Connected Inventory

Connected Inventory

by InsCoder Limited

Sync inventory quantity across product and variant

4.8 of 5 stars(20 reviews)

Time saver

Never waste your time again manually tracking and copying over the inventory quantity from one product to another.

Real time inventory solution

Linked up inventory to increase sales revenue and customer confidence with up to date inventory quantity 24x7.

Suits Ticket | Bundle | Unisex

A MUST HAVE premium app if you are selling ☑collections, ☑bundles, ☑different variations of products that consume one physical quantity. Eg

About Connected Inventory

Works Best

Selling Tickets, Spaces, Unisex clothing, Variants that consumes the same base quantity

Selling Bundles. For example, selling 1 Camera Kit and reduces the inventory quantity of Camera by 1, Lenses by 2, and Tripod by 1.

Selling one pricing for retail and a different pricing for wholesale that consumes the same product inventory.

Shopify doesn't have an option to share inventory among variants and this APP is created to fill the gap.

What it does?

This APP monitors for inventory changes and brings over the change to all other products or variants within a connected group.

You can create Bundles.

You can create a Manual connected group or a Smart connected group

A manual connected group includes the specific products or variants that you choose. The group will always contain the same products or variants unless you add or remove them.

A Smart connected group is a grouping of products or variants defined by the same SKU. The app automatically creates the group based on the SKU.

How does it work?

It all happens automatically in the background so you don't have to manually sync your inventory quantity. Just Sit back and let the APP do all the hard work for you.

It works this way:

  • When your customers have made a purchase, the inventory of every other item within the bundle will be automatically reduced.

  • If you issued a refund, the inventory will be automatically increased.

In addition, the app also allows you to easily bulk edit the inventory of all products and variants within the same bundle.

Let the app do the inventory calculation in the background and you can better spend your time on selling your products.

It is going to be very helpful if your shop:

  • Has several variants of a product such that selling/restock of one variant should decrease/increase the inventory quantity of all other variants.
  • Has multiple products that shares the same inventory
  • Wants the inventory changes of one product to automatically get synchronized to other products (be it related or totally unrelated, its your call).
  • Selling tickets: you may have different ticket prices (adult / child) but each take up one seat.
  • Selling variations of products (like Jewellery, computer, clothings) that consumes the same physical quantity.

By all means, send us an email before you make the purchase. We can help to do an assessment whether our product is a good fit.

Getting Started

Go to Shopify admin and update two (or more) products by giving them the same SKU. That's it. The APP will handle the rest to keep their inventory in sync.

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Pricing 7-day free trial


* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 20 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Just wanted to give a little feedback for your Connected Inventory app. First off, LOVE the app and the fact you guys added a Bundles feature. We were using a separate app to keep our bundled products inventory syncing, and using your app for similar SKUd products. Now we are using just Connected Inventory to do all of this. Our store works all around the principle of bundles and so this is very crucial for us.

My only NEGATIVE feedback is the “Disable” button on all the pages of your app. We had taken quite some time to build up many bundles and accidentally clicked the disable button instead of “Create New Bundle group” and BOOM…. All that work gone instantly. I would recommend making that button on the settings page for all widgets, or at least much smaller and a red color perhaps, as well as having a secondary pop up that confirms the Disabling (Are you SURE you want to disable?). This, or at least offer an autosave feature so that when you re-enable the widget, all of your previous bundles are still there.

We are in the process of building well over 50+ bundles and if that happens again, I will most likely have to switch apps because of how easy it is to completely erase all progress made by complete accident. Other than that, this app is incredible! Oh, and maybe even adding a "Duplicate Bundle" feature would be a HUGE time saver for building multiple bundle with similar products just one variant changed.

Litton Co.

I do Embroidery and kept overselling products because of how i needed shopify to track my products, it simply didnt work that way. After much looking and trying apps Connected Inventory did exactly what i needed it to do! I needed tech help to get me up and going because lets get real, im a creative not a tech person. Cesar was able to show me what i needed to do and how to work the app! Im super happy with the app and the support i received. I highly recommend!

NYON® by Knowlita

Works as described and intended. Billy on their team was also super helpful throughout the setup process. Great service. Definitely recommend!