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Merchants find this app highly efficient for managing, editing, and bulk importing content, making it ideal for those migrating from other platforms. It's praised for handling large data sets, enabling bulk updates, and offering automation and backup features. The app's ability to import and export metafields, not native to Shopify, is also appreciated. Merchants commend its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and logic. The support team is noted for their responsiveness and professionalism, even during the trial period. The app also offers comprehensive tutorials and documentation.

September 23, 2022

Matrixify made it easy for us to migrate 200 product details from our previous website. Easy to use and helpful.

11 months using the app
ITissible replied September 26, 2022

Hello, Trial!
Thank you for your review and kind words.
If you ever need any help, please, be sure to reach out to our Support team:


March 14, 2022

To be honest, do not know how to uninstall it. I delete the app from my Shopify page, but it keeps charging me about $50 per month. And sent me a notification that says "Matrixify (Uninstalled)"

Shoxtec Suspension
United States
3 months using the app
ITissible replied March 14, 2022

Wow, so sorry that you have such an impression. 😱 Actually, the charging is done by Shopify according to a strict billing schedule. If you have a charge marked as "Matrixify (Uninstalled)" then it means that Shopify has charged it for the last time for the last period when the app was still installed.

You have uninstalled the app on March 3, 2022, but the charge is for the period of February 15, 2022 – March 17, 2022. This charging period is shown in the Shopify bill. It will not continue charging, of course - that was just the last charge for the last unpaid period before uninstall.

We checked that in that period you did not have any import/export jobs, so we have refunded you that last month in full.

Please, contact our Support if you have any more questions or issues:

Maris Veide
Founding Developer

Edited March 9, 2019

Wonderful App with detailed explanations.Would be slightly better(me being greedy) if the free version could process more files at a time instead of limiting to 10.

Almost 3 years using the app
Edited May 31, 2019

Very good and flexible. Offers data import way and above standard Shopify. But it's sooooooo slooooow! Even the paid for services take hours to upload data. Each file of about 7,000 orders takes 6 - 7 hours to process!

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition
United Kingdom
About 2 months using the app
ITissible replied May 31, 2019

Hello, Igennus!

Thank you for your feedback, and very sorry we made you only almost happy...

Please, understand that the Excelify app uses Shopify API which has certain speed limitations for all the apps, and that speed limit is 4 "requests" per second.

Building an Order through API with all its details is very complex process. It takes several requests to the API. Additional time goes towards finding and "replacing" an existing order, which is in your case.
At the moment your import is working with the speed of 2.6 seconds per Order, with your data.

There are several strategies you can apply to increase your import speed dramatically, which we describe in details here:

and here:

One of the strategies we do on our side, is we run several imports in parallel, e.g. for Big Plan there are 5 parallel processes importing the same file. And in Enterprise, there are 10 parallel processes - and on this level, we definitely make sure we utilize the maximum of the Shopify API speed capabilities.

Please, reach us on Excelify Support, we will help you make your import faster:

Will be trying to reach you, and will really appreciate if you reach us in any way directly.

Thank you so much!

Excelify Founder

September 20, 2018

this app is ok but they wouldn't let me use it without leaving a review . Just something they need to look into i think

viva midas
About 2 months using the app
ITissible replied December 7, 2020

Hello, Viva Midas!

Sorry, we never ask for app review - so this must be some misunderstanding.
Please, contact our Support and help us understand why you would think we are were asking for a review.

Thanks so much!


Edited November 26, 2018

I used this app to transfer contact list from wix to Shopify. It doesn't transfer all the information but it makes it easier to transfer emails at bulk.

Inua Naturals
United States
30 days using the app
Edited May 18, 2020

There is a 1-site per month limitation for the use of this App. At this time, there is no mention of this limitation on the Pricing page.

For me, this meant I was not able to service new client websites using Excelify since I acquire more than 1 new client per month.

