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Sales Notification

Sales Notification

Developed by MakeProSimp

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  • Encourage your store's visitors to purchase products by displaying clickable recent sales notifications
  • Build trust by letting your store's visitors know what your customers was ordering and convert visitors to customers
  • Increase your conversion rates by social proof!

🚀 Install Sales Notification app before Black Friday & Cyber Monday to boost sales & conversions

Sales Notification - The best sales increasing tool

Sales Notification is best tool to boost your store's sales by displaying recent sales notification to your store's visitors and encourage them to purchase product from your store. Sales Notification will build trust by letting your store's visitors know what your customers was ordering.


☛ Builds trust and a sense of Urgency

With Sales Notification, you can build trust to visitors and convert them to become your store's products buyers. You can build trust by displaying recent realtime sales notifications. Sales Notifications also provide proof that there are many happy customers who have already bought products from your store.

If you are running brand new store with no orders. No problem,
You are able to create and display sales notifications by making some tricks and creating fake/dummy orders with dummy names.

☛ Fully Responsive design

Sales Notification design is fully responsive(desktop and mobile ready/friendly). So you doesn't need to do anything just install Sales Notification and it will start showing your recent products sales notifications.

☛ Exclude Orders and Products from Sales Notification

Sales Notification allow you to manage which products should display in Sales Notifications. You are able to exclude products or even whole orders. So say some products are private products or free products that you don't want to display in Sales Notification just exclude it and Sales Notification app will follow your guidance.

☛ List of features:

  • Highly customizable messages, positions, display time, delay time and more.

  • Allow to create your own customizable Sales Notification to display busy sense of your store.

  • Desktop and Mobile optimised with different designs to use

  • Enable and disable sales notification in desktop and mobile

  • Hide sales notification on specific pages

  • Hide specific product(s) from displaying in sales notification

  • Hide specific order(s) from displaying in sales notification

  • Adjust your sales notification popup so it will not overlaps with any other content in your store

  • Track conversions by including UTM parameters to sales notification by creating it in your Google Analytics(optional)

  • And many more...

☛ Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have enough orders in my store?

No Problem, You are always able to show repeated products on Sales Notification by enabling "Display duplicate/repeat products". Just hide time ago part so your customers will see repeat products with no time.

Why my Sales Notifications are not showing?

Well, So it may be because you have recently created new store which doesn't have any orders yet. So we suggest you should wait until you receive one or more orders and Sales Notification app will start showing pop-ups automatically. You can manually create fake orders from your store with fake customers assign to orders and Sales Notification app will start showing it :)

So is it possible to add orders manually? Will Sales Notification consider manual orders?

Yes, you are able to create manual orders from your store shopify admin and Sales Notification will capture that ordered product(s) automatically and start displaying pop-ups in your store :)

What if i have more questions?

No Problem, You are able to contact us by clicking Get Support button on this page.


  • Notify Me - Notify Me will automatically send a notification email to the emails addresses of your choice, when your products goes Out of Stock.

  • Buy Me - Buy Me makes easier for customers to buy your store products by displaying Add To Cart button on top of every product page.

  • Promote Me - Promote Me allows you to choose which products your customers should see in which pages using notification in your store.

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Woah ! What an Awesome App. Love it's simplicity & features.


Beautiful app. Easy to install. Will recommend to friends.


We had a different app doing this (SalesPop) but it was slowing down page loads. I tried this one and it loads quickly and has more customization options. A real person was available for live chat support immediately when we installed it, which was also great, just in case I had issues, but I had it customized and tested in just over 1 minute. Does what we want it to perfectly! Thanks for making a great free app!


I like the fact that I can disable/hide how many minutes, days, months ago an item was bought. The initial delay and display time can be set to what I need or want for my website and also that the sold item 'pop up window' is not too intrusive to annoy prospective customers.


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