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If you plan on ever having more than 10 affiliates, I'd suggest finding an alternative with *bulk* or *automated* payouts. Most of this app is acceptable, except when it comes down to the monthly payouts. Each one has to be done individually, and can take up to 5 minutes for the data from PayPal to refresh. That's ~50 minutes for 10 affiliates. What if you have 100 affiliates? About 25% of them fail anyway after waiting 5 minutes, then they have to tediously be entered and marked as paid.

Affiliate signup completion is also a pain. The affiliates type in the coupon code they want to use...other apps can generate coupon codes...so logically one could assume this app could make the promotional code for your new affiliate. Nope. Codes have to be entered in Shopify, then go back through the menus in Enlisty to add the coupon code, then finally link it to their email account. You can't just go on their account page and add a discount code! Absolutely counter-intuitive.

I'm kicking myself at this point for choosing Enlisty. It seems like they have a basic understanding of programming, but they have no idea how to make the experience useful and intuitive to the end user. The price is nice, but ultimately time is money and this app has been wasting a lot of my time. I regret installing this, and at this point I have a lot of affiliates making it a pain to switch services.

Hopefully the devs can read this and adapt, I'll be happy to update my review once Enlisty starts saving me precious time instead of wasting it.

KC Turbo

HORRIBLE!!!! DO NOT USE! This app has good intentions but good luck getting it to work right. They have zero customer service to back it up and if you have any problems they take forever to respond to any communications and WILL NOT EVER give you a call for anything. I am pretty computer savvy and have even paid a computer technician to try and fix the issues... and still cannot get it to work as intended.

I now have commissioned sales guys that are upset with me and want to know why I can't fix the site. I have paid other people to try and fix it and got ZERO support from the Enlistly. I HOPE SOMEONE AT THE COMPANY READS THIS because this good be a very good app if it actually worked right and you had the customer service to back it up.

Tiny Rabbit Hole

didnt work after support took awhile to reply me, then the next reply didnt came despite multiple requesting for help thru email.


-Very low price with absolutely no hidden charges
-No limits at all unlike many other affiliate marketing apps (Includes number of affiliates, orders and commissions)
-Affiliates can edit their link to may it conform to their them or their brand
-Tracking, tracking, and more tracking
-Reasonable customer service response time (3-5 hours) in business hours from my experience
-Best referral app I could find for the money after lots of research

-Can technically pay affiliates in any way you wish as long as you mark it as paid, however PayPal is integrated

-The in-app messaging isn't actual direct messaging it's just a form that sends a regular email for you from your Shopify email address

Overall very underrated app, would recommend.


Exactly what I was looking for. The platform is clean and easy to use for both shops and affiliates. I would love to see a feature to bulk/auto pay affiliates one day! We've just launched, but we're excited to start using it.

Konker Colors

Works perfectly for a very fair price.. No tiers of pricing structures.

Direct Sales Reps Events

Love this! Easy to use affiliate program


I have not received responses to my queries.

Chic Gifts Boutique

Customer service replies quick but it keeps crashing every few days

Namaste Tv

Great app! But even better customer service, I emailed asking if the app had a particular function and the team implemented it for us within a very short timeframe. Excellent support team - thanks a lot Enlistly!!

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