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Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus

Developed by Magic Toolbox

Price: $69.00 Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • 2 beautiful zooms: hover zoom & full-screen
  • Looks awesome, loads instantly
  • Fixed price - no monthly fee

Magic Zoom Plus™ lets users hover to zoom an image and click to enlarge an image. It's the top-rated Shopify image zoom to display your products in stunning detail.

Try the demo here!

Product images feel as awesome on iPads as they do on computer screens - Magic Zoom Plus™ adapts its behaviour to suit the users device.


For a one-off payment of just $69 you'll receive amazing features:

  • Zoom with magnifying glass

  • Swipe gestures to swap images

  • Mousewheel variable zoom level

  • Preview mode for quick enlarged views

  • Expanded image with thumbnails

  • Beautiful fullscreen mode

  • Zoom images on mouseover

  • Enlarge images to full-screen on click

  • Multiple product images supported

  • Dissolve and transition effects

  • Internal zoom on main image

  • Titles and captions

  • Navigate left/right between enlarged images

  • Swap images on click or mouseover

  • And a lot more...

Mobile friendly

Whether viewed on iPhone, iPad, Android or any major browser, your images look fabulous. Refinements targeted at each device make for a natural user-experience with touch, tap, swipe and other gestures. Custom-built in JavaScript so there are zero compatibility issues.

Responsive design gives you confidence that your images will resize to fit smaller screens. As retina display usage explodes, we've got you covered with support for displaying crystal clear high-res retina images.

Easy to tweak

Easily adjust any of the 80 settings to perfectly blend Magic Zoom Plus™ into your site's design.

A piece of cake to install, the only prerequisite is nice big images of your products (approx 800-1200px normally looks best).

Try the demo here!

Our friendly design team is ready to answer any questions you have.

Works with variant images

Do your products come in different colors or styles? The latest version of Magic Zoom Plus™ works with variant images out of the box.

Some themes change how variant images work. If your variant images don't work as you'd expect, just email us.

Combines with 360 spin

Show 360 spin images along with your zoom images. Voted by retailers as the best way to display images on the web, 360 spin is easy to integrate with Magic Zoom Plus™ thanks to Sirv.

Each spin is fed from your Sirv account directly to your Shopify store, by using your Sirv ID. Contact us for full step-by-step instructions to achieve this amazing effect.

Upgrade to a full license

The only difference between the Magic Zoom Plus™ free trial and the full license is the 'Please upgrade' message which appears over the zoomed image.

It's easy to upgrade, simply:

1. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus™.

Note: You are now on the Magic Zoom Plus™ Settings page.

2. Click the 'Buy now' button at the top of the page > Click 'Buy Magic Zoom Plus' button > Follow the payment process.

3. Clear your browser cache. The 'Please upgrade' message will disappear.

If the 'Please upgrade' message does not disappear, contact us and we will fix the issue.


If Magic Zoom Plus isn't what you're looking for, you can easily remove the app by:

1. Go to: Dashboard > Apps > Magic Zoom Plus > (now on the Settings page) > click 'Restore files':


2. Then remove app by clicking 'Remove this app':


Supported Themes

Shopify has many wonderful themes supported by Magic Zoom Plus™, so your zoom should work straight away.

If your Shopify theme isn't yet supported, we'll add it.


1. Add support@magictoolbox.com as a staff member in your Shopify account.

2. Email us to say you'd like us to add support for your theme.

3. We'll add your theme within 48 hours (free of charge) and email you the good news.

Here are a handful of Shopify Themes already supported (if your theme isn't listed, let us know):

  • Symmetry

  • Adaptable

  • Atlantic

  • Blueseventy

  • Candida Maria Theme

  • CapeWineCharms LIVE

  • Carleton

  • Clean Live

  • Contemporary

  • Editions Tweaky

  • Envy

  • Expression

  • Fashionopolism

  • fiumara apparel

  • Flex

  • Fresh

  • henrybb

  • Indie

  • Jitensha

  • Launchpad

  • Limitless

  • Lionesque2

  • Lucid One

  • Main

  • Megatronic

  • Minimal

  • Minimo-white

  • Mobilia

  • Natural

  • New Standard

  • Nomadista5

  • Pandora-2

  • Panoramic

  • Philadelphia

  • Play-shopify-theme-v1-2

  • Pop

  • providence

  • React

  • Responsive

  • Simple

  • Square

  • Sunlight-shopify-theme

  • Supply

  • Technophile

  • Vantage

  • Vantage Responsive v2-1

And more.

Lets get started

Install Magic Zoom Plus™ on your store today and email us any questions.

p.s. We're so confident you'll love it, you even get a 30-day free trial. Sweet.

Magic Zoom Plus reviews (55)


Very easy to install and very powerful. The easiest solution for image zooming on Shopify platform. I highly recommend it!


DO NOT INSTALL! If you install then try to uninstall, it will not remove from your website and it says "trial version" on your website. Even if you try to install another zoom app from another developer, this one still stays on by force. NOT GOOD. If the makers wish to fix it then feel free to contact me info@asylumzone.com and I will be happy to update the rating after the fix.


Excellent app, give to the customer the zoom needed to check every detail. Easy to configure and great support team.




Unfortunately, not the best experience for us. We've never left a negative rating before, however, we paid for the upgrade and have had nothing but problems. Tried contacting the support team, received an automatic reply email stating the response time was "52 hours" - not the greatest customer service.


Excellent app, looks great on website and delivers as promised. Easy to integrate with Shopify. I have extensively customized our theme and was able to use their docs to make it work for our store. Great support as well.


Amazing APP, super fast and extremely helpful support!! Thank you Igor.


13/10/15: Extremely helpful customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable.


22/02/15: Igor is a star! Very helpful fellow. Overall, we are pleased and we certainly recommend this app, to shop owners who want to better showcase your products and improve customer shopping experience.


We are in love with this ap! Customers are able to see the details of our hair bows and other handmade items! I would give it six stars!


A 'must' for any product / item based web site. Excellent!

30 days


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  • Thumb
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