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January 19, 2022

Wir haben Cohub in dieser Woche für unsere Inventur eingesetzt und sind total begeistert. Nach 25 Jahren Inventur-Stress hatten wir zum ersten mal einen komplett störungsfreien und entspannten Ablauf. Die Handhabung ist kinderleicht. Eine komplexe Einweisung unseres Inventur-Team wie in der Vergangenheit, war nicht nötig. Cohub hat das Thema Inventur entzaubert und es geschafft die technische Komplexität aus dem Thema zu nehmen.
Hinzu kommt die Einsparung der Kosten für die Scanner die in der Vergangenheit gemietet werden mussten. Von unserer Seite aus ist Cohub ein absolutes "must have" !!

8 months using the app
August 14, 2020

We've been using Cohub Inventory for almost 6 months now.

Being able to see the actual value of my inventory and potential revenue across several locations at a glance is extremely helpful.

It helps us make better decisions and run a more lean operation. I don't know the exact number, but I would guarantee that this app has helped us save thousands of dollars.

The accompanying mobile app has made it easier for both our warehouse and retail staff to quickly count inventory without any headaches.

Outpost Print Co
United States
7 months using the app
January 21, 2021

We are so excited that we have finally found the answer to our inventory nightmare. All we wanted was something simple and user friendly... We found it! We love Cohub and the customer service team is AMAZING!!!!!!!

United States
6 months using the app
January 10, 2022

We used this app for the first time of our yearly full count and the experience was just perfect. During the process we made a mistake, the count was abandoned but support restored it and saved due to that hours of our work. Outstanding! We keep using the app and highly recommend giving it a try.

N°129 concept store
5 months using the app
August 18, 2020

The Cohub inventory app is an absolute game changer for doing inventory in Shopify. We have 5 brick and mortar women's fashion and apparel locations as well as Ecom. We do stock take/store inventory monthly.

We searched through all of the inventory management and stock taking apps and tested several. Cohub by far is the most seamless, easy to use and has a few must have features that provide a ton of value, that to my knowledge do not exist with the other apps.

My favorite feature of the app is the ability to use Cohub's iphone app to make taking inventory fast and efficient. It allows multiple users to use their iphone to scan barcodes of products and add counts on the fly. You can do everything from counting, saving and finalizing the inventory count right on the app. All one has to do is have the app on their phone.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to do an inventory count while simultaneously open for business and actively selling. No more waiting until close to do a count.

I can't recommend this app enough. Thanks for creating a true solution in Shopify!

Molly Green
United States
About 1 month using the app
January 19, 2021

I had to leave another review actually!! Just to thank for AWESOME support!!!

Olivias Drøm
16 days using the app
January 12, 2022

What a time saver! We installed the scanner app on our store iPhone and the owner's iPhone and scanned away. Pulled reports for scanned and unscanned items from Cohub and adjusted accordingly for a perfect inventory count in FAR LESS TIME than ever before. Immediate had to tell all of our friends about this app. Highly recommend!

Heritage Co.
United States
14 days using the app
January 5, 2023

Very good working app. I never was able to get my inventory so fast than with this app.

There are 4 small improvements i think would be good for even faster counting:

1. Be able to find products with the search function in the app with brand names. Now it is only possible with exact product name, barcode or SKU

2. Be able to add a barcode to a product if the mobile app is not able to find it (maybe not easy to provide)

3. Be able in the mobile app to search for a product in the counted page to see how much was counted.

4. Be able to sort counted products in the desktop app to see wich products have the biggest difference between counted stock and active shopify stock.

6 days using the app
Cohub LLC replied January 7, 2023

Greetings Pelletgrill,

Glad to hear the app is working well for you. And, thank you for your suggested improvements. Actual user feedback is the best feedback.

I’ll contact you directly, if you don’t mind, to learn more about your suggestions. As you mentioned parenthetically, some of these are more complex than they first appear and it would be useful for us to have a thorough understanding.



September 11, 2020

We just finished our best inventory experience ever! The whole team was able to use their phones and complete the job in a fraction of the time it used to take us. The video instructions were easy to follow, and we were even able to get help within minutes when we needed it! We will 100% be using this for every inventory in the future. Over and over again we all kept saying, "holy cow - this thing is amazing!" Thanks for a great app!

SqFt Decatur
United States
4 days using the app
January 6, 2023

Deleted the app after I repeatedly was unable to download a spreadsheet of our inventory. Wanted this app to use for our manual inventory count that we do annually. Right at the start the download information appeared rather quickly however when I needed to download everything so I could view the report and compare this information to the information in Shopify, I could not. I needed this to start and again later after we completed the scanning. I wasn’t able to do this as the system was only providing me with a download of a statement regarding their auto pay charge for the app. Time is of the essence and not having support available to assist on the weekends and/or after “banking office” hours is not beneficial for us as a small business. We work many hours behind the scenes and counting inventory after business hours when there is no customer traffic. Unfortunately not having support available to help when we are actually trying to use their software was problematic. It is unfortunate because I really wanted it to work and had high hopes for the possibility of what this software could do.

Goodman's Interiors & Antiques
United States
5 days using the app
Cohub LLC replied January 7, 2023

Our apologies for taking 32 minutes to respond to the support request. 

A complicating factor in this particular case was that the app was uninstalled 3 minutes after the support request was sent. While I’d love to be able to respond in under 3 minutes, I doubt such a standard is possible given the time it takes to read a request, gather information about the situation, consider a solution, and then write a response. 

For the report requested, I’m not sure why a statement about app fees would have been substituted. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing happening. One possibility that comes to mind — we display a message auto-pay being disabled when the app is uninstalled. 

I’m thinking you may have been looking for a report regarding a count session, which is what most of our users need. To see this information, there first needs to be a finished count session on which to report. In this case, there was only one open count session, with only one counted item, and the count was never finished.

You mentioned having to count after-hours when there is no customer traffic. With Cohub inventory’s “mid-count adjustment” feature, you can perform a count at any time. There is no need to bring in after-hours staff or close the business.

All of us at Cohub have years of inventory experience, including retail, and it was unacceptable to us that a business should close or incur unnecessary expense just to know what’s actually sitting on the shelves.

The mid-count adjustment system tracks outside transactions that will affect items you are counting, sales transactions being the most common. When the count is finished, we present you with a list of these mid-count adjustments for you to accept or reject. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to count with minimal impact on your operations. 

I’d love for you to give the app another go. If you do, please take a few moments to watch our Quick Start video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMguI_QfGGU


It’s a short 8-minute overview of how our app works, the philosophy behind it, tips for making counting more productive, and how to use data from the app to investigate counts that aren’t what you expected.

I wish you the best with your inventory counting, however you choose to proceed.