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Recart - the new GhostMonitor

Recart - the new GhostMonitor

Developed by Recart

304 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 90 days More info
  • Recart already made $23,000,000 for Shopify stores
  • Capture and send emails & push notifs to ALL cart abandoners (Add to Cart Popup - Only at Recart)
  • Boost your sales with 6 powerful and innovative features - It's already working for 2,000 Shopify owners - See details below

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Sell More With Your Shopify Store

Recart is built for one purpose: make you more money.

Our features substitute 6 different apps for you:

  1. Add to Cart Popup (Only at Recart)

  2. Abandoned Cart Campaigns (Email + Push + Text)

  3. Push Notifications

  4. Email Capture (Only at Recart)

  5. Form Autofill (Only at Recart)

  6. Abandonment Analytics


Add to Cart Popup

Only at Recart

Build a bigger, more engaged, and more profitable email list with the same popup. Recart offers an innovative, exclusive Add to Cart Popup to abandoners to re-engage and capture emails from more of your almost-customers.

Add to Cart Popup Editor

Simple, powerful, effective. Customize your popup from templates that have driven more than $13,000,000 in revenue.
When your users add an item to cart Recart immediately asks them to add their email address. You can choose to prevent users from proceeding without submitting their email, or allow them to checkout as a guest. Learn more

Magic Popup Control

Recart’s Email Capture works across your entire site and tracks each user. If an email address is entered on a welcome popup or newsletter signup, subsequent popups don’t show and don’t disrupt their purchase journey. Learn more

List Export

Recart’s Export function syncs with any email software so you can build your list and send ongoing newsletters to drive even more sales. Learn more


Abandoned Cart

79% of all cart are abandoned. In 2015, ecommerce lost $4.6 trillion on cart abandonment. It's time to move. Send pre-built, automated messages to all cart abandoners. Turn lost sales into 5x more revenue. Learn more

Abandoned Cart Email Campaign

A pre-built, 3 email automated campaign fires immediately after a cart is abandoned. With 5X more emails captured, you send 5X more email, and recapture 5X the revenue. Learn more

Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

Recart doesn’t just rely on email. With our Abandoned Cart Push Campaigns, you can send push notifications to user’s computers and phones to achieve an average 23% click rate! Learn more

Abandoned Cart Text (SMS) Messages - Soon

Only at Recart

An automated, pre-built, double SMS send that achieves an average 98% open rate. Recapture more lost revenue by targeting users on the device they use the most. Learn more

Pre-built Campaigns & Schedule

We’ve poured our 5 years of experience of growing multiple seven-figure eCommerce stores into our pre-built campaigns.
We’re giving you access to the schedules and texts that receive an average 48% open rate and 12% CTR. Emails which generated over $19,000,000 in revenue in 2016 alone. Learn more

Smart-Stop Emails

Most abandonment solutions annoy buyers with incorrectly sent abandonment emails.
Unlike other solutions, Recart comes with Auto-Stop Sending which double checks every recipient immediately before sending. If we see they’ve made a purchase, then the message is stopped automatically. Learn more


Push Notifications

The new and powerful way to engage your customers. Averaging 2x the click rate of email, push notifications will be your most successful, and profitable marketing channel. Learn more

Automated Push Notification Campaigns

Send automated push notification campaigns to welcome new subscribers and bring abandoners back on site. With an average 23% click rate, push notifications are ideal for offering discount codes that make sales. Learn more

Instant Notifications

Launch your sale with a bang or finish on a high. Instant notifications 19% average click rate makes it the perfect way to quickly increase engagement for the start or end of a promotion. Learn more

Auto Subscription

Forget email addresses, with Push Notifications a subscription box automatically triggers in every major browser and operating system. It’s a simple way to grow your list and send immediate campaigns. Learn more


Email Capture

Only at Recart

It’s simple. The more emails you send, the more money you make. The problem is growing your email list. Don’t worry, Recart’s got your back. Learn more

Recart captures emails from all your software

Recart pairs with all your on-site tools and shares email information. We capture the details entered into other tools and pair it to customer cookies so every email entered on-site can be used for abandonment campaigns. Learn more

Checkout Tracking (The Only Checkout Tracking for Shopify)

Checkout Tracking will capture email addresses on your checkout page. Most of the “almost-buyers” abandon their cart here, at the final stage. It’s crucial that your store has something in place to capture email at the final hurdle.
Recart captures visitor emails in real-time as they’re typing it in so you don’t need to worry about them changing their mind at the last second.
This is one of the most powerful tools your store will ever have and we’ve even got it to work on Shopify. They don’t even need to reach the second page of Shopify’s checkout to be captured! Learn more

