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Edited December 23, 2023

This app has potential, but they haven't built out reliable infrastructure. The user interface has several "wonky" issues, like when using the reports, they don't have a drop down menu for "last week" "last year" "year to date" etc - just a cumbersome slider of calendars to use (if you want to look years ago, you need to slide through months and months and months). Another example is when you are entering raw materials used in a manufacture, the quantities will somehow automatically snap to a recent number used. This makes no sense - the whole idea is that I am recording the exact weight in a raw material. There are many more little bugs like this.

There are also unplanned outages way too often. It's very hard to pay this much when a wholesaler of mine needs a shipment and my manufacturing software is down without notice. (My bill tripled this year - will they price hike again, trapping businesses during their busiest time of year?)

The headaches maybe used to be worth the lower fees, but with the new pricing, do yourself a favor and look into other more reliable options. (Also - they let us know they are raising prices in order to be able to offer more functionality... in the future... and to the higher level plans. Why are current customers expected to pay for future functionality - and they've been promising functionality for years. It comes very slowly if at all for the affordable plans.) The customer service - and customer appreciation - is abysmal. I wish that weren't the case. Like I said, I want to like this app. But it's hard to stand behind a company who doesn't value its customers.

****Update: Due to this review, the founder emailed and gave me ZERO business days notice before deleting five years of my data. Luckily, I already migrated to a new system due to the above concerns, but I would hate a small business to be left without their data. (You will notice a similar pattern of vindictive behavior in the comments of poor reviews, making exaggerated claims about FB posts. I have posted concerns over loss of functionality on the FB page and they were quickly removed and no one from customer service reached out.)

Zoopitee Herbals
United States
12 months using the app
Craftybase replied December 29, 2023

We thank you for this feedback regarding the functions of the software. We're always happy to hear these valuable observations from our customers!

Regarding the price increase, we've been transparent in our communications over the past year with the price increase and had kept you on our legacy pricing for as long as we could.

While there were a few short outages this past year that were out of our control, we readily admit there was an instance that was the result of us making planned updates to our server infrastructure that ran longer than expected. This should have been more effectively communicated with our customers - that's on us. We have since updated our servers and backend infrastructure and will be more transparent about planned outages in the future.

We reserve the right to keep the communications in our Facebook group focused on the use of our software, so that it can stand as constructive resource for fellow customers wanting to learn from other Craftybase subscribers. If one has any issues with their subscription with us, we always encourage them to contact us directly. This ensures that feedback goes through the proper channels and is heard and taken action on by our team.

Your data is still available and has not been deleted. If you need any further assistance with getting your data out of your Craftybase account, we're more than happy to help!

September 5, 2023

I began with Craftybase in January 2021. I wanted an updated and more efficient web-based system to track inventory and sales. I liked that it imported sales from Shopify every morning. Previously, I had to do that manually.

Once I got into using it, I started seeing several issues. As a soap and cosmetic maker, I follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), so lot and batch tracking is imperative. In order to use lot tracking, I had to pay for the highest tier subscription only to learn that CB doesn't track quantities of each lot and doesn't use the "first in, first out" practice of using older materials first. When creating a batch of a product, I need to manually select the lot number I used. This wasn't worthy of the higher tier price. In addition to this, Craftybase's servers continually had issues with lagging and not syncing. Thinking I didn't commit changes, I would repeat the steps. Once the servers did catch up, I had to go back and undo all the repeat changes I made.

Over the 2.5 years, I continued to use Craftybase, I asked for features and fixes for GMP and other simple requests, but none were ever addressed. The final straw happened in July when I received an email announcing a price increase. I was currently paying $34.99/mo, but come September 1st, it would increase to $79.00/mo!! There were no improvements or new features except adding sales channels for other customers, and they more than doubled my monthly subscription fee.

I'm currently seeking out another system that works the way manufacturers work and looking forward to ending the relationship with Craftybase. I do NOT recommend this system.

Soap A GoGo
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Craftybase replied September 8, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to write a review about your experience with Craftybase. We understand that lot and batch tracking is highly important for soap and cosmetic makers, and while we do offer extensive GMP features like batch, lot, and expiry date tracking, we do not yet offer the ability to individually track stock levels per lot. We do have this on our roadmap and hope to have it available in the near future.

As our system is a perpetual inventory application, we use a rolling weighted averaging cost method of calculating stock and costings - this is a standard way of calculating inventory across a range of manufacturing businesses and is fully GAAP compliant.

We understand the frustrations around having calculations be slower than expected at peak times - we are continuously upgrading and improving our systems to cope with the increasing demand. We have also released many new features and enhancements during the three years you have been with us - apologies that most of these features were not ones you personally requested.

We know that any price increase is unwelcome, and we wanted to let you know that it was done with the intention of providing new features and improvements for all our customers. We tried our best to communicate the changes well in advance to ensure everyone was informed and prepared for the realignment, particularly for long-standing customers like yourself.

We understand if these changes now put Craftybase out of your immediate budget, and we appreciate that you have shared your feedback about Craftybase. We do hope to see you back when we are a better fit for your needs.

Thank you again for your honest review, and we wish you all the best.

Edited February 7, 2023

Support is poor, app is broken as often as it’s functional. And they delete conversational / evaluation posts in their Facebook group (which was only asking customers for their input to help me evaluate)

Actions of developers has REALLY put me off

I tried my best to use this software - but it was broken as often as it was functional. I manually updated recipes and spent a lot of time trying to add my data. But then figured out that in order to support bundles being sold (who doesn’t bundle their products these days) I would have to go back and recreate everything as a “component”. After manually adding the first recipe, I started on the second and couldn’t copy. I wasn’t going to manually imput every recipe ingredient I have.

I emailed support for help.
After they didn’t respond within a few days I found their Facebook group and asked for help within it.

A couple other customers also started to give their (not so glowing) feedback on how it works, at which point they immediately deleted the post.

Their comment below is more BS - clearly they don’t know how to look after customers. Run!

The Black Stuff
20 days using the app
Craftybase replied February 7, 2023

To anyone looking at this review, it's important to note that this customer indicated to our support team that they would be giving us poor ratings in retaliation for an inflammatory comment being removed from a Facebook group, and this is not a fair or accurate review of our product and our service.

"Admins deleting posts like my last one asking for advice from customers will 100% lead to negative 1 star reviews from me accross[sic] the board."

As we have discussed with you via support, we're really sorry you had a rocky start with your trial period - for the couple of days that you were trialing our product, we had some server issues that have now been fully resolved. We were fully in communication with our customers about how the fixes were progressing, which was as much as we could do in this situation.

Our small technical issue is far from representative of our product's quality - we have been in business serving small makers for 12 years now and have many happy customers.