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Developed by Johannes Hodde

309 reviews
Price: $17.50 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Reach new customers from all around the world by translating your shop into any number of languages
  • Increase your website traffic - make your translations available to any search engine
  • Start translating instantly – no coding skills required

How does langify improve the business of your store?

shopify is a great platform but lacks support for multilingual storefronts.

Because of that, store owners have to stick with one language at all times. clients, on the other hand, shop from all around the world and expect your store to be available in their preferred language.

That said, a lot of potential customers might leave your store if they are not:

  • redirected to a storefront matching their preferred language

  • provided with an option to switch to their preferred language.

langify fills that gap by allowing store owners to easily provide multilingual storefronts including the following features:

  • Automatic language detection (customers will be redirected to their preferred language automatically)

  • Customizable language switcher (customers can choose their preferred language manually)

  • Multiple domains per language (translated storefronts can be hosted on specific domains)

  • Full SEO support including the translation of Meta Tags (when using multiple domains per language)

  • Import/Export of translations (CSV, gettext, XLIFF, JSON)

  • Support for all kind of languages including Right-To-Left languages

  • Image translation support

    • Simple setup:

      langify has been built with simplicity in mind.
      After you have installed langify you can start translating instantly without having to prepare your themes for translations.
      langify is smart enough to extract all translatable content from your shop and prepares your themes so your translations can be displayed.

      Translate your content:

      Simply create one or more languages and start translating your

      • Collections

      • Products

      • Product Variants

      • Pages (including the checkout page)

      • Blogs

      • Blog Posts

      • Navigation

      • Themes (including labels, placeholders, the title tag, etc.)

      • Images

      • Email Notifications

      • Vendors and Tags

      • Page Title

      • Page Description

      Please note that the products cannot be translated on the checkout page and in your notifications and will always show up in your base language for those sections. Custom shipping/payment texts cannot be translated on the checkout page either.

      Publish your translations:

      Once you are ready, publish your translations with a few simple clicks.

      Translate into as many languages as you want:

      langify does not put a limit on the amount of languages you can translate into.

      Import/Export your translations

      langify currently supports the following file formats:

      • CSV

      • PO/MO (gettext)

      • XLIFF

      • JSON

      Support for internationalized themes

      langify allows you to import existing theme translations from shopify.

      SEO support

      Multiple domains per language (optional):

      langify allows you to assign multiple domains to your languages. You can have your French content available at fr.myshop.com or myshop.fr (or even both) whereas your English content is available at myshop.com.

      Translate your meta tags:

      langify allows you to translate your title and description tags so that Google, Facebook, Twitter and Co. will be able to preview your translations correctly.


      Please have a look at geolizr if you are looking for an IP/GEO based location service that allows you to display notifications, popups, currencies, etc. based on your visitor's location (it's a great addition to langify).


      langify does not translate your content automatically!


langify reviews (309)


Amazing support from the Langify theme !!! Fast, pro and going the extra mile in order to take the best out of this powerful app. Thanks a lot.


This app and Johannes are making it so easy to translate my store. The app allows me to have a multi language store without having to build 2 different stores.
The key to the success of this app is how quickly Johannes answers my questions and help me with the small details. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a bilingual website!


The Langify App is really smart and easy to use.

It also translates all the static pages that you have on your Shopify store.

Plus they provide the FASTEST and most helpful customer service ever.

It's just great. I highly recommend it.


Be careful, before uninstall the app you have to "un-publish" your theme in Langify. If you do that, the rest is a very good app. The best, the customer service, they will help you a lot.


Great App and a even better Support!!!


Great support!


Langify has worked great for us as a solution for making Shopify bilingual. In particular, customer support is amazing, always efficient and straight to the point. We recommend it without any doubt.


Wow! What an app!!! I have been going up and down looking for a suitable solutions for localizing our store for months now. Tried couple of apps, paid over 200USD in total for those apps and neither of them come even close to Langify. Well done Johannes, you nailed it!!!!


amazing app and easy to use! Support is very responsive and helpful.


Johannes was extremely helpful. I wanted the Langify dropdown to be in a certain location on my website with a particular design and he made it happen! Amazing app and support!!

$17.50 / month
3 days


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