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Automatic Catalog Builder

Automatic Catalog Builder

Developed by Now In Store Inc.

104 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Gain control over your sales with catalogs, flyers and line sheets that can be downloaded, printed, and shared digitally
  • Create inventory tags with barcodes to improve your organization
  • Easy to use platform that requires no code

✓ Now In Store is trusted by 25,000+ stores

✓ Now In Store is the oldest and best inventory tags, flyer, catalog & line sheet maker solution on Shopify ★★★★★


"This app is making more money for us than any other app on Shopify." - Heavenly Tattoos, Shopify Store

When Shopify users feel clueless about sales - this is what they turn to: catalogs, flyers and line sheets.

Catalogs and flyers have been the life-blood of retail sales for decades. The selling power of catalogs and flyers is stronger than ever. For example, "31% of shoppers have a catalog with them when they make an online purchase."

Let that sink in.

Here’s the thing, having an online shop in 2015 demands creativity beyond just email and social media. Catalogs and flyers are a breakthrough in the 21st century because they provide an answer to the marketing stagnation of online marketing.

This year The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Yahoo Finance, have all written about the catalog come-back phenomenon.

Now In Store will guide you through your process as you create and use catalogs and flyers and help you gain control over your sales.

Our catalog and flyer builder automatically creates professional and customizable catalogs and flyers for your Shopify listings in under 30 seconds. Our blog and online-chat experts are on hand that share tips and tricks on how you can use catalogs and flyers to grow your sales.
With a few clicks, import all of your Shopify products into a beautiful drag and drop interface. Easily choose and organize each page of your catalog or flyer, use different layouts, customize your front and back covers and add a wholesale contract and order forms.

You can also use our tool to quickly create inventory tags thanks to our barcode integration.

Don’t take our word for it:

★★★★★ "This dynamic and beautiful app was the answer to our hopes for an online catalog. The team responded to our needs and our requests for updates. We created beautiful and interactive catalogs that work for both our retail and wholesale sites, and we use these catalogs on an almost-daily basis. Couldn't be happier, and we recommend NowInStore often!" - Walls Need Love

★★★★★ "Now in Store helped streamline my wholesale process. They helped me create a new line sheet each season, simply with a few clicks. By having an online line sheet creator program such as now in store, I am able to save costs on design. I am also able to adjust my lined sheet to reflect current inventory. I love being able to have a downloadable PDF version and a link to a web version for my more tech-savvy customers. Now is Store is by far my favorite app in the Shopify library." - Justine Brookes Design

Thousands upon thousands of Shopify users have met with success by including catalogs in their marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for?

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Shopify Stores are all saying Now In Store is the best:

★★★★★ "This dynamic and beautiful app was the answers to our hopes for an online catalog. The team responded to our needs and our requests for updates. We created beautiful and interactive catalogs that work for both our retail and wholesale sites, and we use these catalogs on an almost-daily basis. Couldn't be happier, and we recommend NowInStore often!" - Walls Need Love

★★★★★ "Great App, Plenty of good features and very easy to use. Would definitely recommend." - Love Life Supplements

★★★★★ "Very easy to use - especially compared to another similar app that I tried." -
Craft Beer Hound

★★★★★ "Fantastic App! Does a great job on large product lines and wholesale pricing." - Maison de Papier

★★★★★ "Great App. Seems able to cope with my 700+ items with no problems. Would recommend to Shopify users." - Secrets Boutique

★★★★★ "Thinking this is the app that I am looking for. I compared it to Catalog Machine and while the pricing structure is higher it includes no limitations. It also was a one click catalog versus having to drag and drop each photo with Catalog Machine. So far I have to give this app a 5-star rating! It is what Brick House Boutique is looking for." - Brickhouse Boutique

★★★★★ "Now In Catalog Maker is just a perfect application for creating product catalog. It saves your time by almost 99%. We highly recommend it to every Shopify store owners. Love it." - THE HAIRKLIP

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There is no other app like the Now In Store Automatic Catalog Maker on Shopify. If you are struggling with marketing and want to get more traffic to grow your business include catalogs in your strategy. You have nothing to lose. Try it now, risk free

Automatic Catalog Builder reviews

104 reviews
  1. 5 stars (74 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (8 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

I'm trying so hard to like this app. There are things I like. It's ALMOST GREAT. Yet, for example, right this minute I can't load my catalogs. The server isn't responding.

