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September 5, 2018

I think the book printing drop-shipping model is a fantastic idea, and I would use it for many books, but both test copies I've received have been printed incorrectly. There is an issue with the templates that make seemingly centered designs print off-center. The other issue is that our customers don't want to wait 20 days to receive their book. For these customers to get their package in a timely manner, the book would then cost three times what it should, rendering it a useless product.

While we'd love to work with this platform, and while we think that printing one book at a time instead of ordering in bulk would be amazing, this app has a while to go before we feel comfortable using it.

We'd need to proof every single customer's order, and that would take way too much time.

Once the templates are adjusted, and once the shipping rates change, this app will be AMAZING.

Dead Ends Entertainment
United States
12 months using the app
September 17, 2021

L'app funziona bene e non abbiamo avuto reclami sulla qualità di stampa dei libri. Per ora ha solo cambiato nome rispetto alla versione precedente. Rimane il problema che non memorizza, nelle impostazioni, la regione di provenienza del mittente e ha tempi di produzione e spedizione un po lenti per gli standart attuali. Non ci pare che siano disponibili 3.000 formati! Sarebbe utile fossero più complementari a quelli richiesti da Amazon, ci tocca produrre i libri in due formati alla volta.

Fontana Editore
11 months using the app
April 16, 2020

App works but so much room for improvement. It's buggy and often hangs and spins. The connected books cannot be easily filtered in a search and requires you manually search page by page to find anything (a real PITA when you have lots of titles!).

The benefit of the app is that it connects shopify orders and, for the most part, it does achieve that. However, it often causes lots of unnecessary frustration in the process.

Hoping the developers continue to work on this app to improve the functionality and ease of use for the end users.

Custom Journal Designs
United States
2 months using the app