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Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify)

Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify)

Developed by Flexify

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  • UPDATE: Works with the new Shopify Facebook Pixel Setting
  • Automatically sync your store with your Facebook Product Catalog
  • Dynamically generate Facebook ads for all your products

!! UPDATE: Shopify's Facebook Pixel Integration that is now compatible with Dynamic Ads. With our app, you can seamlessly sync your Product Catalogue to Facebook's Business Manager.

How to use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads with Shopify

Sync your Shopify Store with your Facebook Product Catalog, simply and easily using a direct, automatic feed to keep your listings up to date.

Once your store is syncing with your Facebook Product Catalog you can promote multiple products or your entire product catalog on Facebook, across all the devices your customers use.

Dynamically promote your products

Facebook dynamic product ads helps you promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalog on your website or mobile app.

  • Scale: Promote all of your products with unique creative without having to configure each individual ad

  • Always-on: Set up your campaigns once and continually reach people with the right product at the right time

  • Cross-device: Reach people with ads on any device they use, regardless of their original touchpoint for your business

  • Highly relevant: Show people ads for products they are interested in order to increase their likelihood to purchase

Features include

Setting up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

There is a detailed guide on how to set up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads with Shopify using this app. (Please be aware that you will need to add some code to your store's theme in order to make them work.)

Another great resource is this guide from funnelboom.com: THE E-COMMERCE FACEBOOK AD ENGINE: SHOPIFY EDITION

If you run into problems using this app please have a look at the Troubleshooting & FAQ page.

Beta Version & Changelog

This software is in beta testing phase and thus you can expect it to have some rough edges or even bugs (you can view a record of the latest changes). Please contact us with any change or feature you'd like to see or bug you find. Thanks!

Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) reviews (27)


Wish this would get us some sales.


This actually works great! A bit hesitant at first but it fixed my variant pixel problem I was encountering in facebook!


Set it and forget it. Works well.


Way better than our last manual methods of creating it ourselves. Highly recommend and also recommend Facebook ads. Been great for us thus far.


Really nice app. Recommended.


it does NOT work and I keep getting errors. I followed their instructions and got the URL but Facebook kept saying the URL address is wrong. I emailed them a couple times and didn't get any response! DISAPPOINTED!


didn't work, facebook was not able to process the rss feed


This is my favourite app. It makes Facebook Dynamic Product Ads so, so easy.


Editing my review cos I found a workaround. Using the app-generated RSS, I imported it into an XML on Excel, where I could manually upload my perfectly cropped pics. Best thing about this app is that it outputs a product ID that is perfectly recognizable by Shopify's FB pixel integration. So ignore Shopify when they tell you their pixel integration doesn't work with DPA, this app fixes it



From $0.00 / month

All core features are free and will be forever!


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