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Automatic Discount

Automatic Discount

Developed by Tabarnapp

Price: Free – $9.98 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatic discounts via LINKS - Customers don't need coupon codes anymore!
  • Automatic discounts via RULES - Customers get a discount according to what's in their cart!
  • Put discount links in your Facebook ads & Create rules like "Buy 2 get 1 free" OR "Spend $100 and get free shipping"

★★★★★ Rated Top New App by Shopify ♥ September 2016

Automatic Discounts applied at checkout, without coupons

Make more sales by sending discount links to your loyal customers. Or create rules to apply discounts automatically based on what's in their shopping cart.

✓ USE CASES ➝ What can you do with the Automatic Discount app?

  • Create tiered pricing (tiered discounts).
    For example 5% off if $50 spent, 10% off if $100 spent, 20% off if $200 spent.

  • Create a promo Buy 1 get 1 free.
  • Create a promo Buy 2 get the 3rd free.
  • Give free shipping if customers spend over $100.
  • Apply a discount to a wholesale collection which include all products for wholesalers.
  • Automatically apply a discount to a customer group.
  • Create discount links to put in your ad banner or your next newsletter.
  • Display a popup or a notification bar to let customers know that they qualify for an automatic discount.
  • Can I do a lot more stuff because your app is incredibly flexible? Of course! And if you do, share your use case in our Slack Team.
  • ➝ Discover more use cases in our Youtube playlist

    ➝ Check out our FAQ

    ✴FREE✴ Automatic Discounts via links ➝ Watch a demo

    *LIVE DEMO* Test it ➝ Add the product to cart and go to checkout

    Use this free tool to generate and easily distribute links that contain discounts attached to them.

    How it works

    1. Enter the Discount Code (created via the "Discounts" section in the Shopify left menu). Eg. 20-off

    2. Enter the page URL where users will land after clicking the discount link (it can be a collection or a product page or any other page). Eg. https://yourstore.myshopify.com/products/product-name

    3. Get your discount link. Eg.https://yourstore.myshopify.com/products/automatic-product-discount?discount=20off

    4. Share the link via email and on your social media accounts (we include share buttons to help you do it faster!)

    Note: You can create as many links as you want. The link generator does not save any link, it just helps you build the url that has the discount attached to it.

    The Discount Links don't work? Try this

    ✴PREMIUM✴ Automatic discounts via rules ➝ Watch a demo

    You can create custom rules that will be checked every time a user adds something to the cart. Based on what's in the cart, the discount will be automatically applied, without any link nor coupon code

    Automatic Discount rules apply on what's in the shopping cart, based on:

    • Amount of the order

    • Total number of items

    • Number of the same item

    • Weight of the order

    • More to come

    Important: only 1 rule per order is applied and the rest is ignored. If you set multiple rules, put the most important one at top (usually the biggest discount). For example, put the 20% discount above the 10% discount.

    Example of how the Discount Rules work and what you can do with it

    The most important is to make sure you put the most important rule at top (the bigger discount, in most of the case)

    Example #1: Tier Discount based on how much customers spend ➝ Watch a demo here

    Example #2: Buy two of the same item and get one free➝ Watch a demo here

    ➝ More examples here

    Other important info about the Automatic Discount App

    • The script is injected asynchronously using the script tag from Shopify. It's added via javascript after everything else was loaded so it doesn't affect site's load speed.

    • The Automatic Discount app works even if the customer doesn't reach the checkout page. That means if he checks out via Paypal Express, the automatic discount will be applied.

    • It won't work on a password protected store. As soon as you disable the password protected option, it will work. Here's how to remove your storefront password.

    • It won't work if you force to sign up (require accounts) before checkout. Overall, requiring account creation is bad for conversion, anyway. Here's how to make the account creation optional.

    • You can combine multiple discount rules but only the highest rule in the list will be applied. The priority of rules goes from the top to the bottom of the list of rules you create.

    • It might not work if you create twice the same rule with the same value, even if your discount codes are specific to two different collections.

    The Discount Rules don't work? Try this

    Have a question?

    1. Join our Slack Team and get premium support.

    2. Email us at support@tabarnapp.com

    3. If possible, add us as a staff member if you want us to help you fix your problem.

    - Step 1: Add support@tabarnapp.com as a staff member

    - Step 2: You can restrict permissions to Themes, Apps and Discounts sections

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    ✴NEW SEPTEMBER 8, 2016✴ We added one of the most wanted feature: Real-Time Cart Check ➝ That means when customers go back and forth to edit the cart (add/remove items), our app knows and gives the right discount they deserve. To set this up, simply make sure the No Rules Matched option is active in the app settings. If you don't need it, you can disable it and save $3.49/mo.

    ✴NEW SEPTEMBER 16, 2016✴ You can now see how many times per day the discount links or rules are triggered (the discount being redeemed or not).

Automatic Discount reviews (18)


We needed automatic discounting when a customer buys 2 or more of the same item. This app does the job. Derek and team respond fast if you need support.


The customer service is the best I've seen yet, and the app works beautifully. Thank you!


Great and simple to use app! Does exactly what I wanted, and the support is great! Thanks! :)


Great app! Works great and support is fast and friendly. Make sure to manually upgrade to full version after the trial.


[UPDATE]: Looks like the app addresses the issue we mentioned below as of Sept 2016. We revised our review from 3* to 5*
Does what it says but if the user leaves the checkout and goes back to the cart and changes the quantity and goes back into checkout, the discount is still applied.


Great support. Got stuck, went to slack, within minutes they were there to help. I wish more companies did this. Great value added experience.


Super fast customer service! It's a good app to add additional rule(s) to Shopify basic discount function.


Works great! Just as described


Glad to see it worked for others but unfortunately it did not for work for me. The developer said it was because of my theme. So I opt for another app and it works fine. In addition, I will give this a try again if there are more features.

It is good they give a free trial, so try it before buy it.


Great app and awesome customer support!

Free – $9.98 / month

Automatic discount links ➝ ★ FREE ★
Automatic discount rules (optional) ➝ $6.49/mo
Real-time cart check (optional) ➝ +$3.49/mo

7 days

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