of us. Patience is of virtue.

Konkrete Jungle Attire
United States
8 months using the app
May 4, 2022

Overall I have been very impressed with the product, fulfillment, and customer support provided by Apliiq. I have noticed some supply chain issues with popular items being out of stock, but in those instances the customer support staff have been pretty good about finding workarounds and dealing with other issues. Support team is courteous, prompt and willing to do what it takes to fix issues as they arise (Kim in particular is a rock star :) ). Happy with the decision to use Apliiq.

United States
8 months using the app