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Evey Event Management

Evey Event Management

Developed by Kable - Creative and Digital Design Inc.

15 reviews
Price: From $20.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • NEW: iOS Check-in App for fast and reliable scanning at the door!
  • Sell tickets to your events and manage guests through web/mobile interface
  • Generate eTickets for guests and use verified check-in during the event

Brand New!

iOS Check-in App

Now it’s easier and faster than ever to scan and check-in attendees to your event with our built in QR code scanner. Learn more

Fully customize PDF Tickets

Have you ever wanted to fully customize your PDF tickets for attendees? Well, now you can! Use Liquid, HTML, and CSS to fully design your ticket. Custom PDF tickets are available for everyone at no extra charge!

iCal Integration

Help your attendees add your event to their calendars with iCal integration.

About Evey 2.0!

Learn about all the new features in Evey 2.0 on our blog!


With Evey, your attendees will receive an E-ticket when they purchase a ticket to your event. You can create multiple ticket types if you have a multi-level pricing structure, and you can even create group tickets if you have group discounts.

Attendee Management

Manually add attendees or transfer tickets. Sometimes you need to add attendees or transfer tickets manually; this is easy to do with Evey!

Allow attendees to manage their own ticket details, such as name and email, for transferring tickets to other people (useful when multiple tickets are purchased by a single customer)

Collect extra information from each attendee during checkout, http://eveyevents.tumblr.com/post/102803054436/shopify-app-collecting-attendee-information-for-each for details.


Evey integrates with Passbook for iOS devices. You can also design the Passbook Ticket with our easy-to-use tools.

Import / Export Attendee Data

Need to export your list of attendees? It's easy with Evey! You can easily export your list of attendees in Excel format or even integrate with MailChimp directly in the app to synchronize your email lists!

Do you have a list of attendees that you've sold tickets to offline or with another service? Not a problem! Import these attendees into Evey to generate tickets or just to manage them all in one place!

Check-In Attendees

Keep track of your attendees on the day of your event. With Evey, you can create admin accounts to help check-in attendees using a mobile compatible interface. Here’s what you need to do: Download a free QR code reader for your device; Log into Evey with an admin account for your event; Scan an attendee’s ticket to check them in; You’re done!

This mobile interface also gives you, or anyone you create an account for, access to a live guest list that can be used to manually check-in attendees.

Also, if someone tries to use a ticket twice, you will be prompted with the date and time of when the original ticket was first scanned.


Fully customize ticket email templates using the same Liquid template language as your Shopify Store. Also, customize PDF ticket and Passbook appearance with your own branding images and logos!

NEW: The app will now show the attendee ticket management/update page within your shop's own theme and on your shop's domain, so your customers never need to leave your store to manage their tickets.

Storefront Customization

Turn on the event map for your event and the app will inject a map on the event/product page of your Shopify store to show the location of your event.

All event details are stored as metafields for the Shopify Product, so you can easily use values such as location, longitude, latitude, and start/end dates from the event in your storefront.

* Please note that while Evey only charges $20 per event/month you are still subject to Merchant fees associated with your Shopify account. You must also cancel your subscription after your event is over so you are no longer charged.

Review Feedback

Regarding the last review by New Media Film Festival, we don't have a record of an email in our support system Zendesk. If you don't get a response from us within 48 hours please contact us at: hello@eveyevents or Twitter @eveyevents. We want your events to be a success and we don't want a communication breakdown to prevent that. All the best and talk soon! :)

Evey Event Management reviews

15 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

i installed the app, had a question, NEVER got an answer from EVEY. Reached out to Shopify, they referred me back to Evey, so basically, the run around. You are totally on your own if you use this.

In reply to the review feedback Evey left, please note, Evey did not reach out to us even after they acknowledge that we could not reach them in their review feedback. Another example of how they do not help. We really wanted to work with them but NEVER got a call or email from Evey.


Very slow service! They charged me double for the same event. I contacted them for refund and still my problem isn't solved !!!


We used Evey to market, promote and brand our recent event seamlessly on our website. We loved being able to see every customer and check-in on their app.


Fantastic app and great service from this company. They have worked extensively with us to get a complicated event/conference off the ground. The shopify + evey combination makes for an incredibly powerful conference registration service. Recommend the product highly.

Also, their customer service has been stellar in order to get the app performing just as we need / hope.

Highly recommend!


This company is excellent. They're software is good, but the Customer service is fantastic! We had an event that our bookstore manager accidentally deleted 1 day before the event and it was completely gone. I emailed their customer service at 7pm the day before the event and they had a way for us to access the information by 10pm. After hours... customer service!

That's what makes a great company. I suggest that they make it more difficult for an event to be deleted, but when it comes to responding to concerns, they are absolutely on the ball!

Thanks EVEY!


Awesome app for managing events and ticket sales. This was the only app we could find that would do what we needed. Excited to use the app to manage our brass band concerts and events.


Used it to run a seminar in November 2015 for 250 paying delegates. Could not have done the event profitably without this app.

Had to make one or two adaptations to match what we wanted but overall a very effective way to sell conference space through Shopify.

Will be using it again this Autumn.


We use Evey to manage roughly 200 events a year (with over 2500 tickets sold) through our Shopify store, http://camptech.ca.

We've been really pleased with what's possible with Evey, and whenever we've had any issues (not many), the Evey team is fast to respond and even customize things for us.

Before building our site, we looked at many event management solutions. Evey is perfect for us, and is the only one we recommend.


I have not used their service as I was needing additional information from them. After 10 days and 4 emails I've concluded that they have ZERO customer support. Their product could work just fine but if something breaks or you need to contact them, you are out of luck which is a deal breaker for me. I'd recommend looking into BookThatApp instead.


A very good event app with helpful and attentive support.

From $20.00 / month

$20/mth per event

7 days


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