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November 29, 2023

Our company attempted to import 216 collections using "AP: Collection Import/Export". Although the import seemed to proceed without errors, only one collection remained in the end. The disappearance of the other collections is a major mystery to us. Moreover, we sent multiple emails to various email addresses of their customer service, but received no response whatsoever. This combination of technical issues and a lack of customer support makes this service highly unreliable in our view, leading us to not recommend it.

14 days using the app
Aperitive replied November 30, 2023


We replied to you and mentioned that your file format is wrong and you didn’t follow the documentation.

Please could you respond to our email so we can connect on a Google meet and help you through it.

Kind regards

The Aperitive team.

December 12, 2022

WARNING: This App does not work. Export files are blank or contain little data, does not export everything.

United States
8 months using the app
Aperitive replied December 12, 2022

UPDATE: We have performed some additional testing and can confirm the app is working as it should https://youtu.be/PlMFcTrc9TA

Hey, sorry you faced an issue. Our app is working and we have again tested it. There is a free trial you can test the app before upgrading. If you can share more details of what you did we can guide you. We replied to your chat request and email but haven’t heard back. The 1 star review is a little harsh. Thanks.

Edited January 4, 2018

would stay away from using this app unless you have very few collections that need to be added... like 5 at a time lol i tried using this app to import 24,000 collections and get support from the developer they ignored my requests and i am now stuck with the basic plan charge that i will be charging back because the app does not work,

17 days using the app
March 28, 2018

Does not import or export for me and i have been billed twice.

Not happy

Mad Distribution
United Kingdom
12 days using the app
Edited December 2, 2020

I tried reaching you guys, you never got back to me. Listen, in today's world, you will not survive without customer service. If you guys don't care to reply to me (it's already a week gone by) after I upgraded to the premium plan for $19.99/month and you don't even have the courtesy to answer my question regarding your app, you can have a nice day. I'm unsubscribing now and deleting your app. When I downloaded your app, you were at 4.2 stars, now you're at 3.9 stars (in overall ratings). You're keep dropping and getting 1 star reviews if you don't reply to your customers.

The Frum Shopping Mall
United States
6 days using the app
Aperitive replied December 2, 2020

Apologies, we missed your email during the busy period of Black Friday. Yes the app can import 'Sort Orders' of collections in bulk.

Here is how you can get the sort order values https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nG6x-sJvpHPS2HoSnxPKxU9oFF2lP39n/view

You asked:

"Hi, I just downloaded your app and upgraded to the paid plan. By default, all shopify collections are sorted by best selling. Is there a way for me to bulk edit the collections by changing the default sorting option from best selling to date (newest first)? On an individual basis, I know how to change that via the regular shopify collection settings. But being that I have over 100 collections, I want to make this change in bulk, to save me time. If I understand correctly, this is precisely what your app features allow me to do - is my understanding correct? If yes, can you please advise me step by step how to do it? Thank you, Abe

April 9, 2019

don‘t use this app. Completely waste of money. it won't import the product list of the collection if the products were manually selected.

4 days using the app
Aperitive replied April 10, 2019

Hi, that is quite misleading to other users as the app clearly states it is for importing and exporting collections, not products. If your collections are automatic containing rules, these can be imported. The purpose of the app is to save time creating / updating collections and to get an overview. Our app has helped hundreds of stores create collections fast. We also offer customer support to answer any queries but unfortunately you did not reach out to us.

April 14, 2022

Downloaded the app to create a bunch of collections. I uploaded an import file and it is stuck for many hours. I can not cancel the job and no one in support is answering. Time to find a different app.

United States
2 days using the app
Aperitive replied April 14, 2022

Hi. Apologies, we resolved the stuck process. If you try again now it will work. We are sending you an email.

Edited November 23, 2019

looked at the reviews and decided to weed out the ones that didn't look like it applied to this app and figured that this app had potential to make my life easier. I installed around noon and did an export of all of my collections. Then I went to make my first import of collections. Which I had an error and the app told me so. I corrected my error in my upload and resubmitted it. The app said that it uploaded and I would get a response in my email. About an hour went by and I didn't receive anything so I attempted the upload again. Inside of the app there is a Chat Support that stated that it was online and they typically respond within a few minutes. But, After a few hours of waiting I gave up and decided to do all of my collections manually. I then get an email 10 hours after my initial upload saying that my collections have successfully import. Well that would of been ok, but I made significant changes to my collections that I manually created and it wiped out all of my work. I am very unhappy with this app and DO NOT recommend it to anyone.

In response to the developer's response, my import was properly formatted and it did work, but it worked many hours after I submitted and multiple times. in this screen shot you can see the successful import message I got from their app which caused chaos in our store. https://i.imgur.com/KKGTVb5.png

Fix my Toys
United States
About 19 hours using the app
Aperitive replied November 23, 2019

The import will not work if your file format is incorrect. Please verify that the headers match the template we provide by uploading your import file to Google sheets.

Thousands of stores successfully use our app as it saves a tonne of time.