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  • Solves the puzzle of calculating "dimensional weight"
  • Provides accurate UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping rates (including negotiated rates)
  • Shows your packers how to box up orders compactly

UPS and FedEx are both now using "dimensional weight," a made-up quantity that depends on the size of the package, not just its actual weight, to determine pricing, even for ground shipments. USPS often charges by dimensional weight as well. So to quote accurate shipping costs, your shop needs to know the size of the shipping box. That's easy if you always use just one standard shipping carton, but most merchants use a variety of shapes and sizes.

Boxify is an embedded app for Shopify shops that provides a solution to this thorny problem. Use it to record the dimensions of your products and shipping boxes. Then when a customer checks out from your shop, Boxify calculates how the order is to be packed and queries UPS, FedEx, and USPS using the weight and dimensions of the box or boxes you will ship the order in. This allows your shop to quote accurate shipping charges, including negotiated rates if available.

No more having to pad shipping costs to protect yourself or worrying that inflated shipping costs are scaring off customers.

Boxify also shows your packers which of your available shipping boxes to use and how each of the items in an order should be placed in that box. This ensures that your orders will always go out in the smallest box possible, saving you money on shipping and being kinder to the environment to boot.

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Dave is incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any questions you may have. We are not using the dimensional weight feature, so I cannot comment on that, but we ARE using Boxify to determine the best box to use for each shipments. We had some questions about how the software was calculating the best fit for boxes, and Dave always responded within 24hrs. Great service. A+


Boxify has been the best solution for our website shipping calculations. Dave is extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions. Highly recommended!


We can't say enough about this app! It's designed brilliantly and delivers real-time shipping rates from FedX, UPS and USPS for every product variant in our store, based on the size and weight of each product. Our framed art sizes vary greatly and within Shopify, there was no way to set a box size for each of our images, let alone each image's size variants. However, upon installing and opening the app, each variant had a size input field. Also, we were able to add sizes for every product automatically by using the downloadable spreadsheet of products which Boxify creates. After adding the sizes to over 250 products on the spreadsheet, Dave at Boxify ensured the uploaded spreadsheet worked perfectly. Tech support is second to none - they've gotten back to us within a few hours via email, with every question we've had. You don't need to pay Shopify for real time rates, you get them included with Boxify in the cost of your subscription.

UPDATE (one month later):
Just another shout out to Dave for knowing FedX's services better than FedX reps, who needed to go back on what they told me after some further research confirmed Dave was correct. He knows this business, you won't go wrong.


Dave is very prompt and responsive to our questions and very helpful with bulk uploading of dimensions to our store. This product works wonderfully for our needs and seems to be solving our problem of dimensional weight calculation. If you are having cost issues with dimensional weight vs. true weight, this is the app for you!


Great app with great customer service. We had a large number of variants to add in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, etc., and as our product sizes can vary greatly we wanted several options available for shipping. Dave from Boxify was quick to get back and helped me bulk add the dimensions of all our items within 24 hours (150+ items, each with 50+ variants!).

The app also provides real time shipping rates from UPS (or FedEx) with a basic Shopify account by linking to our existing UPS account. Highly recommend, is exactly what we were looking for (this functionality should come standard with Shopify!).


Boxify solved all my shipping problems. I no longer have to guess what to charge for shipping based off of weight which we all know is different depending on where you are shipping to. No more losing money on shipping or overcharging my customers. Dave at Boxify was very responsive to all my questions when fine tuning Boxify to fit my store. I finally have something that I can depend on and trust. If you are still on the verge of whether or not to install Boxify I highly suggest you stop putting it off and do it now.


Boxify app solved the issues we had in the past for more accurate shipping fees for our customers. The support team is extremely helpful and always reply to you quickly when you need that help right away.


Our company has used many different seller stores. None have had an app that produces results with perfect accuracy. It wasn't perfectly easy to do, but with support from the company, I was able to figure out any kinks along the way. Now we are hitting shipping rates with 100% accuracy!

Having a person who responds so quickly and genuinely about my issues was very pleasant, and was a huge difference than most my experiences when receiving support.

Boxify is the word that you heard, and it's a good one.


When I suggested to Shopify Support Gurus that they implement enhancements to calculate shipping based on boxes sizes assigned to individual products they pointed me to Boxify. What a lifesaver this app is! I love this app. It's saving my customers a ton in shipping costs, and saving me lots of headaches since I ship both products that are very small and very large. When I had a question about setup Dave responded very promptly and extended friendly customer service. Thanks, Dave!


So, I just installed your app last night and configured it this morning. And after and easy 1.5 hours it is completely setup and 100% functional. Just had to take a moment to say thanks for making such a functional and intuitive app. Every aspect of it worked as promised and your FAQ answered the two questions I couldn't figure out on my own.


$19.00 – $99.00 / month
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