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October 26, 2023

Terrible.... actually make that NO customer service.

/liv/ Nature
United States
17 days using the app
Edited August 31, 2023

Unbelievable. AWeber force a move to use this app (or another more expensive app that is simply not required) and when trying to connect to AWeber from my Shopify store, the link goes to a 404 error page. And of course the LIve chat is not live and I have to wait over 48 hours to get a response from a person. Not a good start!

I received your response via Shopify and not directly so when you wrote 'let you know if there are still issues', I am wondering how you anticipate I can do that when you did not provide an email address!!??

Finally fixed by using Chrome but apparently by accident as Combidesk reported no issue on their side despite informing me that at least one other customer had the same problem but had to use Edge to make the installation . Still awaiting a response to questions as to the correct setup as the help area is years out of date, and the wording is unclear.

SANUSq Health
4 days using the app
Combidesk replied August 28, 2023

Hi Kel,

Sorry for the late response.
We tried to replicate your 404 experience, but couldn't find it.
Did you install this: https://apps.shopify.com/aweber when logged into Shopify?

When you try this link and still see the 404 error, please try and use a different browser.

I hope that clears it up! Do let me know though if you still have questions 👍 

July 24, 2023

Have had the app installed for 5 days with several problems and its impossible to get any support or help. Not very impressed and extremely frustrated as it's affecting my new shopify website I have just published.

Silverwood Friends
4 days using the app
Combidesk replied July 25, 2023

Hi Caroline, thanks for the review.

We were in touch yesterday and managed to solve the problem together with you. It worked out in the end, but we understand the frustration. We apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully, the solution we provided is now sufficient to proceed with the pairing. Greetings, Team Combidesk

May 10, 2019

Be real careful with this app before you do anything with it. Do not waste your time till you find out that you can not upload your subscribers. Aweber decides which email address can be loaded, even they are your long time clients. But my subscriber listing has sunk into Aweber data, which you will not be able to get it back. Also when I signed in the aweber and paid by my credit card. When I did test email, the email footer showed my personal credit card billing address. Of course it can be edited. But you need to have actual postal address. So be prepared if you want your clients to know where your warehouse is.

B2B Shirts
1 day using the app
September 3, 2020

THE PRICE OF 5 PER MONTH IS NOT CORRECT!! The correct price is 16.15 /mo IF AND ONLY IF billed anually and IF less than 500 subscribers. The correct price goes form $16.15 to $149/mo depending on the ammount of subscribers.

Kocare Beauty
22 minutes using the app
Combidesk replied September 3, 2020

Hi Kocare Beauty,

This is Combidesk, nice to meet you!
Sorry you had this bad experience :(

We've built this $5 per month AWeber integration app on Shopify, but we're not AWeber 😊
Our app is a third-party app and is in addition to an AWeber account. We're sorry you haven't noticed this difference during the installation flow.

All support questions regarding the use of AWeber (themes, campaigns, forms, etc) can best be addressed to AWeber directly. Let them know! Their award-winning team is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! https://www.aweber.com/contact-us.htm

Thank you.

I hope that clears it up! Do let me know though if you're still confused on any of the points I mentioned 👍 You can reach out at support@combidesk.com.

Tim - Combidesk
Shopify Integration Partner

October 3, 2016

This app totally sucks. All it does it connect your customers to a list. It doesn't have any fuctionality to add them to different lists depending on what they buy. And the support people are hopelessly not helpful. They just cut and paste answers that don't even relate to you. I used to have a free app that did lots of Aweber connection stuff but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared.

United States
20 minutes using the app