Login Tracking

When your customers log in, Recart captures their emails and pairs to their cookie. When they abandon their cart, your abandoned emails are shot right away. Its simple, but an incredibly powerful method to bring cart abandoners back. Learn more


Form Autofill

Only at Recart

Conversion rates reign supreme. And to increase conversions, you need to make buying as easy as possible.
Once your customers enter their email anywhere on-site, they’ll never have to enter it again. Ever.
Form Autofill keeps track of their details and completes every form on-site for them. Learn more

Works With All Tools

Recart pairs with all your on-site tools and shares email information. We capture the details entered into other tools (Privy, Sumome, Justuno and hundreds more) and pair it to customer cookies so every data entered on-site can be used for autofill on the checkout page.Learn more


Abandonment Analytics

Recart’s real-time Dashboard shows you how much money you’re losing through cart abandonment.
But it also shows you how to reduce lost revenue. It tracks all important metrics to help you understand where you’re losing visitors and what you can do to solve it.
It will become your most important analytics dashboard ever. Learn more

See All Abandoned Carts. One-by-One.

Recart’s the only app that gives you individual information. You can see each abandoned cart and the detailed cart data.
Shopify only shows your checkout abandoners and WooCommerce doesn’t show you anything by default.
We give you all the tools you need to understand how to make more money. Learn more

Why Recart is the best app you can have on Shopify?

  1. Recart already made $23,000,000 extra sales.

  2. It substitutes 6 different apps.

  3. Recart captures 5x more emails for you.

  4. It tracks emails from your list builder tools, your user logins and your checkout page.

  5. Add to Cart popup identifies ALL cart abandoners. This popup asks for email upon add to cart.

  6. Our best converting cart abandonment campaigns are waiting you in your account

  7. We recover the lost data for you - when user clicks on the email we re-generate their cart and already given data, so they will checkout seamlessly.

  8. You can change, edit and brand your emails very quickly with our Email Editor. No marketing or coding skills required

  9. See all benefits on our website


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Recart - the new GhostMonitor reviews

304 reviews
  1. 5 stars (248 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (39 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (8 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (5 reviews)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Seems really helpful so far, but I'm only at the set up phase. I hope it will save a significant amount of money for me.
Good design and easy to edit.


I love it. It also works well with One Click Upsell


I have 4 more trial days left and out of those free days, I've had 46 abandoned carts, 37 captured carts & 3 recovered carts. Because of Recart's recovery email campaign (asking customers if something was wrong), a customer responded the reason why she didn't finish placing her order -- I actually forgot to include several of my new products their shipping rules. So every time she goes in to select a shipping method it would disappear and she was taken to the same page over and over and over making her impossible to finish purchasing the item. I've fixed that immediately & she instantly went & placed two orders instead of one. Without Recart, I would've lost all those sales without knowing why.


I installed Recart to see how many abandoned carts we were really getting on our page. I realized within 30 days after installing the app, there were $485 worth of lost revenue.

I was able to tweak things in our cart page as well as converting some of those abandoned carts using their auto email campaigns.


Giving 4 stars now as I'm still in the early stages of using Recart. So far, I really like it! The various options for collecting emails is fantastic, though I do hesitate with the "add to cart popup". As an online shopper myself, I'm not sure how mobile friendly that popup is, or how inclined I would personally be to fill it out jus to add an item to my cart. Since my I'm completely sold on it I have it turned off, but continue to play around with various aspects of the app.


Recart works as expected, they collect more emails than others similar apps. However, I think the price should be a little bit lower. In my case, any order was recovered within the trial period.


Awesome i like this app so simple. Many thanks for this addon, everyone have to install it


It's a wonderful APP, the easiest way to capture email


La Mejor App para carritos abandonados si tienes tu tienda en Shopify esta aplicacion es obligatoria !


its free and I get 15 extra days for this review without even knowing if it works haha. So yeah great, let's do this!

From $0.00 / month

90-day free trial (15+75 days) Visit our Pricing page for more info. The Recart paid plan substitutes more than 6 different apps:

✔ Unlimited access to all features
✔ Unlimited Add to Cart Popups
✔ Unlimited Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
✔ Unlimited Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
✔ Unlimited Instant Push Notifications
✔ Unlimited Form Autofills
✔ Unlimited Visitors
✔ Abandonment Analytics
✔ The only checkout tracking for Shopify
✔ 4 different email capture tools
✔ Quick and helpful support

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