It is CLUNKY. I've just spend 12 hours straight with it and 6 of those hours were wasted on figuring the quirks:
1. If you want to hover to edit an image, make sure the title text has been shrunk to fit inside the title box (which you will have to do since it's default load is too big, and which you will have to do for every single page).
2. DO NOT USE EDIT MODE. You THINK you will be editing one picture/sku BUT you will be very sad to see your whole document will be re-shuffled and yes, you will need to start your entire catalog over from scratch.
3. You need to insert a few pages in the middle of the doc? Well, it looks like it could BUT here's the quirk: Do not hit "load all" one of the apps better features because it will load at the end of the doc and not inside the doc in the spot you chose. And you will have to move each page, manually, one click at a time, to the spot and if you loaded several pages - well, grab a sandwich.
- If you count the number of sku's and make sure you insert pages in the spot you want and manually click each one in - that's the work around.

That's it for now - Going back to see if I can load my catalogs since my deadline is in about 1. 5 hours. Fingers crossed.


This app is such a waste of time. Signed up for the 14-day FREE trial. Spent 2 days creating my catalog only to find out that you actually have to spend a minimum of $99 to have any access to your finished product. Extremely disappointed with this company and their lack of communicating this rather large fee. This app is a SCAM! Don't waste your time!


waste of time. $99 starting price for catalogues.


Support staff was very quick to reply and helped me with every issue I had. The app is very easy to use and has good features.


I shopped around and tested EVERY catalog builder in the App store. I WAS GETTING SOOOO FRUSTRATED as every catalog builder App seemed to have 80% of the functionality that I needed. However, was always missing 1 or 2 very important steps for my business. Automatic Catalog Builder turned out to be the easiest and best option. It was easy to use, automatically linked my products so I didn't have to manually keep it up to date. I could enter custom information about my products that I didn't want to have on my Shopify store, just in my catalogs. It was the most expensive one out there that I tested, however, after the headaches I went through with all the other Apps it is well worth the price.


Had started using the software last minute and needed a working mock up urgently-- the staff responded after hours and solved my issue instantly. Amazing product, amazing service. Still can't believe I found this app.


I tested several apps and this is by far the best one to create line sheets and catalogs in the Shopify App store. It has wholesale contracts and order forms ready to use. I also really like the fact that you can edit your products information once you add them to a catalog so that it doesn't impact your online store.

You can now create social network images to post on Facebook and Twitter in one shot with their new App too. I love it!


The Free trial is not free. It is a waste of time as you cannot download the catalog. The actual fee is $33 per month and they charge 6 months


Best of available options I could find by far. Thanks.


*** DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY *** The 14 day free trial is very misleading, gives you a general idea of ease - you sign up for the $33/mo (6 months) which turns into $198 right out the gate! Again misleading with price, but whatever I was on a time crunch and needed it now. The software FIGHTS you the entire time, spent 2 hours putting a VERY basic line sheet together, downloaded it and it DOES NOT look like the online preview!!! So I try to reach customer support - no phone number. I go back and forth messaging "Carolina." Finally had enough and said I'm done refund my money... "We don't do refunds once the catalog is created and downloaded." ..... IT WASN'T DOWNLOADED CORRECTLY TO BEGIN WITH!!!!! Extremely disappoint, was hoping this app would eliminate extra work, but instead has caused a $198 headache!!!!


$99 for 30 days
$198 for 6 months
$288 for one year

Full details here: https://www.nowinstore.com/pricing/

14 days

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