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Import Thousands of Dropship Products, Synch Orders & Tracking

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I used this app for several months. It takes more than 24 hrs to hear back from customer service regarding any issues and when you do it's never completely answered, resulting in more emails and days until issue is resolved. When an item is out of stock you're not notified for days, resulting in lost sales and negative ratings against your store. You can only email, no chat, and there's only 2 people answering emails. Some of their suppliers do not provide tracking numbers if an order is under a certain dollar amt. More frustration than it's worth. People want fast results, not days to see results.


Install this app by mistake in woocommerce when you had to install was shopify. I write to customer service and the person was on the defensive. It took me almost 2 days to answer to not help me. from message to message I did not want to change my account, or give me refund. I decided to leave the 29.95 lost and pay a new one with shopify. and when I enter that system I regret 20 times. that archaic system, has nothing intuitive, the pressures are more expensive than in ebay, and pa they charge a very expensive shipping. $ 15 per shipment when the product is free and cheaper on ebay. NEVER SPONSOR THIS APP.

Confetti Promotions

complicated setup. and you misspelled automated in the link. cannot find the 'get' link. not looking good so far.

The Cozy Homes

I installed this app, but immediately uninstalled when i found they want from me photo copy of my credit card from both sides. What the hell !!???

Evelyn Ember

Very disappointing, most items have some reasonable shipping times. I will give them that. Many of the categories it will say 11 items but then you open it there is only 1 item and only 1 is in stock, also the prices on many items give you a retail price some seem true, other recommended retail prices are overly inflated and not checked. I looked and many items are way cheaper on ebay etc than what they list in your comparison. Many items actually cost more than the suggested retail price (when it is right) due to shipping costs so there would be no profit -- that does not make sense for anyone with a dropshipping store or even if you wanted to buy it outright.

Beach Therapy Jewelry

"Nickel and Dime" fees, difficult to order products, must add fund by emailing them the request to add money, wait for reply, give paypal info and wait. It causes major delay in orders. Best selling items list seems like paid advertisements.


When I first looked at the website, it looked really good. I decided not to use the website for my Shopify store, but registered for my Amazon Seller Account. There were so many great products that they literally let you push to Amazon with the push of one button. Then, you can pay them an extra 5 bucks and they will do all of your pricing for you. I mean, you can literally load thousands of products!!! Well... The more products loaded to my Amazon store, the more I got negative flags from Amazon. I got flagged for branded items that came from one of the drop shipping sources. Amazon rejected several of them saying I wasn't authorized to sell those items - even though they were in the same category as the items I sell in my Shopify store. The errors kept coming... incomplete post, not allowed, colors missing, variant information incomplete etc... all the way until Amazon temporarily shut down my ability to list. The errors were happening faster than I could fix them. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN A MATTER OF 7 HOURS!!!!!!!! WHOLESALE2B GOT MY AMAZON ACCOUNT TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED IN A MATTER OF 7 HOURS!!!! I AM LIVID!!! Then they have the nerve to tell you no refunds so NOW I have to file a dispute with my bank even though I have had their services for less then 24 hours. Now, I know my Amazon account is not my Shopify account, but this story is relevant because my interaction with this company started with Shopify's recommendation AND my Amazon seller account is linked to my Shopify account. I don't want any negativity towards my business whatsoever!!! Everything seems so good at first glance, but it is too good to be true... Take my advice and stick with Oberlo. They will teach you everything you need to know so that you enter the industry well prepared. But leave Wholesale2B for the birds. And no matter how good it looks, do thorough research before signing up or you will lose your money and possibly have your reputation on one of the most reputable companies in the world tarnished.

Genz Things

The prices are too high to stay competitive. Some of the suppliers are just down right shady; never choose a supplier located in China. The delivery times are about 30 days (that will be a deal-breaker for most customers) and they will give you some generic tracking # from at least a year ago. I guess there might be some great deals there; I certainly have not found them.


this the bad app I ever try, they keep us buying from them only to push the product to our website or eBay or Amazon, while they get to profit from their products and the monthly fees
i try to push Thumper� Maxi Pro to eBay I get the price on wholsale2b Suggested retail price: $ 540.40, Your wholesale price: $ 297.25, Your profit: $243.15

while the same item at eBay has final price 310 USD that not cover the fees even you sell it at 310 $ same eBay price and if you add more price for this item you will never have a sale

so I like everyone tries this app and see their faulty information

Swagshopper Agi

Everything was working great then on the afternoon of the 7th I notice a problem, over 200 products were deleted from the app and removed from my store in the middle of the night.

I contact support at 3 PM EST to find out what happened. I dont get an actual response from someone until 3:30 AM EST and im told they were reloading new images from the supplier I was using and that caused the products to get deleted. What?

They tell me a couple possible solutions but they just wont work I dont want to get into a ton of details as this review will be long.

I ask another question this afternoon the 8th around 1 PM EST to see if there are any other options or if they can at least guarantee this isnt going to happen again. Well its now after 10 PM EST so in 9+ hours they again could not respond. It took over 12 hours for the first response.

Does the support team even work US business hours? The company is based in the US according to any information I found.

Look, they may fix the issue and I may never have another problem, and normally I would wait to see how they handle this before submitting my review but honestly the way that support has taken this long to respond to a pretty big issue like this shows me they dont deserve that extra time.

In this industry stores are competing with countless other stores selling the same or similar products having a mishap like this can cost a business a lot of money.

The only saving grace for me in all of this is my store is still under construction so I lost nothing but time. I cant imagine what stores that were up and running and using the same supplier as me when this happened are dealing with but I sure hope they have received faster support than myself.

0 stars for the terrible support response time and 1 star just for the fact that before this happened the app was a pleasure to use.

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