Connected Inventory

Connected Inventory

by InsCoder Limited

Maintain same inventory quantity across product and variant

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Time saver

Never waste your time again manually tracking and copying over the inventory quantity from one product to another.

Real time inventory solution

Linked up inventory to increase sales revenue and customer confidence with up to date inventory quantity 24x7.

Suits Ticket | Bundle | Unisex

A MUST HAVE premium app if you are selling ☑collections, ☑bundles, ☑different variations of products that consume one physical quantity. Eg

About Connected Inventory

Works Best

Selling Tickets, Spaces, Unisex clothing, Variants that consumes the same base quantity

Selling Bundles. For example, selling 1 Camera Kit and reduces the inventory quantity of Camera by 1, Lenses by 2, and Tripod by 1.

Selling one pricing for retail and a different pricing for wholesale that consumes the same product inventory.

Shopify doesn't have an option to share inventory among variants and this APP is created to fill the gap.

What it does?

This APP monitors for inventory changes and brings over the change to all other products or variants within a connected group.

You can create Bundles.

You can create a Manual connected group or a Smart connected group

A manual connected group includes the specific products or variants that you choose. The group will always contain the same products or variants unless you add or remove them.

A Smart connected group is a grouping of products or variants defined by the same SKU. The app automatically creates the group based on the SKU.

How does it work?

It all happens automatically in the background so you don't have to manually sync your inventory quantity. Just Sit back and let the APP do all the hard work for you.

It works this way:

  • When your customers have made a purchase, the inventory of every other item within the bundle will be automatically reduced.

  • If you issued a refund, the inventory will be automatically increased.

In addition, the app also allows you to easily bulk edit the inventory of all products and variants within the same bundle.

Let the app do the inventory calculation in the background and you can better spend your time on selling your products.

It is going to be very helpful if your shop:

  • Has several variants of a product such that selling/restock of one variant should decrease/increase the inventory quantity of all other variants.
  • Has multiple products that shares the same inventory
  • Wants the inventory changes of one product to automatically get synchronized to other products (be it related or totally unrelated, its your call).
  • Selling tickets: you may have different ticket prices (adult / child) but each take up one seat.
  • Selling variations of products (like Jewellery, computer, clothings) that consumes the same physical quantity.

By all means, send us an email before you make the purchase. We can help to do an assessment whether our product is a good fit.

Getting Started

Go to Shopify admin and update two (or more) products by giving them the same SKU. That's it. The APP will handle the rest to keep their inventory in sync.

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Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 6 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Generation YES

This is a great little app and works like a charm. Billy was also suuuuper fast in answering all the questions we had.


I used this app to keep track of composite items. We have things set up where two different listings are actually sharing an inventory, and so when a customer is buying one of them, the inventory on the other listing needs to go down as well. This needs to happen on returned items as well; if one listing is restocked, the other listing needs to have its inventory adjusted as well. On our preliminary testings, it seems to accomplish what we need to do. Ultimately, only time can tell whether it really works as different scenarios arise. So far, no problem whatsoever.

Just recently, we received an email asking us to delete the app and reinstall since there were changes in the Shopify API. In the email, they assured that things in the database would not be lost and we would not need to set things up again. It required some communication with the dev back and forth, but eventually things are back to how it was. We are very happy with the dev team replying and working on our case immediately. We will be updating this review as the time goes; but right now, we are happy with this app.

Blue Bear Aware

This app is definitely a step in the right direction for a bundle capability that seems to be currently missing in Shopify. We may continue to use with smaller inventory items for now but f it proves to be more work than benefit, we will remove it again and resort to manual inventory syncing until Shopify has a better solution in place. An example of a scenario where Connected Inventory did NOT work for us is below. In those examples, each of the cases in the group were also reduced by 1 each time a purchase was made even if the case selected was a different color. Connected Inventory simply reduces items within the group by 1 with each purchase, regardless of which combination.

Each case gets a belt automtically. It's just up to the customer to select which belt size they want. We do not limit the belts to specific cases. I actually have as many as 10 different style cases that all can use the the same belt size. I do need all cases tied to the same belt size because once there is a small number of belts left, each case becomes limited by the number of cases. If I get more technical - It's almost like the belts are the parent and the cases are children. The children control their own inventory until they are limited by parent number.

Let me try several different scenarios Inventory 15 Small Belts 1 Gold Case 3 Pink Cases 10 Purple Cases 5 Blue Cases

Person A buys 1 Gold Case with 1 Small Belt. Inventory is now 14 Small Belts 0 Gold Case 3 Pink Cases 10 Purple Cases 5 Blue Cases

Person B buys just a belt because they need a different size. Inventory is now 13 Small Belts 0 Gold Case 3 Pink Cases 10 Purple Cases 5 Blue Cases

Person C is a club with 10 girls and they want all the Purple Cases so they buy all 10 but they choose 9 Small Belts and 1 Medium Belt. (I would also set up a group for Medium Belts & Cases.) Inventory is now 4 Small Belts 0 Gold Case 3 Pink Cases 0 Purple Cases 4 Blue Cases <- In this scenario, we are now limited by the number of belts so even though we technically have 5 Blue Cases in stock, we cannot selt them all with Small Belts because we only have 4 Small Belts, now. This is when your app can start reducing the number of cases whenever a related belt is purchased.

Person D wants to buy 2 Pink Cases, each with 1 Small Belt. Inventory is now 2 Small Belts 0 Gold Case 1 Pink Cases 0 Purple Cases 2 Blue Cases <- Again, this is when it is okay to reduce the inventory on the case whenver a related belt is purchased.