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Store Pickup + Delivery

Store Pickup + Delivery

Developed by Zapiet

153 reviews
Price: $19.00 – $69.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Offer in-store pickup and local delivery alongside standard shipping through a unified checkout
  • Intuitive customer interface and extensive backend flexibility and customisation
  • Now powering over 2,000 Shopify stores in more than 70 countries

Fully featured, customisable and ideal whether you have one location or thousands; Zapiet is Shopify’s most popular pickup and local delivery app, powering stores all over the world.

Install the app now and enjoy a 14-day free trial to explore its features, or see it in action on our demo store.

Let your customers choose when and where they collect

With full integration to your Shopify store and checkout and clear, intuitive interface you can boost your conversion rate and offer your customers fantastic flexibility.

Add fully customisable breakpoints, time ranges and day-to-day availability to manage expectations and add unlimited stores and locations.

Enjoy frequent product updates that add your most requested features and responsive support to get the app embedded into your operation.

Core features

  • Control each store’s opening times and availability

  • Date and time picker gives your customers convenience

  • Conditional pickup, delivery or shipping based on order total or weight

  • Postal code search for customers to find the nearest pickup point

  • Automatically tag orders according to their location and then filter by type

  • Customisable breakpoints, like ‘order by 2 pm for next day delivery’

  • Import and export your stores in bulk via CSV

  • Set individual products as pickup only, local delivery only, or shipping only

  • Set minimum times between order and pickup availability to avoid over-commitment

  • Granular control of time slots, from hourly down to 15-minute intervals

  • Set your entire store to pickup only mode, ideal if you don’t want to offer delivery

  • Support for translation into any language

  • Zapier integration support to add integration with hundreds of apps

Additional features with local delivery

  • Postal code validation for driving distance, maximum radius and matching

  • Support for multiple dispatch locations and delivery-only stores

  • Set days and times when deliveries are not available

  • Offer delivery slots as customisable time ranges such as 2pm-5pm

  • Offer an unlimited number of delivery slots at each location

  • Support for your network of delivery-only stores

Pricing that grows with you

Flexible monthly plans based on your number of locations, with no minimum contract. Choose between Pickup + Delivery or Pickup Only and switch freely between plans as you go. Have more than 2,000 locations? No problem. Get in touch to talk about our enterprise options.

Use our 14-day free trial to evaluate our features within your workflow.

Install the app now to get started.

Store Pickup + Delivery reviews

153 reviews
  1. 5 stars (147 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (3 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Support for this app is absolutely the BEST! Sam was wonderful and patiently resolved several issues I had during the initial installation.

The app itself is fabulous and does exactly what it promises to do. Customizing it is easy. If you have any minor glitches/questions along the way, you don't have to worry since the customer support will be there to help make it right. I would highly recommend it!!!


Big problems in my shop... Language issues, FAQ outdated, customers unable to modify product quantity... 48h since my first email asking for help... Now the app is uninstaled but some issues remain with an "Store pickup" page still in my checkout page... Terrible experience.

UPDATE: They finally fixed it and uninstall was completed.


Never had better support than these guys!

+++++++++ Wish i could add more stars.


Six stars! This application more than any other has been of paramount importance to the success of our web store. The support team is simply phenomenal, ready to field any request or to listen to your concerns. Simply the best application and the best support team!


Our customers love this app. Having local pickup available in our store has definitely increased conversions and customer satisfaction. Be aware that when using PayPal Checkout will cause minor issues with transactional e-mails (due to PayPal's limitations, not Zapiet's fault), however we usually just manually follow-up with customers who use PayPal with the local pickups and it's fine. Otherwise, totally awesome app.


I would highly recommend this app as one of your key app to install if you are offering pick up service with your shopify store. (Big business or small business)

Money for the app is sooo worth it. (I use the $19 per month plan) If you are just starting out with your shopify store or trying to keep your costs as low as possible, then this app has to be the top ones next to your email marketing app.

Very easy to use and can customise days and calendar times for your store to work around your personal commitments eg I run my business via my home, and offer pick up service as in 'Click & Collect' service for my local customers to save on delivery costs. I can block out days that I am fully booked with kids events or a full in day with other commitments eg doctors appointments, errands days etc. Or simply blocking out public holidays where I am not open for business.

Once you have things set up, this app quietly does it's own thing in the background and does it's job and speeds up my job of not worrying about arranging an appointment with customers to pick up their items. Customers happy, I am happy and have more free time too.


Wow, thank you, Andy, for your quick service!!


I am writing this review after having an issue... an issue that was not the fault of the app, but due in part to the accelerated speed of technology advancements, requirements, changes, and improvements - the alterations did not gel with the app I had previously installed (the update was available, but I am not proficient enough in the multistep revisions to save myself).
I use Shopify for my store, Store Pickup + Delivery is the ONLY app I can use to meet my specific and unique needs.

I called for help, and my call was answered! These guys are the real heros of today, not nearly enough credit goes to developers who keep our back of house operations running.
As technology advances, and changes occur more readily and applications have to talk to other code developed by outside developers, you need to have a dedicated team of caring and competent people on your side. I will stick with these guys for the long term, they have my business, they saved my rear in a critical situation and I could never ask for more than their excellent customer service, and knowledgable responses.


I am sure, from the 144 reviews, that this app has some good things. PROBLEM is that if you want to uninstall app, you will pull your hair out. Their instructions for uninstall are outdated.

We were looking for an option so we could add a shipping method "For Next Day Air, Please Contact Us. Rate will be added to order at a later date."


Andrew had the quickest response time and was the most helpful ever! Without their customer support my site would never look and work as good as it does!

$19.00 – $69.00 / month

Flexible monthly plans based on your number of locations, with no minimum contract.

Pickup Only
1 - 10 Stores - $19
11 - 100 Stores - $39
101 - 500 Stores - $49
501 - 2,000 Stores - $59

Pickup + Delivery
1 - 10 Stores - $35
11 - 100 Stores - $49
101 - 500 Stores - $59
501 - 2,000 Stores - $69

More than 2,000 locations? No problem. Get in touch to talk about our enterprise options.

14 days

Support & Sales

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