The company gave me a refund right away and offered to notify me if the restriction is lifted.
United States
About 2 hours using the app
ITissible replied May 14, 2020


We do offer the +1 Free for your additional store. By paying for Excelify on one store, you can sponsor one more additional store from that paid store without having to pay 2nd time (and you can change that 2nd store after a month has passed).

That is also explained on our Pricing page in details, without hiding anything: (and it is said clearly in the App before you accept the charge, and in Settings next to the store linking button inside the app).

This, what you mention that app is "1-site per month limitation", is exactly how typically apps work in Shopify Apps ecosystem. You install the app on one store, and then you use it in that store.
If you need it on many stores, then you install the app on each of the stores, and purchase it there according to your needs, and there is no limit on how many stores you can install Excelify because those are separate installations.

Our +1 Free offer is a bonus. That is widely used for cases when you have your other development store, or if you are an agency, and you work on several stores. Then you essentially pay for just a half of your stores.

You can cancel the charge any time, when your work is done - and that way you would have paid only for one month.

If you are an agency, even more so - we partner with agencies and build mutual friendships - we help them in so many ways, to work on your projects, giving higher priority for features, helping with complex migrations and so on.
About the pricing for many stores, we can always find a good fit for bulk store pricing. Please, talk to us openly about what you need.

Excelify Founder

Edited August 3, 2019

Import kept identifying my discount codes as products. No option to select what kind of import. Followed directions exactly, downloaded discounts first for formatting, edited, then reuploaded. Created a bunch of "products" that I had to delete. Awful on a time crunch :(

UPDATE: Figured it out, zero thanks to support or documentation. You have to make sure your SHEET is named according to the type of import you're doing, and you have to export as an XLSX file (not plain CSV) in order to capture that information.

Overall good app, but missing some key instructions.

United States
About 17 hours using the app
ITissible replied August 3, 2019

Hello, Ezpz!

Thank you for telling that you had trouble to find the explanation on how to use the Excelify.
Although we are trying to explain everything very thoroughly, looks like this time there was some sort of bad coincidence for missing this (totally our fault).

Here is the main "How it works" article and video, which explains the thing about the sheet names in very details:

Also, you can find the link to it from the Excelify app - Help section (when you scroll down the main page a bit).

Please, let me explain why it recognized those as Products.
It's because initially, we had this strict requirement that you have to name "all" the sheets to get them imported properly. But customers mostly import the Products, and they kept complaining that they forget to name the sheet as "Products".
So we experimented with the ability to automatically assume the sheet is Products if it doesn't have a recognizable name, AND it has some column names which fit for Products (like Title).
In the case with Discounts - that column Title exists also there, so it matched.

So sincerely sorry that you had to go through this loop of frustration.
And I hear you loud and strong that we have to make it possible for you to choose the type of sheet after you have uploaded your file.
Also, we shouldn't assume anything, to avoid cases like this when you import Discounts as Products, and you have to delete them afterward.

We will work on fixing this.

In Support, we were offline because it's Saturday 8am in the morning now, and you had this issue at 6am our time, and we don't have the 24/7 online chat support just yet.

Also, if you have any issues with the app, please, don't hesitate to contact our Support here:

And also, inside the Excelify app, there is a section which shows on which improvements we are working right now, and you can submit your proposal for the improvement - which we always reply to and make it work for you sooner or later - one way or another.

Thank you once again, and keep in touch.

Excelify Founder

Edited April 22, 2019

I used Excelify to Update the Option1 Name, Option1 Value, Option2 Name Option2 Value, Option3 Name, and Option3 Value using the handle it produced around 300 errors, and unfortunately updated the prices and compare prices of these products and set them to 0, so that ...

PurpleMaple Store
United States
18 minutes using the app
ITissible replied April 22, 2019

This review is copied from the previous review by the other shop, and doesn't seem to reflect the actual message.
PurpleMaple Store shop has not done any imports with Excelify.

If you are the shop owner who wrote this review - please, contact Excelify support ASAP so that we can help you in whatever issue or question you have: