Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar

Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar

by Rontar Group OU

Convert past visitors into customers. Free plan available.

4.0 of 5 stars(28 reviews)

Increase your sales

Increase sales, providing a high ROI in just a few clicks

Increase your brand awareness

Build brand awareness by customizing the look and feel of ad creative. Do it yourself or turn to us – we will customize it for you.

Track statistics in one place

Track conversions, revenue and profit in a single handy interface

About Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar

Rontar is the only retargeting app for Shopify with a “free forever” pricing plan! You will get 3,000 ad impressions each month completely for free.


Why You Need Dynamic Retargeting

The fact a visitor leaves a website doesn't mean he's not interested in making a purchase. Research shows that a user must be contacted at least 5-7 times before he makes the decision to buy.

Retargeting techniques allow you to find your visitor on the Internet and show him an ad wherever he is at the moment.

Dynamic Retargeting Use Case

Imagine you're the owner of an online electronics store. You'd like to track all the users who visited the "TV & Video" section of your website and show them an ad reminding them of their interest in the TVs you sell.

A visitor comes to your online store, views a list of TVs, and some specific TVs in particular, then leaves the website.

Now, wherever he is, he will see an ad reminding him of his interest in the particular TV models he viewed.

The Rontar App Advantages

The app has numerous advantages:

  • Getting started is quick and easy. Unlike other retargeting companies, configuring and running your ad campaign takes just a few clicks.
  • Single handy interface to track conversions, revenue and profit. No additional integration or third party analytics for conversion tracking are required.
  • Dynamic creatives. Rontar automatically generates creatives based on your products feed. This ensures that a customer will see an ad relating to the specific products he was interested in, rather than a generic ad for the online store itself. This can dramatically increase both the CTR of the creative, and the conversion rate.
  • High conversion rates and ROI. On average, our customers generate an extra $3 for every dollar spent.
  • Responsive customer support at your fingertips. Our aim was to make the app as straightforward as possible. However, if you do have any questions, our customer support team are always ready to assist you.

Where Will the Ads Be Displayed?

We cooperate with the largest third-party networks like Google DoubleClick AdExchange and OpenX, enabling us to access a large number of websites worldwide. This makes it possible for Rontar to return and convert as many of your website's visitors as possible.


We have two pricing plans:

  1. Free forever. You get 3,000 ad impressions a month, every month. Best suited for startups.
  2. Standard. The number of impressions you get depends on your campaign settings and budget.

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External charges may apply. These charges are billed by the external provider and won’t appear on your Shopify invoice.

Free to install

$100 initially and then every time the balance gets low.

Overall rating
4.0 of 5 stars
Based on 28 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Door & Hinge

It's super easy to use & the support is great. I just started my campaign and am excited to see the results!


BE AWARE, TOTAL SCAM !!!!!!!!! very Disappointing in any sense , the worst was that they CHARGE for CLICKS not for Sales as they write in their policy they just Suck your Budget of 100$ that they initially requested NOT even one SALE what i can say, i have even make an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT on Shopify Support !
my Shop : www.eugfashion.com

Developer reply

March 14, 2019

Hi there,

I’m very sorry you haven't seen results from using our app. But I would like to give a detailed answer to your review:

1. We bill per click/impression, not per sale. This is clearly stated here: https://help.rontar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002831574-How-does-Rontar-charge-my-account-

2. We did bill you $100 initially, but you spent only $55.81 of it. The rest was refunded to you upon your request.

3. You spent just $55.81 on retargeting, which may not always be enough to see sales. Sometimes you may spend $50 and see no sales, then you see 2 or 3 sales with the next $50 spent on ads. This is how it usually works.

If you ever decide to give our app a try again, we have a free plan now that you can use.

Export Leftovers

This is a great app. Has really helped us increase our sales. Highly recommended app for anyone who is looking to retarget their customers.