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224 reviews
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  • Import your existing blogs into Shopify with 1-click and keep them automatically synced
  • Get the best of both worlds! Use easy blogging software and import your posts into your Shopify store's blog
  • Improve your store's conversions and SEO by having your blog on the same domain as your store

BlogFeeder® makes it easy for you to import any external blog into your Shopify store. Improve your conversions and Shopify store SEO by keeping both your customers and your content all on the same domain! Choose from an ongoing monthly sync with your other blogs, or use a one-time import to move your posts to Shopify.


While Shopify does an awesome job with store management, the Shopify blog can be difficult to use and isn't an ideal blogging platform. Platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress are easy-to-use, great for blogging & building your brand, and useful for blogging on-the-go, but force customers to leave your site or use multiple sites to learn about you.

Stop sending customers to these external blogs to learn about your company! Use BlogFeeder to have your cake and eat it, too. Instead of sending customers to an external blog, you can pull posts from almost any blogging platform right into your Shopify store's blog and keep them updated. With BlogFeeder, you don't have to choose between easy content marketing and improved sales and SEO.

Squarespace note: Squarespace appears to be currently blocking some of our imports, so we cannot reliably import Squarespace RSS feeds at this time. While existing feeds work, new ones occasionally have issues and are sometimes blocked. We are working on a resolution, but want to note that Squarespace imports may not work as expected. We will update this notice as we learn new details.

What does BlogFeeder do?

BlogFeeder imports blog posts into your Shopify store and frequently checks your blog for new or updated posts. Whenever there is a new or changed post on your blog, that post is imported into your Shopify blog as well. Keep using WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other platform for easy blogging that can be imported into your Shopify store!

  • NEW: Works just like Shopify - BlogFeeder is embedded into your Shopify admin to easily import and manage your feeds

  • Blog on-the-go with your platform of choice, then BlogFeeder will automatically import those posts into your Shopify blog

  • Keep your blogs synced - BlogFeeder imports old posts, new posts, and checks old posts for updates to make sure your blogs are entirely synced with Shopify

  • Easily import existing posts from any blog with an RSS feed into Shopify - enter the URL we'll automatically find the right feed to use!

  • NEW: Import multiple feeds into any of your Shopify blogs

  • Improve conversions - Keep customers on the same domain as your products: don't send them off to another blog when you can keep them right in your Shopify store

  • Improve store SEO - increase your store's search ranking by providing more content for search engines to index

  • Get outstanding customer service - ShopStorm provides top-notch service for all of our apps

Conversion Benefits

Any time customers leave your site, you run the risk that they won't return. BlogFeeder helps you stop your conversion leaks - keep customers on your site and in the same place that you sell products. Don't risk that they'll visit your external blog and not return.

Having more content on your site also increases trust. When customers know more about your or your store, they can relate and see you as a person or trusted friend.

SEO Benefits

BlogFeeder has recently gone through several upgrades to ensure that you reap as many SEO benefits as possible and completely avoids any duplicate content penalties. When search engines crawl your site, they index content. To improve your search results, you want to ensure that you have as much high-quality content on your site as possible.

Using a blog is one of the best ways to improve your SEO and increase your search engine rankings by ensuring that you have lots of content for search engines to gobble up. Importing your content into your site is a great way of adding more for search engines to find.

NEW: BlogFeeder will now give you maximum control over your SEO options. If you want to keep your external blog public, then you can enable canonical tags. This tells search engines where the content originally comes from so you don't get penalized for having copied or duplicate content on your Shopify blog. The SEO benefit to using content with canonical tags is not as great as original content, but will still give your store an SEO boost since this content is located where your products are.

If you want maximum SEO benefit from BlogFeeder, you can disable canonical tags and use your store as the original source of content. To do this, you should understand how to prevent search engines from finding the content on your external blog by disallowing robots or permanently redirecting your old blog to your Shopify store. We have a couple of tutorials in our app documentation to get you started.

Which Blogs Can I Use?

BlogFeeder can import posts from almost any blog - if you can get an RSS feed for the blog, you can use it! Here's a list of blogs commonly imported with BlogFeeder:

  • WordPress (self-hosted or WordPress.com)

  • Tumblr

  • Pinterest

  • Blogger

  • Medium

  • Facebook (status updates)

  • other Shopify blogs

Squarespace note: Squarespace appears to be currently blocking some of our imports, so we cannot reliably import Squarespace RSS feeds at this time. While existing feeds work, new ones occasionally have issues and are sometimes blocked. We are working on a resolution, but want to note that Squarespace imports may not work as expected. We will update this notice as we learn new details.

