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Merchants highly recommend this app for its seamless integration with social media platforms like TikTok Shop, Facebook, and Instagram. They appreciate its real-time syncing, easy ad management, and keyword optimization features. The intuitive dashboard and automatic order syncing are also praised. The support team is noted for their prompt and knowledgeable assistance. The app's ability to sync additional product images for enhanced marketing is also valued. It's recognized for effectively connecting Shopify stores with TikTok and providing a reliable multi-channel experience.

January 26, 2024

I normally use many applications from CedCommerce, and other apps are very user-friendly, with helpful teams. However, I can't say the same for this application. Months have passed, and we still haven't been able to go live with our 961 products. The team is not very responsive, and creating categories one by one is a real disappointment. This app turned out to be a letdown for me, something I wouldn't expect from CedCommerce, both in terms of the application and the team.

The Friendly Turtle
United Kingdom
About 2 months using the app
December 2, 2023

Hit their limit cap on my store the week of BFCM. No email. No flashing bells. No leniency. No order flow.

So after half a day trying to figure out why my ads weren't converting, I figured out the CEDCommerce wasn't allowing orders to flow on TikTok Shop. Again. No alarm bells or leniency to allow orders to go past their cap. Thousands of dollars of ad spend wasted with $0 in sales because they didn't get their extra $100.

Then when I tried to upgrade my plan, it wouldn't allow me because there's more bugs in their software than an entomologist's lab.

United States
3 months using the app
Edited October 27, 2023

After nearly two years of using Ced Commerce, I regretfully need to voice my concerns. While the app functions well when things run smoothly, it becomes a different story when issues arise.

My primary disappointment stems from their customer service. Although they have consistently responded with courtesy, it often seemed that they lacked a deeper understanding of their own product. The solutions they offered were basic and unfortunately fell short of resolving my challenges.

This back-and-forth became a significant drain on my time, leading to missed sales opportunities and considerable frustration. Considering this is a paid app, the value proposition diminishes significantly when facing these challenges, as the customer service seems to do the bare minimum in providing support.

In the fast-paced world of online stores, time is of the essence, especially when you have active advertising campaigns. Every moment spent trying to troubleshoot with Ced Commerce was a moment too long.

My advice is to consider other apps. While Ced Commerce might work fine when there are no hiccups, be prepared for lengthy and frustrating endeavors should any issues emerge.

Primario Nesti
Almost 2 years using the app
September 14, 2023

They have no support even with $19 plan. For support you have to buy $299 plan. Its rubbish actually. Never trust a company which have hidden agenda to sell.

1 day using the app
Edited March 21, 2024

You want poor customer support that you cant understand because they are Indian and dont give 2 craps about you then sign up.
I hope your company goes under.


United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited December 10, 2023

Using the Tiktok app has been a very bad experience. We have manually click everyday to sync the 100 products and 75% of the time, the app pops a message saying you've reached your 100/day product limit even though last time was 3 days ago. Cedcommerce doesn't help but just says it's Tiktok app issue.

FredCo International
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited October 10, 2022

The support they offer gives you the basic solution trouble shooting steps all the time. I have so many issues with my feed, they do not invest time in helping their clients and they keep asking for good reviews everytime they give a simple solution, no wonder why they have so many good reviews.

United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited August 11, 2020

If I could give this app negative stars I would. Their customer service is horrible, the app has never worked right, its caused multiple customer service issues, purchases do not push to shopify, after multiple attempts at getting this fixed their foreign customer service and tech support still don't fix issues. They cannot type english correctly to communicate effectively. Every aspect of this app does not work right and FB should be ashamed of allowing such horrible companies to work with them. I regret ever using this company

SageWork Organics
United States
9 months using the app
CedCommerce replied September 12, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. We, at CedCommerce, pride ourselves in doing everything we can do, to ensure the highest degree of client satisfaction. We’d love to make things right for you. Please give us more information about your specific situation. If you wouldn’t mind connecting with us at skype/phone no. at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and working towards earning back your business. Have a good day!

Edited December 27, 2020

This app shouldn't be on the store. The customer service was not helpful and after 3 days I'm yet to have anything but a new Facebook Page to manage for my business and zero marketplace listings. Then the customer service rep has the guts to ask for a review. That's why there's so many reviews.....They need to offer step by step guides with screenshots and use the same terms to reference the buttons. This whole experience has been painful and I'm one day away from deleting for good.

Havamal Gifting
United States
2 months using the app
CedCommerce replied May 10, 2021

DearHavamal Gifting, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are really sorry to know that your experience didn’t match your expectations. We at CedCommerce are glad to help you with every possible solution. It was an uncommon instance and we would do better in the future.

Answering your query, we are not providing any solutions for Facebook Marketplace. To ease your selling across Facebook surfaces, we are facilitating you with the other functionalities like Facebook Shops, Page Shop, and Instagram Shopping; and with the newly added advantage of Facebook Business Extension, you can unlock a broad suite of business tools and sell hassle-free across the platform. Feel free to reach out to us on Skype or phone number with your comments, concerns, or suggestions. We would love to make things right for you. Have a nice day! Thanks.

Edited April 7, 2022

They don't serve what they promise. The reason I added for facebook marketplace and I followed their guide and it didn't work. They jus make it up lie about facebook will change blah blah. My account enable facebook marketplace and still didn't push my listings. Poor knowledge customer service. I don't recomended if you want to use for facebook marketplace

Lotus Linen
United States
20 days using the app