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this app is amazing... so usefull!!!! you dont have ideia!!! super programmers very good job here! keep rocking! take my money!


This apps' developers know what shop owners need. You can find many function of it and save your time very well.


I love this developer-friendly powerful app. It does exactly what it says, and automates things based on specific logical conditions. I'm using this for managing customer tags, auto-fulfilling certain orders, handling the membership approval and removal of my site, and it hasn't let me down yet. In fact, looking at the catalogue of possible automations is quite the fun rabbit hole to get distracted playing with. The flexibility and reliability are exactly what I was hoping for. The customer support is AMAZING. I am seriously impressed with the developer's commitment to support their software in a personable, humble, and reliable way. I can't say enough great things about this app and the developer. I'm using locksmith (also from this developer), mechanic, and a membership payment processing app (from a different developer), so if this developer were to make one of the latter, I'd switch over in a heartbeat.

Investable Oceans

This is an extremely well designed app that gives you tremendous functionality. Some of the extensions they have added to Liquid to help you write tasks are so valuable - hash, array, cache, parse_jason - I wish they would be added to core Shopify Liquid! The documentation is extensive and Isaac is extremely responsive. Tasks that I expected I would have to automate outside Shopify using serverless AWS are now all implemented inside Mechanic - making my life much easier.

Leesi B.

Hands down the #1 most useful app I have ever installed. If you're a developer I guarantee you're especially going to love this app because you can literally write your own automated tasks to do whatever you want to do - in liquid-style code - how cool! No need to install 30 different apps to perform a bunch of automated tasks - you can write your own tasks or use many of the ones the Mechanic team provides! Worth every penny. There is no other app of its kind on the app store that I've seen. There's a lot of functionality in this app - I highly recommend spending time playing around with the tasks included with Mechanic and using them as templates to create your own tasks. Documentation is great and the support we've gotten from Isaac's is absolutely amazing. 1000x thank you for creating this app!

PJ's Games

Mechanic has allowed us to add complex functionality to our site that would've only been possible by creating a custom app. A core part of our business requires data from external APIs and Mechanic allowed us to develop custom tasks to connect to these sources seamlessly. We were able to easily convert our business logic into the necessary custom tasks and streamline our workflow. We could focus on developing the tasks without the need to worry about all the underlying infrastructure which was great. Another added benefit has been the team at Mechanic, it is like having another developer on your team as they are very responsive to any questions you might have and are amazingly quick to add functionality to Mechanic. Additionally, through the use of this app we have been able to uninstall 2 other apps and replace their functionality with Mechanic saving us time and money. An indispensable app for us!


We've been using this app for months now. Mechanic allowed us to get rid of three other apps and best of all it works behind the scenes. No integration with our theme was required. Incredible tech support as well!

Philadelphia Printworks

Hands down the best app I've used on Shopify. It has drastically increased our team efficiency and has allowed us to automate time-consuming manual tasks. The customer support is also A+. The programmers worked with me to create new tasks and fix any issues that occurred. Normally, this type of support and functionality would cost an arm and a leg. But, the price is reasonable to boot. I would recommend that every store use this app. I'm so happy I found it.


Amazing app and best support on Shopify! Very open to new suggestions, amazing!!! Thank you so much, we will keep improving with you!

The Wool Company

I would posit that this is very likely to be the BEST VALUE app on app store. And yes, I know it's not a free one. It's actually much better than the description here because it already has about 190 tasks ready to roll (including several I requested myself).

I installed this a couple of weeks ago for two jobs; to tag customers based on the product type they ordered and to create and maintain a Recent Products Collection. It has done this easily and with idiot proof configuration options. Mechanic does SO much more. So many of the pre-written tasks seem to be really useful and replace a bunch of other apps that are out there in the app store. . Give me a while and I will set up some more tasks and provide another review but in the meantime this is my favourite app so far discovered.

**Update 4 months later **
I cheekily requested several more tasks a couple of days ago and the wonderful support was highly responsive as before. They are clearly more than competent but also seem to genuinely care. They have superb communication skills and has cheerfully helped me out very quickly again, and then provided follow on support when I couldn't resolve a simple issue myself. Gawd they are good! One of the few firm who actually go the extra mile and deliver top quality service.

I see there are now 235 tasks prebuilt and I'm slightly embarrassed at what a low price I am paying for all this functionality and support - and at what good value this is, especially when compared to so many other apps here. I've just counted up the tasks I am running and it's around 20. Rather more than the original two I had bought the app for! If I was a developer instead of a merchant, I expect I'd be getting even more from it.

I recognise this is a rather gushing review: it's not normally my style - but credit where credit's due!

Thank you so much to Isaac and team. You deserve great success. Kudos to you! :)

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