Please note that BlogFeeder imports as many posts as possible with each of these platforms. However, some platforms do not allow us to import all previous posts. We can do so for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and potentially others, but may not be able to import all old posts from other platforms. However, any new posts moving forward will always be imported and synced.


See it in Action

Check out our Demo Shop by clicking here. The demo shop includes samples of several kinds of imports, as well as more details on what BlogFeeder can do with each feed.

We also have a showcase of real stores using this app!

Have more questions about BlogFeeder? We'd be happy to help! Please check out our documentation and FAQ, or use our pre-sales form so that we can answer any questions you have!


Common Questions

  • Q: Will BlogFeeder import comments too?

  • A: Unfortunately BlogFeeder cannot yet import comments. Shopify has added the ability to create comments programmatically, so we have this on our roadmap. If you'd like to vote for this feature, please let us know!
  • Q: Will my blog look the same when imported?

  • A: You blog will look the same as your Shopify theme, not the original blog source. When BlogFeeder imports your posts, it imports the content, not the style or theme, so that your posts blend in completely with your Shopify site. You can manually create a blog post in Shopify to see what this will look like on your site.
  • Q: Does BlogFeeder import images?

  • A: Shopify does not provide a way to import images or create them for your shop programmatically via the Shopify API, which means that BlogFeeder is not allowed to import your images and they'll refer to your old site, or can be moved to Shopify manually. If you'd like to vote for the ability to move images to your own storage (such as Amazon S3) with BlogFeeder, please get in touch to vote for this feature!


Get started with your one-time import or monthly-plan trial for BlogFeeder!

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BlogFeeder reviews

224 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Easy install. Took only a few minutes to figure it out. Once I did then my Tumblr and Instagram feeds were populating in minutes on my blog. Very cool.

Had a few detailed questions about multiple Instagram tags getting posted on my blog and they were on top of it super quick. They offered to dig into my shop's theme to fix the problem and fixed it right away. Great response time on customer support email replies and detailed answers.

A huge thumbs up and can't wait for all these feeds to start helping my SEO. Going to add Facebook and Wordpress feeds as well since it's super easy.

I also user their Product Customizer app which is awesome if you want to have your customers have the ability to customize their order.


Exactly what I was looking for, Set-up is a breeze. It is the only app of its kind.

Blogs are great SEO boosters for any eCommerce store. This will automatically add any post to social media as a blog entry. If you are currently active on social media, this is a no-brainer. You NEED this app!


This app saved us countless hours migrating from our old blog URL into the Shopify platform. It took less than 3 minutes to set up and worked like a charm.


This is my first app review, and well, they deserve it. The app works great, but what is exceptional, is the customer service. They took time with me to solve my problem during the switch over to a mobile friendly platform. I was frustrated with the zero assistance I was getting with Shopify themselves and made contact with Blogfeeder in hopes they could help my site crash. And they did, swiftly and kindly. Thank you is not enough! But Thank you thank you!!


We are impressed with the clean and complete feed to our Idea Chic site from our wordpress blog. The app tech to host the blog on our url is important benefit and highly recommended.


Great app, imported my blog quickly and without any issues. Excellent support. Well worth the money.


This is a great service if you want to keep your blogs in sync. I had an older blog on Blogger that I wanted migrated to Shopify. I also debated firing up my Blogger site and having BlogFeeder push the posts to Shopify, but I have decided to blog strictly from my Shopify site, therefore, I won't need the monthly service. The import they did of my old blog posts was super fast and went flawlessly. Bravo! Highly recommended even if you just need those old posts migrated over.


This app is exactly what I need to keep our customers up to date with the latest going on at our store, but keeping them within the confides of our store. Support for issues has been fast and patient! One thing I don't like is the way each article is an item under "collections". This then means the article will show up when your search for a term under our store.....for example if you search T-shirt, it will also display articles with T-shirt contained in it, along side products.
Otherwise, works well.................UPDATE: Since writing the above, I was contacted by Justin in support who helped me solve the problem right away....even though it was a Shopify issue. Justin went ahead and modified the code to fix the issue. Best customer service I've had from any developer. Outstanding.


I chose BlogFeeder because it offered the most comprehensive and effective approach to moving my existing blog over to my new Shopify site. The thing that really appealed was that I could continue to add blog posts from Wordpress and BlogFeeder would take care of the rest without my having to worry about links/google etc. This was particularly important as I tend to get external bloggers to write posts for the blog and its easiest to manage that from Wordpress itself so I was keen to keep that functionality. Transfer is in progress now but already impressed.


We used this application to integrate our Instagram photos onto our blog and it worked great.


One-time import: $9.99 for 72 hours of access
Ongoing use: $5.99 per month

7 days

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