Measurement Price Calculator

Measurement Price Calculator

by Extendons

Takes Measurement from Customers to Calculate Product Price

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Sell Variable Sized Products

Customers are enticed to buy products by entering their own size preferences instead of purchasing in large quantities

Multiple Measurement Units

Product measurement unit can be set according to the nature of the product. You can select from 8 different measurement types

Offer Discounts Based on Units

Enable discounts rules for products purchased in larger quantities. This encourages customers to buy in bulk quantities

About Measurement Price Calculator

About Measurement Price Calculator

Extendons Measurement Price Calculator App allows your customers to conveniently fetch price of their products by entering measurements in length, area, volume and weight. You can sell all kinds of variable sized products based on their dimensions such as tiles, blinds, liquids, fabric, fencing, frames, wires, liquids, ropes and many more. After adding a unit price, the app will handle the rest of it.

Sell Products Based on Different Measurement

By adding measurement price calculator app to your store you can sell variable sized product based on length, weight, area, volume and even boxes. For example,

  • Length – sell products such as ropes, fabrics, cables and pipes in meter, yard, foot, inch, etc.
  • Weight – sell products such as sugar, rice, meat, and grains in gram, milligram, kg, ton, Oz, lb, etc.
  • Area – sell products such as floor tiles, carpets, or estate in Sq mm, sq meter, sq km, sq ft, sq yrd, etc.
  • Volume – sell products such as milk, diesel, or compost in milliliters, liters, gallons, cubic meters, etc.
  • Box - sell products in boxes such as tiles and other similar items.

Add Fixed Base Price

You can add a base price to each variable sized product. The based price remains unchanged during the calculation and will be added into the total price of the product.

Pricing Table for Measurements

Design a pricing table for products to show standard price per unit and offer discounted rate for different range of measurements. This allows customers to understand pricing format and encourages them to purchase in greater quantities to qualify for discounts. The price table can be added to the product page as tab.

Set Min and Max Quantity Limit

You can assign a maximum and minimum limit to each dimension. This enables you to sell products as per their availability or according to their suitable profit margin. For example, you can set min and max input value for length as 500-1000m and set mix and max input value for width as 100-300m. This will prevent customers from purchasing beyond the set limit.

Carry Measurements on Cart & Order Detail Page

The plugin carries the user-provided measurements on the cart and order detail page as well.

Use Incremental Length for Product Quantity

Allow customers to increase or decrease the product quantity by a fixed amount of units.

More Features

  • The price is dynamically updated based on the input values
  • Add custom labels for each input field
  • Fraction values and integer values are supported


Q. Is price calculator app is compatible with variable products?

Ans. No, this app is not compatible with variable products.

Change log

Current V.1.3.0 (10-02-20)

  • Different input and output measurement units

  • Fix some minor issues

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Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews

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U Print On It

The app works well but it needs some improvements such as the ability to add variants to products. It’s the best app of its kind at the moment in term of how it’s integrated and customer service. Very close to being perfect.


This app is amazing when selling wallpaper because offers the possibility for the client to enter their specific measurements and get a price in real-time. Customer support is fantastic! They resolved the problem very quickly.