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Collection Manager

Collection Manager

Developed by Innovanet Solutions Inc.

5 reviews
Price: $4.65 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • SAVE TIME by keeping manual sort orders intact when duplicating custom and smart collections
  • GET MORE DONE by quickly dragging products between custom collections, sorting multiple products at once, or sorting numerically
  • OPTIMIZE collections by exporting and then importing product numeric sort orders using Excel and CSV

*** New Features ***

We're always releasing new features!

Export and import the product sort order for any collection using Excel and CSV.

Change the display while sorting to customize the product view.

Remove multiple products from collections while sorting by right-clicking and choosing "Remove from collection".

Speed up product sorting within your collections using the new numeric sort.

Combine multiple Smart collections into a single new Smart collection with only the rules you need.

Group products together quickly while sorting using the multi-sort feature!

Increase Productivity

Collection Manager is a productivity app. intended to help you efficiently manage your collections and most importantly, save time!. It will continue to evolve over time to include several collection management tools. You can also make a feature request right within the app. at any time and we'll consider it for a future release!

Intelligent Collection Duplication

Collection Manager doesn't just copy collections, it also makes sure that manual sort orders stay intact. This means that the sort order of the duplicate will be exactly the same as the collection you're copying. No more wasting time trying to re-sort after a copy. This works for both Custom and Smart Collections!

Transfer Products

Want to quickly move a product from one custom collection to another? Collection Manager allows you to quickly drag and drop products between custom collections! Just select two custom collections, click "Compare", and start moving products between them!

Compare Smart Collections

Quickly view and compare rules between two Smart collections. This allows you to optimize them and prevent duplicates.

Simplified Product Re-sorting

Re-sort your products using the large grid view which is more intuitive. You'll also be able to move products between collections while sorting them. Just another way to save time.

Multi-Sort Products

The multi-sort feature allows you to select multiple products at once using a select box or Control+Click. You can then drag those products together to a new position within the collection. Choose similar products and sort them all at once!

Numeric Sort

This feature will let you sort your products by quickly numbering them.
You can use this to set any sort order you wish simply by changing the numeric order of the products in your custom or smart collection.

You can also export the numeric sort order of the products in any collection to Excel or CSV. Change their position, and then re-import them back into the collection for super quick sorting while you leverage the power of Excel.

More to come...

Collection Manager will continue to receive feature enhancements over time with new features being added all the time. Feature requests can be made directly within the app. Go ahead and give it a try and start saving time today!

*** This app is partner-friendly ***

Collection Manager reviews

5 reviews
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We have over a thousand collections that needed to be sort manually by SKU. Unfortunately, sorting by SKU is not natively supported by Shopify so we had to resort to manually sorting our collections. By using this app and its Excel download/upload feature, we were able to cut our manual sort workflow by almost 5 minutes per collection


This app is a lifesaver. Makes ordering the collections so much faster and easier, and is even fun to use. Don't know what I'd do without it.


This App is amazing! We have hundreds of products per collection and only show a limited number at a time and this app saves us sooooo much time dragging and dropping, moving items to the beginning with one click, or moving to the end. This is a must have. Love it! So glad we found this app. See it on our store here: www.rareform.com - no joke, is a lifesaver for us.


its an ok app if you just want to sort your product in an almost comfortable way.
the images are too small, and its not real page display format, its just on its own format...


Great app. Makes the sorting of products easy by Dragging the photos in the full screen mode. Great if you have lots of products to sort.
They provide support instantly on email.

$4.65 / month
7 days

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