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Marsello | Your Toolkit to Increase Sales

Marsello | Your Toolkit to Increase Sales

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121 reviews
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  • Better marketing. Better results - Send the right content at the right time, triggered by customer behavior.
  • Marsello does the hard work - Marsello uses your customer data to send personalized marketing when it counts.
  • Showcase your brand - Use beautiful templates that are designed to get sales.

* Marsello – previously known as Beautiful Loyalty Programs *

Everything you need to sell more with Shopify eCommerce and POS

From loyalty and VIP programs, to customer feedback collection and personalized email automation, Marsello has everything you need to do better marketing that gets sales through your Shopify store.

Boost customer loyalty

Keep regulars coming back and incentivize loyalty behaviour

  • Loyalty Program: Encourage customers to keep shopping with you and automatically reward loyalty points for spend, product reviews, sharing on social media and more.

  • VIP Program: Reward your most loyal customers even more with a tiered VIP program

  • Birthday Email Flow: Delight your customers with a special birthday offer or cheerful message to get them shopping.

  • Best Customer Flow: Get the most out of your top customers. Automate emails to encourage them to keep shopping with you.

  • Collect Customer Feedback: Automatically ask for feedback on orders to measure customer satisfaction and continuously improve your customers’ experience, helping you sell more.

Sell more to existing customers

Increase sales by targeting customers when they’re most likely to spend

  • First-Time Customer Flow: Say thanks to make a great first impression and bring first time shoppers back a second time.

  • Product Recommendations: Add product recommendations to your email flows. Automatically pull through products the customer is most likely to be interested in based on their order history.

Win back customers

Catch customers before they’re gone

  • Abandoned Cart Flow: Recover abandoned orders with great looking automated emails. Automatically pull through product images from their cart and a button that takes them back to complete their order.

  • Win-Back Flow: Bring back customers who haven’t shopped in a while with an automated email flow designed to win them back.

  • Respond to Customer Feedback: Collect private customer feedback and turn unhappy customers around. Respond to feedback with a personal message and loyalty points.

Attract new customers

Grow brand awareness and new sales

  • Referral Program: Incentivise customers to refer their friends to shop at your store. Reward customers points when their friend makes their first order.

Have confidence your marketing is under control

With Marsello, intelligent marketing is easy. And if you need a hand with anything, our friendly support team is always happy to help.

Marsello Success

  • CreaLunch have doubled their customers' average spend per order with their beautifully branded loyalty program.

  • Buda Juice maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

  • RK Collection Boutique are seeing 20% more sales using automated email flows.

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Marsello | Your Toolkit to Increase Sales reviews

121 reviews
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We looked high and low for the best combination of loyalty program + email automation, and with Marsello — we feel like this is the one for our shop (https://lovefortheplanet.com). We just installed it recently, but here are a few brief observations:

- This is high quality software. It's all about the beautiful details; the colors, the clean UI, the intuitive design — you can tell that this product is crafted with love and I'm excited for a long partnership here. Life is too short to use crappy software — and Marsello is a delight for the eyes and a pleasure to use.

- Support is great. They respond in a timely and courteous fashion, and always give me the answers I need.

- The future looks super-bright here; I'm excited for the ability to natively advertise through this platform, and I look forward to automating our marketing as much as we can!



1. The overall design & functionality of the app is great! no bugs, no glitches, no crashes and the ease of use is perfect!

2. Before we were not even allowed to used all of the features unless you bumped up your plan; I'm not sure what happened or why, but now the features are available for everyone no matter what plan you're on and it's free up to 250 members and $9.00 per month for every additional block of 250 active customers which is wonderful because most loyalty apps charge you like crazy and even charge you for inactive members. So thanks very much!

3. I love the fact that I have the flexibility to customize my loyalty widget without design restrictions.

4. The Email Flows (even though it's in beta mode) are pure genius. I've had experience with just about every other loyalty app on Shopify in hopes to find the one that suited our company's needs and none of them have Email Flows; the email flows take away a lot of stress & headache of us having to chase our customers down, lol and manually send the emails ourselves. Our customers love it and it has helped to reduce a lot of our cart abandonment issues. I hope this is a feature that is here to stay!

5. I love the fact that this loyalty app also integrates with Shopify POS because it's perfect to use at our HHN Pop-Ups. Very few loyalty apps on Shopify have this feature, so I'm extremely grateful for you guys implementing that.

6. Marsello customer service is spot on! very professional, kind and willing to help you with anything you need to get your loyalty program setup and going.

I could go on and on because this app has so many wonderful features, my only regret is that I didn't discover this app earlier on. I'm thankful to have finally found a loyalty app that is beneficial and suits our company's needs and more importantly our customer's needs! It has helped us to increase sales and saved us a whole lot of guesswork. We have no intention of ever switching to another loyalty app again.


Brilliant app, very simple and effective to use!

Customer support is amazing too x


Most relevant features for the best price in my opinion. Very easy setup, beautifully designed. I haven't launched my store yet but from previous experience with other brands, this is my now go to app for every store I build. Thanks Marsello! You guys rock!


So far so good! I changed from another rewards app and I was able to get better value and the app was a ton easier to use, was able to verify everything worked pretty easily without an trouble, awesome app!


A good app for a loyalty program.


A good app with awesome customer support. I encountered some problems with duplicate accounts being made and support was kind enough to quickly assist me and sort out the problem.


This is my THIRD loyalty program. My first one allowed customers to skirt the system on referrals and bank on discounts without the referral making purchase and my second program was actually pretty great but pricier. So I switched to Beautiful Loyalty and I LOVE IT. So very easy to set up (about an hour if you're a total obsessive design nut like me but less if you want to get it live) and transferring my customer's current totals from the old program was a breeze. No seriously, I was out on my deck enjoying the summer breeze while it loaded the file all on it's own. I checked everything manually but there was no need cause it captured all the info correctly. So far my customers are enjoying earning points with this program way more as well and it has led to a lot more shares to social media to get points too. All in all..... I RECOMMEND.


Awesome App. Very easy to install and customize, moreover its free. Thank you for making this great app.


Loving this app. Presents well, customers are responding to freebies. Great Work.

From $0.00 / month

✨ Best value Shopify Marketing App ✨

See pricing plans for features, including:

✔️ Shopify POS & eCommerce integration
✔️ All features
✔️ Unlimited sending
✔️ Free chat and email support

✔️ Boost customer loyalty
✔️ Sell more to existing customers
✔️ Win-back lapsed customers
✔️ Attract new customers

Up to 250 active customers free.
Add $9/month for every additional block of 250 active customers.
Starting out with an active customer base of over 250? Try Marsello for free with a 14-day trial.
Available on all Shopify pricing plans, excluding Shopify Lite.

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