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Littledata - Google Analytics

Littledata - Google Analytics

Developed by Littledata

4 reviews
Price: $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically fix your Google Analytics setup to track marketing channels, Shopify store performance and user behaviour
  • Benchmark your store against top ecommerce sites
  • Make smarter decisions with the same reporting tools used by leading brands like MADE.com

Start trusting your Google Analytics data

We fix your data collection, offer marketing insights and suggest improvements all in one app. Say goodbye to inaccurate data and start getting the full Enhanced Ecommerce experience.

Install this app to get:

  • Proper marketing attribution in Google Analytics

  • Product views and shopping behaviour

  • Checkout conversion funnels (including voucher usage)

  • Understanding of repeat buyers

Better data collection

Don’t base your marketing planning on broken data! See how multiple channels drive each sale, and make valid business decisions.

Helping you grow

See which products and brands convert best for a given campaign, so you can optimise the store layout and customer experience to maximise your sales. Make it simple to see what share of your sales comes from repeat buying versus new customers, and personalise the experience based on different engagement.

Personalised insights

Littledata provides daily insights in your inbox. These include alerts on significant changes to your web traffic, benchmarking against similar websites, and longer term trends in a daily summary email. With our Pro plan we can also build a custom dashboard tailored to your priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with Shopify’s standard reports?

Shopify’s reporting is simplified, and won’t let you view the contribution of multiple marketing campaigns. Customers usually purchase after more than one campaign (paid search, email or offline), and you need to switch to Google Analytics to see that .. but the data might not match Shopify.

Doesn’t Shopify already link with Google Analytics?

It does, but the integration is incomplete: not all the sales will be captured in Google Analytics, or attributed to the correct campaign.
You are also missing the click-through and add-to-cart rate for individual products, plus any detail on voucher / discount codes or product categories.

Can’t my developers fix this?

Trust us: we’ve built dozens of bespoke Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce integrations – and they are complex and costly to maintain. Littledata's app will automate the setup (read how), and continuously audit the data collected.

I’m drowning in data – how will another reporting app help?

Littledata believes most marketing analytics tools provide too much detail for managers to action. We provide a simpler way to manage your business.

Littledata - Google Analytics reviews

4 reviews
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I really liked the smoothness of the app; the overall 'look and feel'.

I instantly knew I had a solid solution on hand for a problem that most of us struggles with: Weeding out bad or misleading information from Google Analytics.

Fixing my Google Analytics datafeed with this app is SO much more easy than doing it manually and definitely a huge win for our store.


Wonderful and insightful to see what' s going on with your store and what needs to be fixed.
I love this app because it simplifies all actions on the app itself and tell me what to do in order to increase my stores sales.
The more information you have on your customers the better.

By using this in conjunction with Shopify's Reports and Google Analytics, you can quickly see what's working and what's not, boost your customer retention, boost your conversions and sales.




Finally an app that returns all the correct data.
Easy to use and easy to understand.

$19.00 / month

Includes technical support for analytics setup.

14 days


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