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Discount & Sales Scheduler

Discount & Sales Scheduler

Developed by SpurIT

Price: Free – $18.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Schedule discounts for bulk-selected products or collections for a specified time.
  • Add special Sale labels to product images and make them more perceivable.
  • Save time by running sales for weekends and holidays with just a few clicks.

         Must Have apps for effective Sales/Promotions:
                  Upsell Bundles and Unlimited Upsell

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How it works

Creating a sale is easy.

  • Just select some products or collections from a list.

  • Specify the discount (percentage or a fixed amount).

  • Setup the start and end of the sale.

  • That’s all. Once the sale is over, the app automatically removes the discount prices from your store and returns the products to their original prices.

The app automatically creates and displays discount prices during the sale period, with original prices displayed and crossed out to show they were reduced.

Add a Sale Badge to Discounted Products

  • Select a Sale icon with a customizable text and add it to your products.

  • You can also upload your own icon and specify a text for it.

  • No need to pay for a separate Sale Icons app.

No Theme Modification

The app doesn't require any manual modifications of your theme during the installation process!

Stopping or Pausing the Sale

You can stop the sale at any time if you change your mind.

Save Time by 85% on setting up sales

Instead of manually going through each product and editing its price, you can now quickly select them in bulk and add a bulk discount.


No more coupons required to start your promotions and sales!




Upsell Bundles - sell "Packages" or "Sets" with a discount. When viewing a product, customers will see bundled relevant products next to it with a discount applied.

Unlimited Upsell - Buy X Get Y. Offer customers to buy additional products based on the cart content.

In Stock Reminder - Back in Stock alerts. If a product is out of stock, your customers will receive an email when it’s back.

Crowdfunding Manager - use for Pre-orders & Donations. Instead of “Buy”, let customers “Fund” a product, and display the raised amount.

Countdown Timer (★ FREE APP ★). If you're running Sales, place a flipping Timer on top of the page, demonstrating the approaching sale end.

Pre-Order Manager (★ FREE APP ★). Customers will be able to pre order out of stock products.

Upsell Motivator - Free Shipping Bar (★ FREE APP ★). Display static or dynamic information in a bar that can change based on cart content.

Upsell on Exit / Visit - Popup & Exit Offers | Coupon Box (★ FREE APP ★). Show a popup with some info to a client leaving your store or visiting it for the first time.

Upsell by Email - Thank-you & Follow-up upsell Email (★ FREE APP ★). After a purchase, email the customer relevant products.

Discount Reminder - Notify Users about Discounts (★ FREE APP ★). Your customers will receive an email when a product price is reduced.



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Enjoy the app! And email us if you need custom programming or design creation for Shopify stores!

Discount & Sales Scheduler reviews (20)


I use this App to schedule sales. What a great App and it's very easy to use.




Great app! Easy to use!


The best app ever!


We like this app. Quick and easy to set up discount/sales and saves us time. We love that you can schedule when to launch and finish the sale and the app does it automatically.


Great app


I have tried every discount app in the Shopify store (except the one from Bold because it is too expensive) and this is the BEST ONE. The other ones do have great customer support but their app is a lot of work to set up and can take too much time.

This app has the easiest setup process (though not perfect it is the best in the Shopify store).

I have over 800 brands in my store and about 80 or so brands go on sale every single month, that requires a lot of investment in setting up sales and this app has made it a lo easier.

The only thing I wish they had was weekend support but what do you expect for less than $10 per month.

Overall - I am very happy with this app and I am currently using it.

PS: If you are using some app to automate your inventory (daily price updates) note that NONE of these apps will work; I learned the hard way. Ensure that you have apps like Inventory Source stop pricing updates so that your sale won't get overwritten.


Great app


In theory this is a very good app, in reality not so much. It is far to slow. It took half a day to put the sale in place, we scheduled it to finish in the middle of the night but over 3/4 of the store was still on sale late afternoon the following day!

If the slowness problems could be fixed it would be a fantastic app. Until then I'm not sure it's worth the monthly added cost to the already growing costs of having a Shopify store.


Simple, easy to use. Works like a charm. Happy we have it!

Free – $18.95 / month
7 days

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