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Collection Import/Export by Aperitive

Collection Import/Export by Aperitive

Developed by Aperitive

8 reviews
Price: Free – $19.99 / month More info
  • One click import scripts - Create collections from all your Vendors or product Types automatically
  • Real CSV Export and Import in the same format for Backups and Rapid collection creation
  • Built in Reverse action to undo any changes you have made using our app

Collection Import/Export by Aperitive.io provides the missing feature of importing and exporting your collections in bulk, coupled with some handy scripts for quickly generating Smart collections for all your Vendors and product Types.


Our support is always here to help and if given the chance will resolve any issue you face.

In response to Stancedimports review:

1. Import CSV feature will not work if you are on the BASIC PLAN, you must be on the PRO PLAN

2. It is not possible to process a 1.2gb csv file. Please ensure your CSV file doesn't exceed 1000 rows. If you need to import more than 1000 rows it is necessary to split your file into multiple CSV's, similar to Shopify's product import.

If you face any difficulty or limitation please reach out to us and we will gladly assist.



New store builds - Import collections rapidly

Agencies - use for new client stores

Efficient collection management - Get an overview of your collections in csv format.



★ FREE TRIAL - Limited to importing 5 collections per script action★

    We have put a limit allowing only 5 collections to created in the trial version per import script. This is so you can get an idea for if the app will be right for you. We've also included a roll back feature for each function so you can remove the collections created by our app.

    ★ Full version features - Unlimited collections★ 

    BASIC PLAN - $14.99 one time cost

    • Import Vendors as collections

    • Import product Types as collections

    PRO PLAN - $19.99/mo (Includes BASIC PLAN features)

    • Import manual collections

    • Import smart collections

    • Import conditions

    • Export collections

    • Import/Export in same format

    • Undo/Delete collections imported by app

    ★ Please note we offer a free LIMITED trial - Only 5 collections can be created per import script on the free version. ★

    Upon installing the app, you will be presented with a dashboard which lists all your collections. Navigate to the functions tab and test how each one works. 

    If you think our app will be useful please upgrade to either BASIC or PRO to unlock unlimited collections. 


    About Aperitive

    Aperitive is a web agency specializing in Shopify design/development and Shopify apps. If you have any custom app, design or development requirements please contact us.

    Collection Import/Export by Aperitive reviews

    8 reviews
    1. 5 stars (5 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (1 review)
    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    The admin was supportive but the app didn't work on my shop


    Does not import or export for me and i have been billed twice.

    Not happy


    Works well even with large number of vendors and tags ( i have over 30k ) its an integral part of adding new products and collection for very large stores, recommend 100%


    would stay away from using this app unless you have very few collections that need to be added... like 5 at a time lol i tried using this app to import 24,000 collections and get support from the developer they ignored my requests and i am now stuck with the basic plan charge that i will be charging back because the app does not work,


    This helped us a lot and saved so much time! Well done guys!


    This app saved us hours of tedious data entry with just a few clicks! The fastest way to turn hundreds of vendors into collections for a brand list page (which Aperitive does a great job at as well!).

    Well done Aperitive!


    Excellent app! If you need to import your collections or quickly create them from your product information, this app will do it. Fantastic support from the devs!


    Absolutely amazing! It created all my collections from my product types and vendors with one click and saved me tonnes of time! Highly recommended!

    Free – $19.99 / month

    FREE Trial - Limited to 5 collection creations
    Basic - $14.99 (One-time fee) - Generate Collections from Type & Vendor
    Pro - $19.99/mo - Basic features + Import/Export Collections

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