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Easy Watermarks

Easy Watermarks

Developed by Engage

10 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Add unlimited watermarks to your product images
  • Watermark everything with a single click
  • Image resizing, compression, and other features also included

This brand-new watermarking app has every feature you need to add text and logo watermarks to all your product photos

Other competing apps such as Image Watermarker are buggy and frustrating to use. Easy Watermarks is the best tool available for fast and easy watermarking.

Why Easy Watermarks?

Easy Watermarks provides the most advanced user-interface to make watermarking a breeze! Easily add your custom logo in png or jpg format and process all your images in bulk. There's a built-in previewer with loads of options such as image resizing and background fills and coloured borders. It only takes a few minutes to setup and complete!

Free Watermarks!

You can use this app to watermark any product images for free! Just select your product and click 'Watermark Images'.

Lowest Price in App Store

Easy watermarks is designed to provide the best value at the best price. It's free to process one product at a time, and a very low fee for bulk processes or unlimited usage monthly memberships.

One Time Payments

If you just want to watermark your images once, no problem! We offer a low-cost single payment option that will automatically watermark everything in your product catalog. We'll also store your backups so you can restore anytime!

Friendly Live-Chat Support

Our support staff is always around to answer your questions and help assist you. Don't waste your time with other apps that screw up your photos and don't answer emails.

Everything is Backed Up

Never worry about your photos, because our membership plan include unlimited backups and unlimited watermarks. If you need to restore all your photos at any time, just send over a message to our team via chat, and all of your images will be put back exactly as you left them. You can also change the watermarks at any time without having to restore.

Automatic Watermarking

Our membership plan offers a service that will automatically process any new images you add. You'll never have to change your plan since our membership plan offers Unlimited Watermarks!

Disable Right Click on your Shop

Our members has the option to disable the right click contextual menu so that online visitors cannot easily steal their photos.


Full Restore is available upon request. There is no issue with restoring single products or requesting a full restore. For any issues contact tech support using Live Chat and they will reach out to you within minutes or hours. Please be patient, we are here to help you!

Easy Watermarks reviews

10 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

very good app for add you brand in your product picture


usable even for the free account


I was looking for an application for the maintenance of my images. I used the free plan. I'm happy ! Thanks.


So far the app has worked amazingly for me! Works just has advertised :)


App works exactly as advertised. Lots of options to add logo and text watermarks. Also includes some SEO features and Alt Text management. Signed up for a membership :)


This App has caused me a great deal of harm, i have to re upload 26 products because while they promise that the app can remove watermarks actually it can not. even if it could you would have to remove each watermark per picture or per product, which to me does not make sense. to fix this app one would have to water automatically any new products and also be able to remove watermarks on all products at the same time. in my case i am creating 20 different shops by cloning the first shop, such an app would have been very usefully if it worked.

very disappointed.


Support instant, the app is just what I needed.


A great App! It works as advertised and it is very easy to use. All the options we need are included.


This app is a SCAM and Jason from Engage is very rude and disrespectful. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.



I had already started the slow process of watermarking our images then uploading to our fairly large online database but then I came across this app and thought I'd try it out of interest and see if it could save me time.

Well, after an initial hiccup but fantastic instant support to fix this hiccup just far and beyond what I expected with live chat sessions the app has done a fine job. Thanks Jason for your wonderful support in our moment of need today, I absolutely recommend this app because it does a great job as promised but your support was just outstanding my friend.

Big Hat Tip and 5 Stars to Easy Watermarks ;-)



FREE to watermark single products

Bulk process and membership plans start at $3.99

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