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Developed by LiveChat

Price: $16.00 – $149.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Increase your sales conversion rate up to 25%
  • Maintain strong relations with your customers
  • Provide support to your customers exactly when they need it

LiveChat is a powerful, fast and intuitive app, enabling your sales representatives to contact customers on the website. Help online visitors find what they need and convert them into customers.

LiveChat is available through a web browser and desktop apps for PC and Mac. Operators can chat with visitors on the go with LiveChat for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Key LiveChat advantages

  • Increase of sales conversion rate up to 25%

  • Instant customer contact with sales people

  • Increase of customer satisfaction and loyality

  • Stunning looks and social media fanbase generation

Chat Window

Easy to customize and rebrandable chat window. Out-of-the-box style templates.

Traffic monitoring

Track visitors in real time. Automatically invite them to chat if they abandon an order or shopping cart, and save the sale.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports for each agent with the number of chats, invitations or time spent with the customer.

Multiple languages

LiveChat works in over 41 languages.

Compatible with all browsers

  • Internet Explorer

  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera

  • Safari

  • Web Mobile

Feature list

Agent application:

  • Chat supervision

  • Customer message typing sneak-peek

  • Proactive invitations with an automated invitation triggering system

  • Whispering invisible messages in-chat to aid the sales process

  • Access to chat history with returning visitor recognition

  • Chat transfers between agents and departments

  • Audible and visual notifications

  • Customer details including current page address,

  • Unlimited concurrent chats displayed in tabs or windows

  • Queueing visitors

  • Banning of abusive visitors

  • Canned responses

  • Facebook details and pictures of customers logging in via FB Connect

Customer's window:

  • Access from any web browser equipped device

  • Typing indication

  • Twitter, Facebook fanpage, Facebook Like, Google +1 buttons

  • Logging in using Facebook

  • Rate Me! system to evaluate performance of agents

  • Sending the chat log to your e-mail address

  • Pre-Chat surveys

  • Post-Chat surveys

  • Offline message form if after hours

  • Audible and visual notifications of replies

Website monitoring:

  • Activity on the website displayed in real time

  • Visitor status: Online, Invited, Chatting, Offline and more

  • Referring pages

  • Keywords

  • Visit history

  • Browser, language, country, city

  • Notifications about new visitors

  • Multiple websites supported


  • Pre-defined chat window templates

  • Branding LiveChat with company logos

  • Custom color scheme generator

  • Chat Buttons, Standard Invitations and Personal Invitations and trigger galleries

  • Upload of custom Chat Buttons, Standard Invitations, Personal Invitation and trigger graphics

  • Easily customizable your Pre-chat Surveys, Post-chat Surveys and Offline Message forms

  • Shared environment of common Canned Responses, URL Addresses and Push Pages

  • CRM Integration

  • 3rd party apps


  • Pre-Chat and Post-Chat Surveys

  • Agent availability

  • Chat-to-goal conversion gauge

  • Queue waiting, queue abandonment

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Invitations to chats ratio

  • Agent performance ratings with avg. chatting time

  • Customer satisfaction with agent comparison charts

LiveChat reviews (23)


This app has been extremely valuable for our operations. Works without any hitches.


works well


This app has really delivered for our store. Setup was quick and painless and the questions we did have were answered quickly by friendly and knowledgeable support staff. Our team enjoys using the program over the older in-house application we had, and our customers really appreciate having a professional-looking chat app that lets them leave messages and get product details. If you're a mid-sized or larger business it's well worth the price tag!


Update: so here we are after I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issues are still showing to be true. Alot of reconnecting error messgaes on the top right on mac. This is the only chat app that I have issues with. I disabled aut greeter and its still on. Im really at my witts end

I have used these guys for a long time. I mean long. I gave them chances to speed up the livechat and they werent able to do it. Between that and lost connection for their app on the mac, I couldnt do it anymore. Sucks but it is what it is. I couldnt stand the 59 a month for the ads to be removed. I just wish it could have been faster.


We have tried heaps of different live assist tools - this is the best by far. The mobile integration is perfect and allows reps to work after hours on the site . The support is also fantastic and makes like a lot easier here at www.tiesncuffs.com.au


The best chat ever!


5 Stars for their customer service, They have been there every time I rang though on their chat line, This is a really good app and you should try it to see if it fits your needs. I am looking for a Live Chat with Help tickets that can also handle Facebook Messages. This works great their chat is nicely integrated with the help ticket system, The Chat has Sneak Peak so you can see what the customer is typing as they type which allow you to start looking up information or start answering their message before they even send it, Chat also has Live monitoring with cart viewer also These features are a must have have for me. Their mobile app works great with my Smart watch for when I a, away from my desk. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because it does not pull in Shopify Customer information and order information so you always have to go back to Shopify to look that information up and when creating a new ticket manually to contact a customer about their order you have to Copy and paste all their information over. The second reason is Their starter plan which is the plan that fits into my budget being a single operator business does not include Ticket/Chat tagging so I have no way to organize my support tickets so I have to look through each one every day just to see if i need to do something relating to it. After all it is all about the best way to take care of your customers. For this feature (and more) I would have to spend almost twice as much.
This app and their service Definitely a great value for the cost compared with other apps out there I am seriously considering keeping after trail.


This is by far my favorite app. LiveChat helps you communicate much easier with customers and make sales. The ROI is amazing and improves customer satisfaction. It downloads into your iphone to which allows you to chat with customers even if you are away from your computer. This is probably the best investment anyone can make for their business.


We have had this app for under a month and it has generated an extra $10,000+ in incremental revenue for our team and way more than paid for itself many time over. Great app!!!


I cannot think of a reason not to like this company: 365/24/7 support, great interface, great UX, great staff!

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