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Connected Inventory - Sync inventory of multiple products

Connected Inventory - Sync inventory of multiple products

Developed by InsCoder Limited

3 reviews
Price: Free – $8.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Never waste your time again manually tracking and copying over the inventory quantity from one product to another. Keep the inventories of each product and variants within the group in sync.
  • Linked up inventory to increase sales revenue and customer confidence with up to date inventory quantity 24x7.
  • A MUST HAVE premium app if you are selling ☑unisex products ☑collections, ☑bundles, ☑different variations of products that consume one physical quantity. For example: Products with different ticket prices but each take up one seat.

Works Best

Selling Tickets, Spaces, Unisex clothings, Variants that consumes the same base quantity

★★★ Shopify doesn't have an option to share inventory among variant and this APP is created to fill the gap.★★★

What it does?

This APP monitors for inventory changes and bring over the change to all other products or variants within a connected group

You can create a Manual connected group or a Smart connected group

A manual connected group includes the specific products or variants that you choose. The group will always contain the same products or variants unless you add or remove them.

A Smart connected group is a grouping of products or variants defined by the same SKU. The app automatically creates the group based on the SKU.

How it works?

It all happens automatically in the background so you don't have to manually sync your inventory quantity. Just Sit back and let the APP do all the hard work for you.

It works this way:

- When your customers made a purchase, the inventory of every other items within the bundle will be automatically reduced.

- If you issued a refund, the inventory will be automatically increased.

In addition, the app also allows you to easily bulk edit the inventory of all products and variants within the same bundle.

Let the app does the inventory calculation in the background and you can better spend your time on selling your products.

    It is going to be very helpful if your shop:
  • has several variants of a product such that selling/restock of one variant should decrease/increase the inventory quantity of all other variants.
  • has multiple products that shares the same inventory
  • wants the inventory changes of one product automatically gets synchronized to other products (be it related or totally unrelated, its your call).
  • selling tickets: you may have different ticket prices (adult / child) but each take up one seat.
  • selling variations of products (like Jewellery, computer, clothings) that consumes the same physical quantity.

★★★ You can send us an email before you make the purchase. We can help to do an assessment whether our product is a good fit. ★★★

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Connected Inventory - Sync inventory of multiple products reviews

3 reviews
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Great little App works straight of the box with no hassle, and the support is pretty good too. If you need to keep your inventory is sync across multiple variants this is the App for you.


This is exactly what i needed for my complex sets that use the majority of the same parts, but have customize-able addons. I am able to give a main set an sku number and then all the customized addons will also deplete the main set so i dont have to give EACH CUSTOM OPTION their own inventory. I love this app.


Does exactly what we need it to do. We tried SimpleSync before this and it did not work (for reasons the developer of the app could not determine). Connected Inventory worked "right out the box". We are very happy.

Free – $8.99 / month

★★★ FREE FOR 5 DAYS ★★★

5 days

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