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May 19, 2020

I used this app to do print on demand products. Primarily T-shirts. The customer service is awful. They refuse to refund a product that they have had "being printed" for 25 days. They never refunded another product that had physical stains and a rip on the shirt when it was shipped, even though someone who claimed to be a manager said she would. Customer service is awful. The products are ok, when they get done, but I did have issues with quality as well.

Celestial Discs
United States
About 2 years using the app
February 2, 2020

I used this app for about a year, and recently I've seen a the print quality decline. More and more of my customers were receiving poor quality printing and long shipping wait time. Finally I decided to move my shop to Printful after reaching out to the Gear Launch customer service and receiving generic feedback.

I am much happier with Printful.

Rise Up Midwife
United States
Over 1 year using the app
June 2, 2020

0 stars. Some delays forgivable due to Covid, but customer service sucks. Tshirt quality and printing is mediocre at best, and varies widely. I am moving my biz elsewhere, mainly due to their customer service. I tried to cancel an order a few hours after the cancel window closed and they are totally unhelpful. Better options out there, some fulfilling fast now despite covid conditions

United States
Over 1 year using the app
December 29, 2018

Terrible. They aren’t very transparent and they don’t answer their customer support lines and email address

United States
6 months using the app
November 9, 2018

Terrible quality and very slow customer service. Almost feels like they dodge you to not face responsibility. I have been emailing them back and forth for a month trying to get my refund for extremely low quality products.

The Modern CEO
United States
3 months using the app
September 13, 2018

Bad customer service, never responding.
Will not work with a company without a good line of communication.
Even Justin Cener recomending this thing, i just don't see why..

3 months using the app
March 7, 2019

Unfortunately while I thought their platform was easy to use, I will be unable to continue. Today I was informed that my campaign has been suspended due to copyright/trademark report. However, I have checked all my designs and am at a loss to see where the issue is. I have emailed requesting further information in particular that actual product. To date no response, so I will be terminating by business, as clearly I am unable to run a business if I am locked out with no actual idea why. The email appears incomplete, I have emailed requesting further information as I also want to get to the bottom of this.

About 1 month using the app
February 12, 2019

We started to configure our business to move over to Gear Launch, but I emailed them like 2 weeks ago with a simple general question, no reply. I waited a week, emailed again, no reply. Finally, I recently obtained a actual employee's work email, and emailed her to establish communication, no reply. STAY AWAY! They are either massively understaffed, or do not prioritize their business partners. There are other Print On Demand companies that are higher rated.

I'd Hike That
United States
26 days using the app
Edited May 15, 2019

Creating products and adding them to our store was easy. However, when a customer makes a purchase, the process is not transparent to them. Gear Launch does not send the tracking information to the customer when the order is shipped. In addition, only part of the tracking number is listed in the app when an item is shipped. When you click on the tracking number link, it always takes you to DHL's tracking site, even if DHL was not used for shipping, which results in always receiving a message that it is not a valid tracking number. You have to then manually copy and paste the tracking number from the DHL site into a search engine to try to find how the package was shipped. On our first order, we used this method to figure out that USPS was used. However, our customer's package has now been showing as "Shipped" for over 3 days and USPS still lists the package as not yet received from Gear Launch. We have had to update the customer on status ourselves by checking the order status in the app and then sending an email at each step...'approved for production', 'printing', 'shipping out', 'shipped', and then hunting down the correct tracking and manually emailing the tracking number. And now, three days after 'shipped' status, we still can't tell if the package has actually shipped.
Absolutely stay away. You and your customers will be very frustrated with the lack of transparency, and you will lose your customers' trust.
UPDATE: After the tracking information continued to show that the package was not yet received by USPS after a week, we had to refund the customer. We had already removed the GL product from our site by this time, and thankfully didn't have any further negative experiences for our customer. We have now also permanently removed the app. Will no longer do business with this company.

Mels Crafty Mojo LLC
United States
22 days using the app
August 27, 2018

Do NOT use this application. They are terrible. Worst service (or no service) ever. Good thing they had a 2-week trial because I would have been very upset if I was charged (I canceled it before my trial is up, let's see if they still charge me). They definitely make it look nice and presentable, but it's all a scheme to lure you in.

Unfortunately, I found a lot of people online, youtube, etc rave about gearlaunch, but from the very first day, I sent in a chat message and never received a response. I then sent 2 more chat messages, and a couple emails and throughout the entire 2-weeks, I never heard a single response from anyone. Their chat always says "they're away, will be back on tomorrow". I honestly think they just get people to sign up, hope they forget about the free trial, so they can just charge your card and scam you monthly.

Christiandecor Shop
United States
12 days using the app