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Capture All Abandoned Carts - GhostMonitor

Capture All Abandoned Carts - GhostMonitor

Developed by GhostMonitor

8 reviews
Price: Free – $10.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • The only app for capture ALL abandoned carts (not just abandoned checkouts)
  • Automatically sends emails and brings back cart abandoners to complete their purchase
  • Make 500% more money from abandoned carts in 50 seconds - everything you need is built-in

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Recover 5x More Carts With GhostMonitor

GhostMonitor captures all cart abandoners and automatically makes them complete their checkout. But why I need this?

You lose 74% of your customers

You've spent a lot of time and money to get potential customers to your e-commerce store. When they arrive, some of them are in the mood to buy. They put products into their cart, and begin the checkout process. But if your cart abandonment rate is close to the industry average, 74% of them don't complete the checkout.

That means you’re leaving a lot of money on the table

And it’s not just the checkouts that didn’t happen. Some of these “almost buyers” would have become repeat customers... so you're losing out on long-term business as well! Which is why it's important to follow up on your cart abandoners… the right way.

Check out our website for more information: https://ghostmonitor.com


♦ ♦ ♦ How GhostMonitor works

  1. You set up GhostMonitor - It takes less than 50 seconds since every email is pre-built

  2. GhostMonitor “captures” prospective buyers who abandon their cart

  3. GhostMonitor brings them back to complete their checkout

♦ ♦ ♦ Why GhostMonitor is better than other cart abandonment apps?

  1. GhostMonitor captures 5x more emails for you.

  2. It tracks emails from your list builder tools, your user logins and your checkout page.

  3. Add to Cart popup identifies ALL cart abandoners. This popup asks for email address when someone clicks on the Add To Cart button.

  4. Our best converting cart abandonment emails are waiting you in your account

  5. We recover the lost data for you - when user clicks on the email we re-generate their cart and already given data, so they will checkout seamlessly.

  6. You can change, edit and brand your emails very quickly with our Email Editor. No marketing or coding skills required

  7. See all benefits on our Pricing page


Start your 15-day free trial, no credit card required


Capture All Abandoned Carts - GhostMonitor reviews (8)


10/10 This is a must-have app. I didn't know that all abandonment apps only captures checkout abandoners. (Check yours!) This one captures all cart abandoners, who didn't even reached the checkout. I literally doubled my sales from abandoned carts with this app.


The customer service here is 10/10. Get this app. It's really worth it and much needed.


Soma and the GhostMonitor team helped me to get my new store's cart abandonment emails back online after a hiccup. I have this app on 3 of my other stores, and am very happy with the app and awesome support. Recommend you try it out!


Rather I missed something in setup. It seemed to only work 1/4 %. In fact, I know it missed 2 abandoned carts. Willing to give it another go.


We had a lot problem with cart abandoners... Some of them terminate their process after providing their email addresses but most of them just put something in their cart and stop the process even before giving their email because they don't reach checkout. GhostMonitor catches their emails before they go to checkout so we can reach more cart abandoners than using Shopify's built in abandoned cart feature. Instant get!


I'm just using it for a few days but it seems to be very useful and easy-to-use


I haven't dug too much into GhostMonitor yet, but it has a bunch of good features so far! Definitely worth the investment!


I just tried this out and it seems pretty useful. I love the idea to capture all cart abandoners. Some of you will hate, some of you will love it but I definitely recommend to try it.

Free – $10.00 / month

No surprises, no extra fees. Unlimited emails and features for only $10 a month. No credit card needed, you can cancel anytime. Visit our Pricing page for more info.

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