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  • Solves the puzzle of calculating "dimensional weight"
  • Provides accurate UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping rates (including negotiated rates)
  • Shows your packers how to box up orders compactly

UPS and FedEx are both now using "dimensional weight," a made-up quantity that depends on the size of the package, not just its actual weight, to determine pricing, even for ground shipments. USPS often charges by dimensional weight as well. So to quote accurate shipping costs, your shop needs to know the size of the shipping box. That's easy if you always use just one standard shipping carton, but most merchants use a variety of shapes and sizes.

Boxify is an embedded app for Shopify shops that provides a solution to this thorny problem. Use it to record the dimensions of your products and shipping boxes. Then when a customer checks out from your shop, Boxify calculates how the order is to be packed and queries UPS, FedEx, and USPS using the weight and dimensions of the box or boxes you will ship the order in. This allows your shop to quote accurate shipping charges, including negotiated rates if available.

No more having to pad shipping costs to protect yourself or worrying that inflated shipping costs are scaring off customers.

Boxify also shows your packers which of your available shipping boxes to use and how each of the items in an order should be placed in that box. This ensures that your orders will always go out in the smallest box possible, saving you money on shipping and being kinder to the environment to boot.

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Definitely a huge thumbs up. It solved the problem for us and the money it saved us was much more than what we were losing without the app (i.e. without the ability to link each of our box dimensions to its respective product). 5-stars for ease of use, simple setup, no maintenance, and no hassle.


I wanted to have the option to hide shipping method options at check out but still charge a shipping fee. It would of been an invested technical work around but Dave understood what I was trying to do and suggested I change the language of the terms to "Probable Shipping Method (may ship by a different Ground service" that way customers wouldn't be upset if they choose UPS and got USPS shipping! Excellent problem solver!


Took me a bit to figure it out but thanks to Dave I now have it! Dave spent the entire day going back and forth with me making sure he answered all of my questions and showing me all the proper settings and my misconceptions. The biggest thing you need to know is that Boxify doesn't take over all of you shipping needs it just gives the proper prices for customers in the cart. Its a shame that Shopify cant do this since all other shopping carts can figure this out. You still have to add all of your boxes in to the Shopify section so you can actually ship the order with the proper box. Once you do this you should be good to go. Boxify also tells you how to best package your orders too.


It took me less than 15 minutes to get Boxify up and running. We ship primarily one product, but have some seasonal items as well -- meaning we have multiple box sizes, and both boxes have their own weights, which is where we ran into trouble with Shopify's default settings. We also wanted to use our negotiated rates and were very disappointed that on the Advanced plan we couldn't set multiple box sizes! But Boxify solves all of that -- and you can be on the Lite plan to get negotiated rates, which is a nice surprise. This app is perfect if you need multiple box sizes and/or negotiated rates. Couldn't recommend it more, top-notch support too!


This application is what we needed to be able to get our negotiated shipping rates from UPS. It has all of the features we need, and support has always been spot on when we need help.


Really appreciated Dave and his customer support. I had an issue with my negotiated rates and he jumped through hoops to help me nail down the issue. Which was on my end of course. Now my dimensional weight headache is gone.


Boxify is exactly what I needed to ship various size/weight boxes from my Shopify store. Dave responded very quickly to my email request and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful through the steps of getting my shipping profiles set up.
I would highly recommend this app to anyone needing more shipping options than the single default option provided by Shopify with the basic plan. Thanks again!


The app works well, but the support is second to none. Dave and his team worked countless hours to sort out an issue for us that turned out to be UPS related and nothing to do with the Boxify product. He also replied in a speedy manner and at all time. Excellent support. Thanks!


This app is a must-have for any business with varying product size. We ship rare GTR auto parts around the world, ranging in size from screws to bumpers. Although getting the data (measuring dimensions and weighing items) is quite involved, it's the only way to figure out complex shipping calculations. Whenever we've had any issues with the app, we've received fast and useful responses from Boxify. We highly recommend this app.




Best shipping app in the app store. A MUST HAVE for any website. Also great customer support. Thanks Dave!

$19.00 – $99.00 / month
15 days

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