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Koongo - Feed Marketing Tool

Koongo - Feed Marketing Tool

Developed by Koongo

9 reviews
Price: $23.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Connect with 500+ Selling Channels and Affiliate Networks World-wide!
  • Automate Product Feeds Export and keep Feeds always up-to-date!
  • Increase Store Visibility and Revenues by up to 25%!

Koongo - Feed Marketing Tool

In the world of online commerce the inevitable part of successful marketing is the product availability and traceability in the appropriate product search and price comparison websites, affiliate networks and selling channels (i.e. Feed Marketing).

Koongo is the ultimate Feed Marketing Tool that allows integration of your Shopify store with more 500+ product aggregators, affiliate networks and selling channels world-wide.

Why Feed Marketing?

Feed Marketing is currently becoming a hot topic in e-commerce sphere. Retailers have started to realize that Feed Marketing may be a very effective way how to attract the attention of new prospective customers. Indeed, recent studies show more than 25% increase in revenues since the means of Feed Marketing were employed.

“Feed Marketing has the highest priority for the 31% of biggest Dutch e-stores in 2014. Moreover 68% of these e-stores don’t even have a tool to manage product feeds.”, says Irene Valens, CEO of Traffic4U.


“The bottleneck for effective Feed Marketing is the lack of high quality product feeds that would be available automatically and would be always up-to-date.”, continues Erwin Boogert from Emerce.

Why Koongo?

Koongo doesn’t require any programming skills and thus allows online retailers and merchants to reach seamlessly hundreds of new marketing channels from around the world from a single integration point. Hence, Koongo is capable of bringing millions of new customers to your online store and can increase your revenues by up to 25%!

In addition, through the support of more 500+ selling channels from more than 40 countries world-wide Koongo simplifies the process of expanding online businesses behind the borders of one country (i.e. cross-border selling).

Supported Channels

Currently Koongo supports 500+ product aggregators, affiliate channels and selling channels from almost ALL European countries and US.

Top 5 Features

  • Koongo provides always up-to-date product data feeds. Following a change of product description, price, stock or any other product attribute Koongo updates automatically all your channels and feeds.

  • Channels quite often change the structure of data feed files or update API. With Koongo you don't need to care about it since Koongo provides you always the latest high-quality product data feeds.

  • Koongo allows you to map store categories onto channel/feed categories (i.e. taxonomies) for higher ranking of your store.

  • Koongo allows you to filter products available in given channel/feed using various attribute and category filters.

  • And last but not least, Koongo provides you 24/7 support and up-to-date online documentation.

But Koongo provides you much more - for more information visit www.koongo.com or install our App for Shopify with 30-days TRIAL period.

Koongo - Feed Marketing Tool reviews

9 reviews
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If you look for a feed marketing tool this app is what you need! Easy to setup and great support! I use it for bol.com and Amazon. Perfect app !


Poor help to set up this app! Why pay when you have to struggle to set it up? when I pay for a service I expect 99% of the problem solved, but with this up I feel like am putting 95% of work!!! I wouldnt recomend this app. Sorry guys.
When you offer a service to merchants like us make sure you have done all the hard work and charge all you want within reason. I give this 1/10.
Also when you list a contact number make sure you are available. I sens a chat and email message and offered to call using my phone or via Skype and was told we don't use Skype or make calls!
Here is the conversation below:

Raul Navarro <info@koongo.com>
8:29 PM (3 hours ago)

to me
Hi Al,

We do not offer support via Phone or Skype call, sorry for that. Regarding your submission issue, for Cdiscount you'll have to use their online seller interface and perform a bulk upload with the generated data feed file as we're not currently offering API connection with Cdiscount. For Priceministe, the same, you can use the generated data feed file to perform a bulk upload via the priceminister merchants interface too. We're working to extend the API connection to other channels, including Priceminister and Cdiscount.

Please, let us know if you need further assistance.

Best regards,

Raül Navarro
Koongo® - Feed Marketing Tool

Web: http://www.koongo.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koongoexport
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/koongo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koongo.feed.marketing.tool

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: WJO-947-33050
Department: Koongo as a Service issues
Type: Issue
Status: Waiting for customer
Priority: High

Helpdesk: https://support.koongo.com/index.php?


We have wasted literally hundreds of hours trying to get this app to work on our own and with their help. It sets up OK but the product filters and category mapping keep changing over time on their own. This is a huge problem if you have automatic downloads to your merchant center. They did assign an agent to our problem but they could never figure it out. Today, rather than spending my time redoing all our feed filters and category mapping again, I am looking for a new app.


Great plug in and price structure. I've reviewed many and this one has the power and price combination. The support is helpful and knowledgable.
I recommend this app as the best I know for feeds.


Fantastic app, plug in and set up quickly. The fantastic customer service has been invaluable. We have had top notch support and help with our feed from the very start. Thoroughly recommend this company.


Great app for so many channels! Support is fast and helpful. We can only recommend this app.


I have been using the Koongo feed service for 3 years now, and upon noticing they only have a few reviews here I felt compelled to chime in. I have been using it for Google Shopping for multiple years, and recently added Amazon as a channel using Koongo. Their tools are incredibly robust, very useful, reliable and professionally coded. Their support team is amazing and always helpful and understanding of my issues and quick to respond. I am able to fine-tune my feeds in Koongo with complex attribute composition, math operations, price % edits, regex, you name it. The amount of flexibility and power that they provide for the price is simply best of class.


Just love this app. We use it for different sales channels like google shopping, fruugo and others. It's very flexible and easy to add an additional channel.
And the support is also fast and accurate. You just gotta have this.


Great app...I am using it 3 month, It is so nice to manage all channels from one place at no extra charge unlike others. Customer service is great, Recently I had trouble with listing and uploading products on Nextag. It was resolved very quick. Never regretted I got this app.

$23.95 / month
30 days

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