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36 reviews
Price: From $29.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Import products from over 100+ Dropship Suppliers to your store
  • Orders will ship directly to your customers with just one click
  • Prices and inventory are kept in synch with automated daily updates

You can find instructions with screenshots on How to install Wholesale2b shopify app.

Now you can import products from drop shippers to your Shopify store and forget about daily updates

  • Over ONE MILLION dropship products to choose from

  • Pick up to 10,000 items and watch your store get loaded (upgrades are available)

  • Change your list anytime you want

  • Change item titles and descriptions with your own unique content (optional)

  • Your Shopify store will be updated automatically every day

  • Orders are shipped to your customers with just 1 click

Wholesale2b Shopify Listing Tool

Our new Shopify listing tool will help you push products from any drop shipper directly to your Shopify website.
All you need to do is choose the products you want to upload. We have over 1 MILLION products from over 100 suppliers.

Once you have setup your list of preferred products, our Shopify listing tool will automatically load the products to your Shopify website and it will also apply daily updates automatically to keep your website up to date.

You won't have to worry about importing data feeds every day to keep your website up to date. This will be done automatically for you every day.

There is a limit of 10,000 products per account. A limit is imposed to avoid having every member flood Shopify with the same products.

Wait there is more! Order fulfillment process included

Our Shopify tool will also grab orders from your store automatically so you can process them with just one click. Our team will then handle the order with the suppliers for you.

We will even send the tracking code back to your store as soon as we get it from the supplier, so you are sure to get them as quickly as they become available.

No need to manually input orders with suppliers. No need to run after tracking codes. All this is done automatically for you.

Control your listing with precision

  • Setup markups on prices as you wish

  • Control the shipping costs as you wish

  • Change prices with a global markup or edit prices by single items

  • Change the product titles and descriptions to make them unique on your website

  • View your estimated profit/losses

  • Access your daily submission logs

  • Process orders with just 1 click (no other action required)

  • Tracking codes are automatically sent to your Shopify website

  • Daily updates are sent to your Shopify website every day

  • Out of stock items are automatically updated for you

  • Change your list anytime you wish (add/remove products)

  • Push your entire list of products to Shopify with just 1 click

  • Remove products in bulk based on price range

Wholesale2b reviews

36 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

The app worked perfectly! Unfortunately, my store features mid-price jewelry (fine and fashion). The selection of expensive jewelry was wonderful and I intend on reinstalling the app when I am more established and can start a high-ticket store. Right now, the fine jewelry is a little too pricey for my current target market.

I love your perfume offerings and I believe they will make a nice companion line when I open my next jewelry store targeting wealthier clients!

BTW, Installation was super easy...the descriptions were decent and the entire process from selection to listing was terrific!

I will be back!
Brennan Kingsland


Awesome app! Makes it easy to add products that your customers will love!



This app is so easy and helpful in loading products to our store at an affordable price. Thanks so much. I highly recommend this service to anyone who has an online e-commerce presence.


Great easy to use site that is flexible in all aspects. Support from Mike has been fantastic


If only I knew about this app sooner! I would have saved time, made money, and made customers happy too. I used Oberlo but hated having to write descriptions myself. Tired of that I decided to use suppliers I found on SaleHoo. Then I decided I didn't want to upload images separately and be responsible for updating daily. So I went to inventory source. They were okay but at $50 per integration (ie, each supplier) it was costly. After the feed caused an issue with the site I was not willing to rebuild my site to fix the issue. So I went on the hunt to find someone.

Enter Wholesale2B. They are far less in price ($29.99 for 10k products and the price point for 20k and up isn't bad at all) AND you have access to ALL their suppliers. I was happy to see the suppliers I was already using.

Here is what you get with Wholesale2B in addition to the above benefits:


1) Add the entire category to Shopify (makes menu creation easier)
2) They take care of your product feed and the changes
3) The best part? On your wholesale2b dashboard you can see product cost, shipping cost, the low fee they charge and what YOUR profit is. Don't like your profit amount? Change it while still knowing the costs to you.
4) Pay just $5 to have them set up the pricing rules.
5) Automatic Fulfillment by them and they ship the items out too. (Do not set your fulfillment to auto though - it is found under the settings>shipping)

Wouldn't be a fair review without the Cons:

1) If you have products from the same supplier you chose in wholesale2b, delete all your products before the first push to your store because you can end up with duplicates.
2) Customer support is by email only and it seems that most of the time it takes 12-24 hours for a response.

For me the cons pale in comparison to the pros. And though support is slow, it IS top rate assistance. Very helpful and goes the extra mile to make you happy if possible.

The other thing I would mention to make your life easier....use their categories or once you add a category, create the corresponding collection to your top level. Ex: My top level menus are Mind, Body, Soul. The category from them is Incense>Stick So I create the category from Wholesale2b under my top level. Then before I add another category to shopify, I will map the category to my store as Soul>Incense>Stick and you do need to enter it the way I described. But still easier than anything else out there.

Tell all your friends about this awesome app (it's not just for shopify). I have not been given any incentive to write this review. I usually don't write reviews unless something was very bad or above and beyond. So I took the time today to help other store owners maximize time and profit and avoid the mistakes I made. Though they were all easily resolved.


Signed up for the free trial. I did some research and there items cost more to purchase through the "Wholesale" portal than they do on every market place.
Don't waste your time.


Perfect wholesale service, they have good group of suppliers and product. I been using them for 3 month and I am happy with the progress so far, have done so many orders through them. I am thinking to sign on their amazon feed beside the shopify plan I already have. They have good customer support!

I recommend them for those who starting.


This is a great combination; Shopify and Wholesale2b. It's user friendly and easy to navigate. Yes I will recommend to my entrepreneurial friends. Beauty Downtown Skin Care


Let me tell you about the pros. The pros are that if you are looking for a drop shipping app that you can add products to your store, they have a good selection. Fundamentally, the app runs good as well. In addition, support is good too.

Before I started my store, I came from a background of pricing, data analytics, and sales strategies. This company lacks pricing knowledge and/or distributor negotiation. For example, several of the grocery items wholesale price are double what you would find on the website of a big box store selling the same bulk pack item.

Furthermore, the shipping costs are not consistent. If you take the weight of 8 jars of spaghetti sauce and compare that with a piece of home decor that weighs the same, the sauce shipping is 3 to 4 times the decor rate.

Last, I have seen the same items out of stock for over 3 weeks. Inventory management is not effective here either. Do you want to tell your customers that it's been 3 weeks and you don't know if you will get them in?

The bottom line is that if you are looking to just add items to your store that will never be market competitive, this is the app for you. A small business cannot rely on 2-5% margins. I hope that this company strives to fix their issues and focus on who they market this app to. #Disappointed


Very good app and excellent and quickly support.

I will recommend this app to all my friends

I use it on www.rosiesfashionbotique.com and www.cheapestprices.co

If there was 10 star my rating would been 10 :)

From $29.99 / month

Then its $29.99/month

Upgrades available for increasing product limit to 20k, 30k or even unlimited products.

7 days


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